How to Decorate A Fireplace – 31+ Simple & Elegant Ideas

The fireplace in your home is a place to gather and feel the warmth on a cold day. It’s an inviting spot for your guests to chat while the fire dances. Even pets love to spend their time relaxing by the fire. And that’s why it’s a lovely idea to find out how to decorate a fireplace.

Even if you don’t use your fireplace anymore, you can elevate the look of your beautiful home when you have a decorated fireplace. Whether it’s your living room, basement bar, or bedroom, your fireplace tends to gather attention as the focal point of any room.

Find out some of our favorite examples of how to decorate a fireplace. We will also discuss easy tips for inspiration on how to achieve these decor ideas.

How to Decorate A Fireplace

Get ideas and inspiration from our images with tips.

For the Minimalist

Less is more these days. Giving the right touch with just a few pieces can make you space feel bigger. Here are some ideas on how to decorate your fireplace to appeal to the minimalists in you.

You can go bare for the minimal look! Check out how open this space feels. The shelves are on the sides of the fireplace where seasonal decor are placed.

Decorating with plants gives you a relaxing space. Add a mirror for utility and to brighten up the room.

How to Decorate a Fireplace – 30+ DIY Decor Ideas for the Holidays and Seasons

Do you have a fireplace? If yes, you know how much fun it can be to dress it up for special occasions like the holidays, Christmas, or the start of a new season, or use it as a showcase for your prized possessions like artwork or other collections. So the moment has come for you to begin the decorations for the festivity season and decorate your fireplace for the holidays.

It doesn’t matter what your style is or what colors you favor. One or two mantel arrangements will speak to you. Most of the items needed to create a stunning setting in your house are likely already in your possession. So keep on reading and learn how to decorate a fireplace for Christmas with ease and love!

Method 1: Red and Sparkling White Fireplace

Fireplaces in the cold weather are a match made in heaven. Add a few Christmas decorations, and you’ve got a complete look. The evergreen garland is topped with the pinecones for a more traditional look.
Reindeer dressed in red plaid and a plaid stocking can site beside the sleigh. The deep crimson threads of the garland stand out against the warm fireplace surround.

Method 2: Orange-tinged Natural Autumn Fireplace Display

There are many different ways to decorate a fireplace for autumn. One of the better examples of fall-inspired orange. Neutral tones on the fireplace and wall enable the ornaments to stand out. The fireplace’s décor is completed with orange-hued objects such as candles, leaves, pumpkins, and a cozy blanket. The seats and basket, with their natural-inspired textures, are ideal.

how to decorate a fireplace

There are a wide variety of options when it comes to decorating with fireplaces. This autumn fireplace surround has brilliant colors on top and a more subdued tone on the bottom for a balanced aesthetic. Above a “Hello Autumn” sign, a row of blue pumpkins stands out among the brilliant reds of the coleus. On jute thread, burlap acorns are hung by their stems in front of the fireplace’s neutral colors.

Method 3: The Curved Hearth with the Arch Window on Top

In this stunning fireplace installation, the contrast between the straight lines and the curled curves is striking. A magnificent metal arch fireplace frame serves as the ideal focal point above it all. Clear jars with rustic candlesticks contrast against the large sized industrial artwork place over the fireplace mantel.

There are a lot of alternatives when it comes to choosing a fireplace screen. The choice is yours if you want to go contemporary. Vertical solid lines contrast with the bricks around this fireplace screen in brass. This fireplace has a modern, fresh design thanks to pink and white decorations and a banner on top.

Method 4: Decorate your fireplace in a fun and vibrant way

A fireplace adorned with elves with feathers, tassels, and fluff is a beautiful sight. With the neutral grey walls and white fireplace, the colors of these pieces stand out. The yarn-made banners and swags give visual flair to the mantel. Cushions and a fluffy blanket are nestled in an old wicker chair.

Visitors are drawn to the warmth of a fireplace. When you go into a room, you’re greeted with two cozy seats situated near the fireplace. The area in front of the fireplace’s entrance is filled with little tables and tall candlesticks. Candles and glass bottles create a sense of movement over an ancient window frame.

Method 5: How to decorate an angled fireplace?

Any room may benefit from a curved fireplace. To decorate it, one must embrace its rounded contours while avoiding detracting from its overall beauty. The oval mirror is surrounded by lots of foliage, brass candles, and white pumpkins. The fireplace is topped with a colossal bronze candle lantern with a rounded bottom.

how to decorate an angled fireplace

Method 6: How to decorate an ancient farmhouse fireplace?

Farmhouse rustic is all about finding beauty in the ordinary. As a beautiful example of this look, consider a rustic fireplace mantel. An exquisite statement is made by the fireplace’s cracked and fading paintwork. Large glass containers and heaps of ancient books on the fireplace mantel provide contrast to the evocative sight.

Method 7: Decorate your fireplace with wood and rustic accents

You’ll be drawn in instantly by the wood’s beautiful texture. The mantel’s decorations contrast sharply with the vertical lines of the fireplace, creating an appearance of height in the room. The area above the fireplace has been made more visually and tactilely appealing by adding frames made from vintage pictures and mirrors.

Method 8: Decorating with Garlands 

How to decorate a fireplace

For fireplaces, garlands are a frequent ornamental feature. Tinsel, ivy, holly, and pine needles are all acceptable materials for these decorations. Garlands adorn the mantelpiece. Garlands can make a fireplace seem dramatic and exquisite, and you can make them look extravagant or minimalist, according to your preferences. Consider hanging silver bunting or bells if you like a more traditional look. Make a garland out of pine cones and evergreen leaves to add a dash of luxury. Organza ribbon is used to make the bows.

Method 9: Traditional Stocking to Decorate your Fireplace for the holidays

Stockings are an essential part of your Christmas décor, and without them, the fireplace won’t be the same. For those of you who like to decorate ahead of time, don’t wait until December 25th to hang your stockings! If you’re feeling creative, you may personalize them by having them embroidered with your name or even by hand-painting them if you’d like.

Method 10: How to Decorate a Fireplace for Christmas with Candles

It is possible to give a sense of elegance to your mantelpiece by using both LED and natural candles. A wide variety of seasonal smells is available for real candles, so not only will your house look beautiful, but it will also smell wonderful. For the ultimate aesthetic, candles may be placed in festive candle holders. On the other hand, LED candles are a perfect alternative to actual candles since they are more secure and can be used year-round.

Method 11: An all-white and grey fireplace

A white surround on a fireplace gives it a classic aesthetic that will never go out of style. It lends a refined aspect to the fireplace that is suitable for both contemporary and traditional houses.

White walls provide a neutral backdrop for the grey accessories, which give a subtle pop of color without dominating the space. The spherical form of the decor pieces contrasts the sharp wood angles. You can dress it down or dress it up wonderfully with candles, touches of greenery, and seasonable dried twigs.

Method 12: Large Clock with Neutral Textures on the Face

An enormous wall clock might divert your attention away from the fireplace and toward the mantelpiece. However, you don’t have to strain your eyes to see the plain clock and modest sconces that surround it. The white walls and fireplace are well complemented by the pumpkins’ neutral hues and delicate branches. For autumn, “Give Thanks” is the appropriate addition.

Method 13: Antique Mirror Surrounded by Wheat and Pumpkins

When it comes to fireplace design ideas, the focal point you choose above the fireplace is critical. This gorgeous antique mirror enhances the fireplace’s realistic aspect. On the mantel and in the mirror, there are hints of autumn. In galvanized buckets, the wheat is heaped, and a garland of brightly colored artificial leaves adorns the mirror. For a final touch, add a few pumpkins and candles.

Method 14: A Copper Pumpkin for Autumn Fireplace Decor

This fireplace’s key feature is its use of natural colors and textures. The branches are encased in a crystal vase loaded with pumpkins, and the leaves sparkle brightly. Goldenrod and other fall flowers fill a lace-wrapped basket. Copper pumpkins, a work of nature, brighten the celebration with their rich hues.

Method 15: Window frames and a vintage toolbox 

An old-fashioned fireplace surrounded by relics of the past evokes memories of bygone eras. Decorative window frames may also be used as a fire barrier, making a room look taller. An antique toolbox and some metal harvest baskets adorn your fireplace with candlesticks and vases.

Method 16: A Winnowing Basket to decor your fireplace

Bamboo Wall Basket Decor -Boho Basket Wall Decor Set of
The winnowing basket was initially used to separate the wheat from the chaff before the development of modern agricultural machinery. Wreaths and pictures adorn the fireplace in fall thanks to a winnowing basket that dates back to the 19th century. Accessorize with white pumpkins and tiny wheat swaths.

Method 17: Hydrangea Blossoms, Mirrors, and Porcelain Vases

The stacked mantelpieces give the room depth and luxury. A year-round fireplace decoration is a great option. Small vases loaded with hydrangea blossoms might benefit from a reflecting background provided by mirrors. The addition of a picture and some candles changes the atmosphere. It’s a simple way to add visual appeal to your fireplace.

Method 18: A palette of white, brass, and wood for Christmas Decor

This fireplace mirror has brass circular rings with a tarnished finish that make an eye-catching display. The bottom of the miniature topiaries on each side of the mirror echoes the rich bronze tone. From left to right, wooden candle lamps secure the mantel.

For fall, pumpkins in white are adorned with a garland of autumn lights that extends over and then down their sides.

Method 19: A Christmas fireplace with a modern twist

The gold and black fireplace have the power to freeze anybody in their tracks. An upside-down Christmas tree is created by dangling decorations in gold, white, and black on the mantelpiece. Decorate with a bit of greenery and art that compliments each other. At first appearance, it seems to be a simple solution, yet it is pretty compelling.

Method 20: Decorate your fireplace for the holidays with string lights

Lighting the strings, in my opinion, is half the joy of Christmas decorations. When it’s too hot to keep the fire going, I like to add lights on the mantel and switch them on to lend a little shine to the fireplace’s embers.

String lights should be woven into the gap between the stocking hangers and the garland on the mantle, so make sure they’re long enough. Battery-powered lights may be used if you don’t have an outlet near or on the mantel. You could also use battery-operated candles.

Method 21: Use Your Fireplace in a quirky and enjoyable way

No rule says your fireplace must be decorated conventionally. However, a bright and cheery hue like pink is a great option when decorating for the holidays. You may either match your Christmas tree’s ornaments or allow the fire’s natural beauty to take center stage by sparingly accessorizing your home. Decorate with pink garlands, pink stockings, and other pink decorations, no matter what you do.

Method 22: Add some plants around to decor your fireplace

THE BLOOM TIMES 2 Pcs Fake Plants for Bathroom/Home Office Playing with the height of your mantelpiece may be an excellent way to make a statement over the holiday season. Tapered candles or even a pot of poinsettia might be used to generate this effect.

Put the indoor potted plants on the opposite side of your fireplace for a creative and inexpensive Christmas decorating idea. Any plant will do, as long as the pot and sauce are small enough to fit neatly on top of the cabinet. You don’t want to add a second piece to make the area seem overly cluttered and overpowering. Instead, to spruce things up a little. You may always put a strand of wire fairy lights around the plants for a more festive appearance.

Method 23: Indulge in dried fruit and berries

Wreaths of dried fruit and berries are an easy way to add a festive touch to any room. Decorate an existing fir tree and surround it with ready-made or homemade dried goodies.
WANNA-CUL 18 Inch Spring Wreath for Front Door with Artificial It is the newest trend in decorating to use half wreaths, which make the decorative greenery seem more fragile while being eye-catching. Making your wreath is simpler if you fill half of it with decorations.
Dolicer Floral Hoop Wreath, Geometric Wire Round Triangle Square Hoop

Method 24: Add foraged leaves into the design

Reduce costs, but don’t underestimate the consequences! Seasonally suitable branches and stems from the garden may bring a touch of nature into the home. Paper decorations like honeycomb bells and large-scale stars are the ideal finishing touches. The old-fashioned Christmas tree design has a more realistic sense thanks to the use of natural materials.

Method 25: Decorate the alcove

The surrounding area may be used to assist in balancing the fireplace’s ornamentation. Christmas decorations may be brought into the main décor by a few basic ornaments in the alcoves on each side, so they don’t fade into the rest of the room. Just a few light bulbs and a few sprigs of greenery can make all the difference in the world, and you don’t need to go overboard with the theme.

Method 26: Flower arrangements for these Christmas decorations.

Make a few changes to the placement of your floral arrangements this month. With only a simple move, you may aid in setting the scene for your Christmas decorations’ centerpiece. It’s easier to maintain and less costly to use a modest arrangement of flowers than a long garland. The water used in a vase arrangement may be changed, and the stems can be replaced as needed. However, it doesn’t imply that making a bouquet is any less beautiful.

Method 27: Make a noteworthy declaration with festive Holiday cards

Modern glamour is all on the vast, striking aspects. A festive garland may be created by spreading out an artificial wreath with gold-sprayed leaves and a selection of gems in various colors. The last touch is the use of gold letters that spell out a festive greeting or slogan.

Method 28: How to decorate the empty fireplace?

The barren fireplace may be transformed into a festive focal point by filling it with beautiful gift-wrapped items that have been adorned with decorations and hand-made gift tags. Arrange colorful glass candle holders and tiny tea lights in a row to keep things simple on the mantel—some of your most treasured cards hanging from a long satin ribbon. Add a flourish of foliage to the top to complete the look.

Method 29: Incorporate the woods theme into your design

You may bring the forest into your house this winter by decorating your mantel with a heart-shaped pine cone and delicate pine garland. Make your home seem warm and inviting this holiday season by decorating with silver and white reindeer decorations as well as soft fake fur blankets, scarves, and pillows.

Method 30: Beautiful Notes and Handmade Crafts to Decorate a Fireplace

You may express your individuality via the design of your fireplace. One approach to do this is to display a heartfelt emotion. Your message will be brought to the forefront if you place it in a gallery with handcrafted artwork encased in a darkly tinted board.

How to Decorate a Fireplace for Halloween?

how to decorate a fireplace

Choose a theme that embraces the black and orange scheme. You can paint used candleholders black, white, or orange.

If you’re wondering if it’s too early in the season to grab pumpkins from the farm, it’s not! Even if you get them in early September, pumpkins will stay fresh until you’re ready to decorate for Christmas as long as you don’t carve them. Instead, use paint to decorate your pumpkins. Then, you can use them to decorate on or around your fireplace.

Remember to get small gourds and small pumpkins to place on top of your fireplace mantel. Place one of each side of the fireplace, or in an odd number group.


What should I do with my fireplace for the holidays?

Depending on your taste this holiday season, your Christmas mantel décor may include a variety of different elements.

For the most part, garlands are either left natural or wrapped around a string of lights as the most prevalent decoration style.

However, a festive feel may be added with the use of seasonal plants such as poinsettias. To complete the aesthetic of your festive mantel, you can use candlesticks. Choose holiday motifs like reindeer, snowflakes, elves, and stockings.

How can you decorate your Christmas mantel with an ornament?

If you don’t know where to begin when it comes to decorating your Christmas mantel, here are some suggestions: Choosing ornaments that match your Christmas tree is a simple solution. Over the top of the mantel, you may hang a fir garland and decorate it with tree decorations. At night, use tapered candles in complementary or similar colors to set the mood. Many mantel decorating ideas can be used even if you don’t have an open flame because they can fit on fire surrounds or even ledges above an open flame.

How long should a fireplace garland last?

The inclusion of a garland on the Christmas mantel is a topic of debate.

Alternatively, you might choose a mantel garland that isn’t drooping over the sides. This creates a casual and clean look.

It’s also possible to hang the garland from the ceiling, producing a more natural and relaxed look. Measure the proportions of the fireplace if you go for this option, so make sure that the ends stay inside the top third of the space between the mantel and the floor.

More Ideas on How to Decorate A Fireplace

Fireplace As Book Shelves

If you are not using your fireplace and want to make use of the space it takes up, then this is the perfect decorating idea for you. You can make the fireplace area into a spot to showcase books. Just clean the fireplace and lock the pipe using boards to create a place for your books.

Ashler Faux Fur Rug, White Small Area Rugs, Fluffy Sheepskin Then place the books in stacks to make the fireplace look like a bookshelf. Add a comfortable chair and an accent rug, and you will also get a sweet reading corner.

Superrella Modern Soft Accent Chair Living Room Upholstered Single Armchair Decorate With Plates

You can also use the top part of the fireplace mantel as a platform for your decorative plates and bowls.
Foraineam Set of 4 Blue and White Porcelain Serving Plates
First, select the accent color of your room. Is your room cool or warm colored? For example, if your accents are blue florals, you can display blue floral porcelain.

Use a plate stand so that you can display any plates that you wish.

You can choose custom plates that express your love for the artist.

Decorate by Adding a Green Touch

The next thing you can do with your fireplace is to decorate it with tree branches.

You can place a large decorative branch to create a cabin look. Decorative driftwood or a nice-looking fallen branch can be cut to fit the mantel.

You can also choose garland such as eucalyptus with lamb’s ear that works better than others for an all-season look. Or you can choose to replace them seasonally for spring or fall colors and winter holiday themes.

Go bare with succulent pot sets or artificial thyme pots for the summer.

Another fun idea is placing a decorative greenhouse on top of your mantel.
Purzest Glass Terrarium, House Shape Geometric Succulent Terrarium with Swing

Decorate with Antique Accessories

The top of your fireplace is one of those distinct spots that has designated itself for the display of unique and collectible items.
So you can use it as a place to display your small-sized antique collection.

Vintage Greadio Walnut Wood Bluetooth Speaker Radio - Retro Style, You can hang an antique mirror to brighten up the room. If you have brick on the wall behind the mantel, you won’t have to drill into it if you don’t want to. Check out our article on how to attach decor to a brick wall without drilling.


As the focal point of the room, your fireplace mantel can set the tone for the decor in your room.

You may find few things more relaxing than curling up in front of an open fireplace in the middle of a snowy winter morning. At Christmas, nothing is more merry than a festive fireplace. With these techniques and easy tips for how to decorate a fireplace, you can make informed choices to enhance the beauty of your space. You can create the living space of your dreams, and enjoy the holiday season with a refreshed fireplace look.

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