How to Decorate a Wedding Arch

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Whether your beautiful venue is indoors or outdoors, a wedding arch is a symbol of entry into your new life together.

So when you’re dreaming about a picture-perfect wedding, imagine a custom wedding arch that will perfectly frame the moment you exchange vows.

You can customize a wedding arch with the color palette of your wedding and the design will blend flawlessly as part of your ceremony.

With so many choices, the planning part can take some time. Here is a guide that will help you to decide how you want to decorate the wedding arch.
How to decorate a wedding arch

First, locate the arch at your venue or you can buy one online. As a prop, they are relatively inexpensive and come in metal pergola styles, wood-look arbor, and circles.

You can decorate wedding arches with flowers and greenery that match the details of your wedding’s theme. The flowers can be real or artificial.

Then, you can add foliage, lights, and more!

Read on to find out how to decorate a wedding arch.

How to Decorate a Wedding Arch

Step 1: The arch

There are many choices for the shape of the arch that will be the foundation of your decorating. Thankfully, there’s one that will suit any budget.

A metal arch is relatively inexpensive and super versatile. Its minimal look lets you decide what you want on it.
Metal Garden Arbor Wedding Arch 76.8 inch H x 90.5
White Garden Metal Arch

There’s also wood-look arbor that will be perfect for garden-themed weddings.

After the wedding, you can keep this wedding arch frame in the garden of your house for climbing vines, flowers, and lights.

You might prefer a circular or semi-circle backdrops. They are also easy to assemble.

Another option is to rent a wedding arch if you’re looking for a specific, assembly-free kind. You can rent a wedding arch from the party store that you are going to rent tables and chairs for your ceremony.

Finally, you will want to find out if your wedding venue has an arch. Most wedding-specific venues will have an arch, and you can request to add flowers and accessories.

Step 2: Optional, Decoration Kits

Decorating your wedding arch does not have to be hard. You can get wedding arch decoration kits that come with drapes and flowers.

Ling's Moment Artificial Wedding Arch Flowers Kit (Pack of 3)

There are many choices of colors and flowers to choose from. Such as rose arrangements to sunflower kits.

Step 3: Drapes

Before the flowers go on, you will decide if you want drapes on your wedding arch.

A set of chiffon arch drapes will put on an elegant display of romance with its flowing folds. It adds a delicate touch to the arch.
White Arch Drapes 2 Panels 6 Yards Sheer Backdrop Curtains
Arch Drapes 2 Panels 6 Yards

Step 4: The flowers

Next, you will choose the colors and types of flowers that you want on the arch.

You can choose any colors based on your favorite flowers because they can be dyed for weddings.

You can plan to use either fresh or artificial flowers. Fresh flowers need to be delivered on the same day for the decoration.

Artificial flowers will give you the flexibility to decorate the arch yourself.

There are premade sets that will make your decorating easy.

You can get handmade silk rose swag for the top of the arch. When you receive it, you need to reshape it from its packaging and then attach the built-in wire to your wedding arch.
Lvydec Artificial Rose Flower Swag, 25 Inch Decorative Swag with
Handmade Silk Artificial Rose Swag

They also come in different types of flowers like peony and other colors.

Consider the types of wedding flowers and their meanings.

Wedding Flowers and Their Meanings

  • Anemone – expectations, good luck, and protection from evil
  • Baby’s breath – innocence
  • Calla Lily – extraordinary beauty
  • Carnation – love, and braveness
  • Daffodil – happiness, and springtime
  • Daisies – sharing
  • Lilac – first emotions
  • Lily – truth, royalty, honor
  • Lily of the Valley – happiness, and tradition
  • Orchid – beauty, and fertility
  • Peony – happiness, and ambition
  • Rose – romance, and beauty
  • Sweet pea – blissful
  • Tulip – passion
  • Wisteria – love, and happiness

How to decorate a wedding arch

Step 5: Greenery

Then, decide on the greenery that will complement the flowers.

You can also decorate the arch completely for a full glam look.

For this step, you can use artificial garland, like a wisteria garland.

Lvydec Wisteria Artificial Flowers Garland, 4Pcs Total 28.8ft White Artificial
Wisteria Artificial Flowers Garland

You will need about 12 of them to cover an arch and get a full glam look. Attach the garland to the arch using floral wire or zip ties.

Minimal looks will not require much greenery and let the color of the arch be seen. You will need at least 4 garlands for a minimal look.

How to Decorate a Wedding Arch with Real Flowers

Optional: Keep the flowers in fresh

Fresh flowers will be best delivered on your wedding morning.

However, the earliest they should be delivered is the night before the wedding. You will need to keep the flowers in water for freshness.

Fill the buckets, add flower food, and place flowers in one bucket and greenery on another bucket. Then, keep the buckets in cool and shaded areas.

Step 1: Cut the leaves at the bottom

Before making the flower decoration, you will need to cut the leaves off the bottom. Keep a few leaves on the top and cut the rest off the bottom.

Keeping a few leaves will add beauty, and it will look natural. Use a sharp garden shear to trim the leaves and branches from the bottom.

Step 2: Attach floral blocks to the arch

You will need to place a few floral blocks which will keep the moisture of the flower for a long time.

These are lightweight and will support the flowers and keep the flowers hydrated for long.

Soak the floral blocks in water, and then attach these to the arch with zip ties or florist tape.

Step 8: Insert the flowers and the greenery into the floral blocks

You will need to insert the bottom of the flowers and greenery inside the oasis blocks. Oasis blocks are soft and easy to insert.

So, you won’t need to use much pressure. But do be careful while inserting the flowers so that the flowers don’t break.

Fill the gaps with smaller types of flowers.

You can use one or multiple colors if you want. For a simple, elegant look, you can choose one color for the flowers.

Now, you will have a beautiful wedding arch for your ceremony!

Wedding arches can be decorated with different kinds of flowers, like roses, wisteria, and peonies.

Ling's Moment Artificial Wedding Arch Flowers Kit(Pack of 5) -

It’s easy to decorate with wedding arch kits and prearranged artificial flowers. Or you can choose to customize with fragrant, fresh flowers and greenery.

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