How to Cut Tile on Wall

The tiles on the walls make the walls more attractive and make it look elegant.

People around the world experiment with the tiles look on their house walls. Many people choose to stick with mild colors, and some go with exaggerated colors.

But making the walls look beautiful with the tiles installed, first, you need to know how to cut tile on wall as you will have to make the shape and placing of the tiles accurately.

Otherwise, you will not have a beautiful looking wall for your house.

how to cut tile on wall

Tiles are commonly used in the decoration of the house. Tiles are made out of ceramics, which takes the solid form for the concentrated heat on the material.

The extreme heat helps the material to bind together and make us beautiful tiles to decorate our homes.

Cutting the ceramic tile needs extra care as they can be very tricky, and you can damage the tiles by choosing the wrong tool to cut.

And cutting the tiles that have been stuck to the walls is also very tricky. They can be even trickier as you need to cut them according to the measurement.

So, here we will be talking about the tricks and tips of cutting the tiles on the wall to make your tension go away and help you out.

Check the below section to find those steps out.

How to Cut Tile on Wall: Steps to Cut Tile Perfectly

Before you start to cut the tile that you have stuck to the wall, make sure that you wear enough safety measures.

Do not forget to wear safety glasses, as the cutting will cause a lot of dust from the ceramic. That dust can cause severe injuries for your eyes.

So make sure that you follow each instruction perfectly to attain the desired goal and also stay safe.

Step 1: Cover the doors and vents

At the very first, you need to cover up all the vents and doors. It will help you to keep the dust in one place and keep your other rooms clean.

Cover all the corners and open areas with plastic covers to stop the dust from passing through.

You can use the masking tape to keep the plastic covers to stay in one place. That will make your work easy.

Step 2: Open the windows

Then open the windows of that room and make fan adjustment near it. Keep the fan in a way that it can accelerate the airflow from the room.

The air acceleration will help you to get the dust out of the place and keep your room air clean.

Make sure that you wear glasses and mask to keep your eyes and inhalation process disturb free. Otherwise, the dust for the ceramic tile cutting can cause you severe injuries.

Step 3: Mark the cutting area

Next, you need to make a marking on the tile that you want to cut. You can use masking tape to make the marking and protect the other parts of the tile.

Place the masking tape alongside the mark you have made with a marker pen.

Make sure to place the tape onto the place where you do not want to make any cutting. It will protect the place from being cut.

Step 4: Spray with water

Take a spray bottle and fill up the bottle with water. Then spray the tile area that you want to cut with the sprayer.

It will remove the dust from the place and will also work as the lubricating of the tile to cut through.

Step 5: Use an angle grinder and a rotary tool to cut

After you have made the area wet, now place an angle grinder onto the spot and start to cut through it.

Turn on the button and hold it steady to cut the tile smoothly. Keep watering the tile while cutting, to keep the surface wet.

Continue to cut the tile until it is done thoroughly. Now change to a rotary tool to reach the corners of the tile and make it curved or remove the small corners.

The angle grinder can not reach the detailed joints. That is why it is better to go with the rotary tool.

Make sure to keep the surface dry for the rotary tool to work. Otherwise, the tool will slip and cause you unwanted accidents.

Step 6: Remove the tile using a pry bar

Now, as you have cut the tile accordingly, now you need to place a pry bar into the joints and create pressure on the area.

This will help you to remove the tile from the area. Make sure that you do not press it too hard. It can damage the tile from the other side too.

Step 7: Clean the area

As you have removed the tile from the place, you will see that you have a lot of dust fallen around.

You need to clean them to make the place livable. So, get yourself a vacuum cleaner and start the cleaning process.

Use a brush to remove the dust from the tiles and vacuum the whole place to make it clean. It is better to wet the area first to clean them properly.

Wetting them will help you to remove all the dust easily. Do not forget to get the safety measures put on while cleaning the dust from the area.

Because if you remove them, then the dust can cause breathing problems for you and also can cause itch problems in your eyes.

So, these are the steps to cut the tile that is stuck on the wall. But make sure to follow them accurately. And the safety measures are a must.

Or else you can cause severe damage to your health. And make sure to keep the kids away while you do the job.

Having kids near the place can cause them physical injuries in the long run. So, stay safe to live a healthy and happy life.


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