How to Decorate a Wedding Arch

You will want everything to be perfect on your wedding day. Starting from the bouquet till the decoration of the venue, every tiny detail is important.

Nowadays, people decorate wedding arches with gorgeous flowers and greenery.

You should know how to decorate a wedding arch if you want to customize it based on your preference. You can decorate your own wedding arch the way you want to.

How to decorate a wedding arch

You can match the flowers and items for the wedding arch based on the theme of your wedding. You can add flowers, which can be real or artificial.

Then, you can add candles and foliage, lights, etc. As it is your wedding, it is normal to be picky about your choices regarding decoration.

Take some time and plan how you want to decorate your wedding arch. Below, we have provided a step by step guide which will help you to decorate a wedding arch.

How to Decorate a Wedding Arch

Step 1: Purchase an arch for your wedding

Purchasing an arch can be a good option. Buying an arch can be quite expensive. Based on the budget, you can purchase an arch.

You can find a wedding arch from stores where they sell wedding decorations. As an alternative, you can search for arches in online as well.

If you have a garden in the backyard of your house, then you can keep the arch for increasing the beauty of your garden.

Step 2: Rent a wedding arch if you are tight on budget

You can rent a wedding arch as well. If you don’t have enough space in your backyard or garden, there will be no place to keep the arch.

You can rent a wedding arch from the parties from whom you are going to rent tables and chairs for your ceremony.

You can rent the arch for a few days. It will cost you a lot less than purchasing one.

Step 3: Choose a wedding spot where there is already an arch

There are a few wedding venues which have wedding arches. You can add flowers and accessories to decorate the wedding arch.

But you cannot permanently modify the arch. For example, you cannot paint the arch if you want to.

It is the most effective method if you are not planning to spend a lot on your wedding arch.

You will need to take the authority’s permission if you want to add accessories and flowers to the wedding arch.

Step 4: Use real flowers to decorate your wedding arch

You can use real flowers to decorate your wedding arch. You can choose any flower based on your preference.

You can match these flowers with the theme of your wedding. There are hundreds of different types of flowers from which you can choose.

Many flowers represent different meanings. You will need to buy greenery with flowers as well.

Without enough greenery, the arch won’t look as beautiful as you expect. Using real flowers will cost you more than using artificial ones.

One way to cut the cost is to use fewer flowers and more greenery. You can order flowers online or from a florist as well.

The choices depend on your budget and preference.

Step 5: Keep the flowers in water

If you buy the flowers the night before the wedding, you will need to keep the flowers in water.

It is better to order the flowers and let them know to send you on your wedding morning. However, you will need to keep the files in water. You will need two buckets.

Fill the buckets and place flowers in one bucket and greenery on another bucket.

You can use another bucket if you don’t want to mix the flowers. Keep the buckets in color and shaded areas.

Don’t push the flowers in the bucket to adjust which will cause damage to the flowers. Always use several buckets if one bucket is not enough.

Step 6: Cut the leaves at the bottom

Before making the flower decoration, you will need to cut the leaves from the bottom. Keep a few leaves and cut the rest from the bottom.

Keeping a few leaves will add beauty, and it will look natural. Use a scissor to cut the leaves and branches carefully from the bottom part.

Step 7: Attach oasis blocks to the arch

You will need to place a few oasis blocks which will keep the moisture of the flower for a long time.

These are very light in weight, which can be perfect support to hold the flowers and to keep the flowers hydrated for long.

You will need to soak the oasis block in water, and then you will need to attach these on the arch with cable tiers.

You can purchase oasis blocks from the shop you bought flowers. You can also order online for these oasis blocks.

Step 8: Insert the flowers and the greenery into the oasis blocks

You will need to insert the bottom of the flowers and greenery inside the oasis blocks. Oasis blocks are usually very soft.

So, you won’t need to give too much pressure. Be careful while inserting the flowers so that the flowers don’t break.

Make sure to insert properly so that the flowers don’t fall off during your wedding ceremony. Fill the gaps with different colors of flowers.

You can also use one color if you want. Many people like their decoration to be simple and elegant.

In that case, you can use different types of white-colored flowers and greenery to decorate your wedding arch.

Make sure not to insert too many flowers on one oasis block as it will not be able to support the heavyweight.

If you follow this process, you will be able to have a beautiful wedding arch for your ceremony.

You can decorate with different kinds of flowers, whether its roses or daisies or lilies.

Although we suggested you to decorate the arch with natural flowers, you can also use artificial flowers and greenery if you are tight on budget.


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