How to Decorate Graduation Cap without Ruining it

Decorating graduation caps have become a trend nowadays. It shows your personality and your plan for the upcoming days.

There are many ways to decorate your graduation cap on your special day. You should know how to decorate graduation cap without ruining it.

how to decorate graduation cap without ruining it

You cannot decorate the graduation cap with such fancy that it ruins the whole thing.

You will want glitter and bright colors in the cap which will represent your success and achievements.

But you need to be careful as well because you only get one graduation cap for the ceremony.

If you can decorate the cap in a different way, it will help you to stand out in the crowd of students.

We have a few ideas which will help you to decorate your graduation cap in different and unique ways.

Also, it is important to be careful while decorating the cap so that you don’t ruin it. Here is a step by step guide for you to decorate your graduation cap.

How to Decorate Graduation Cap without Ruining it

Prevent damage to your graduation cap while you decorate it, outline the theme in a piece of paper first. Measure the cap and see if your theme fits in the graduation cap. Use good quality and new crafting supplies. Being patient while decorating a graduation cap will prevent you from ruining it.

Step 1: Pick a theme based on your personality and achievements

The first thing you will need to do is to decide the theme of the decoration. You can pick anything based on your preference.

For example, you can share a funny meme about graduation if people know you for your good humor.

On the other hand, you can share your most favorite success quote if you are a career-oriented person.

If you have been a cheerleader, you can have a similar theme to that, as well.

There are hundreds of different ideas that you can pick for your graduation cap decoration.

Step 2: Don’t think too much and go with your heart

If you are worrying too much about the decoration of your graduation cap, you will probably lose the fun out of it.

You might be thinking too much rather than enjoying while decorating the cap. You are supposed to be happy and proud of your success.

If you are confused about the theme of the decoration, the best solution is to follow your heart.

Think about the moments and things that you love and admire the most.

Based on that, pick something that will mean something to you, your family and your friends.

Step 3: Gather the necessary crafting supplies

The next thing you will need to do is to gather the crafting supplies.

After you have chosen your theme, you will probably figure out the things you will need to make the graduation cap.

You can go to any dollar store or art and craft store. We will suggest you go to your nearby dollar store. You can find the crafting supplies at a better price here.

If you don’t find some of the supplies in a dollar store, you can go to an art and craft store.

Before going to the store, make a list of everything you will need so that you don’t forget anything.

You will need decorative papers, glue, scissors, fabric paints, stickers, ribbon, glitter, beads, etc. it is better to use a glue machine instead of regular glues.

If you want don’t want any part of your decorated graduation cap to fall out, you will need strong glue to stick the parts.

Purchase a glue machine from a renowned brand so that there is no possibility of an accident.

Step 4: Find a suitable place to work on your project

If you want to work in your room, then clean the area where you will be working.

Bring the supplies together so that you don’t need to find these now and then. If you working on the floor, lay a few pieces of newspapers.

Keep the glue machine and colors on top of it so that you don’t ruin your floor.

Before starting to work with the cap, you will need to remove the tassel. Keep the tassel away from all the crafting.

Step 5: Outline the idea with pencil in a white paper

You can’t start to decorate your graduation cap without a proper idea. You will need to outline your idea to see how it will look at the end.

Take a piece of paper and use a pencil to see how the cap will look.

Step 6: Measure the cap and the location of the tassel

Take a ruler and start measuring the length and width of the cap. Draw the same measurement in the white paper.

Also, see where the tassel of the cap is situated. Take the length from the tassel to one end of the cap.

That is how you will know the location of the tassel so that you can skip that part for decorating.

Step 7: Glue the beads, glitter paper and decorations in the graduation cap

Now it is time to apply your idea in the graduation cap.

If you are planning on using a glitter paper, glue the four corners of the paper and attach it on top of the cap.

You will need to make a small hole for the tassel. Use a blade to cut that part. Using the glue, attach other items like stickers, beads, flowers, etc.

If you want to use any quote in your graduation cap, you can cut the little letters from different colored glitter papers.

Then, using a glue machine you can attach the letters in the graduation cap.

If you want to decorate the cap with your favorite anime character, you can do that as well. For example, you can print the character and cut it to attach it to the cap.

Make sure to cut the paper smoothly so that there are no extra parts left.

That is how you can decorate graduation caps without ruining it.

If you follow this step by step guide, you will have a beautiful graduation cap that will stand out in the crowd on your big day.

The simple trick to have a beautiful and creative graduation cap is to decorate it by following your own ideas.

The cap will represent your personality and achievements.


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