How to Cut PVC Pipe Without Tools

Whenever you face the situation to cut down a PVC pipe, you always look for something that is very sharp.

More specifically, you look out for blades that are very sharp and are big in size. You have never tried to cut a PVC pipe without those blades.

But what if you do not have such blades. You can still cut the PVC just following some easy steps. Here is how to cut pvc pipe without tools.

How to Cut PVC Pipe Without Tools

Suppose you are working in some crucial situation, and you need to cut down a PVC pipe right away.

And you do not have the cutter, or any saw nearby you. What will you do? You can not go out to buy a saw to cut the pipe.

In this case, you have to go for such easy methods that can be done by only a simple element that is always present near your hands.

And that is a cotton string. Yes, you are not seeing it wrong. A cotton string can help you to cut the pipe.

Follow the below section to find out the step by step process to cut a pvc pipe with a cotton string.

How to Cut PVC Pipe Without Tools: 5 Simple Steps

Cutting a PVC pipe with a string is very easy. Just you need to mark the area where you want your cut and follow the below process.

You can also use nylon string or any kite string to do it as well.

Step 1: Get a white strong cotton string

There are plenty of types of cotton strings in the market. Choose the white ones to do your job.

You need to choose the white ones because the white ones come directly from the material.

And there is no added color or any chemical in it. So it is the strongest of all.

Step 2: Attach metal rings on both sides of the string or make loops on the sides

You can prepare your string by making a loop on the both side of the string.

Making a loop on the sides may hurt your hands or your fingers while cutting the pipe. So it is better to attach metal rings to avoid any accidents.

Besides, the metal rings will give you a better grip on the string, and you can use it comfortably.

Step 3: Wrap the pvc pipe with the cotton string

Next, you need to wrap around your cotton string on to the PVC pipe. Make sure you cover half of the pvc pipe with the string.

This way, you will be able to do the job easily and fast.

Step 4: Move the string back and forth

Next, you just have to move the string back and forth onto the pipe. This way, you can cut the pipe in no time.

Make sure that you continue to do it until the whole pipe gets cut. If you are dealing with a thick pipe, then it might take a few moments more to cut.

But do not get disheartened. Try to keep the pace until the whole pipe cuts in two pieces.

Step 5: Make the pipe edge smooth with a sandpaper

After that, you have cut down the pipe in two pieces. Next, you need to smooth the edges with sandpaper.

Take sandpaper in your hands and rub the edges with it. Continue to do it until you are done with the whole area to a smoother texture.

And you are done with cutting a PVC pipe using no tools else than a simple cotton string.

Cutting down the PVC pipe with the string may take a bit of time than regular cutting, but it can help you in the emergency situation.

Because, you might not have access to the saw or any blades, in that situation this method can help you to do your job and help you achieve your goal.

But different situations and scenarios demand different dealings. Check out the below section to find those out.

How to Cut Pvc Pipe With a Miter Saw

Cutting a pvc pipe with a miter saw is very easy. All you need to do is measure the pipe with a measurement tape.

Mark the area you want your cut to be. And secure the pipe with the miter saw table. Do not use your hands to hold the pipe.

Rather use a pipe clamp to hold it up for you. And then slightly bring down your miter saw blade towards your pipe and cut through it.

This process of cutting the pipe only takes a few seconds to accomplish and gives you a smooth finish.

What is The Best Tool to Cut PVC Pipe

There are many tools that can help you to cut your pvc pipe in no time. But what is the best of all?

The best tool that can help you to cut down your pvc pipe is a standard hacksaw.

A hacksaw is versatile and can help you to cut a PVC pipe in every manner and every pattern.

It takes a few minutes or seconds to cut it down according to the size and diameter of the pipe.

So, next time, whenever you try to cut down a PVC pipe, find a hacksaw to cut. It will give you the best result in no time.

Cutting PVC Pipe Below Floor

Cutting the PVC pipe below the floor maybe a bit tricky. But it can be done very easily with the help of two tools.

Just an internal pipe cutter and a drill can do the job. Just mark the depth of the pipe you want to cut and attach the internal pipe cutter to the drill.

And drill the pipe with the cutter inside. This will do the job for you. And you will be able to cut a pipe from the inside out.

Cutting the PVC pipe is easy. Just maintain the few simple steps to cut those pipes and live your life easily.


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