How to Cut Outside Corner Trim

Cutting the corner trims becomes a requirement to set up the outside sides, furniture sides, and roofing to the house.

But we face different problems in our daily life regarding the cutting process of the corner trims as we face the problem of cutting and measuring the wrong measurements for the outside corner trims.

But installing the perfect size corner trims is important to make your house look good.

That is why it becomes a necessity to know how to cut outside corner trim for the people who are willing to work on their home and make it look good.

how to cut outside corner trim

The cutting of the outside corner trims is almost the same as the inside corner trims.

Both of them require to have 45-degree angle cuts on the pieces you want to join or attach to each other.

But the main difference that takes place between the inside corner trims and the outside corner trims is that unlike the inside corner trims, the outside corner trims calls for the 45 degrees cut on the pieces in the opposite direction.

They bond with each other in this manner. Sometimes they call for silicon caulk, and sometimes it needs nails to stick them together.

There can be many ways that can help you to cut the outside corner trims and attach them together to hold up the shape for the house.

The tips and tricks to cut the outside corner trims are discussed below to give you an overall idea of the scenario.

Make sure you read them properly to get an overview of the work.

How to Cut Outside Corner Trim: Steps to Cut Accordingly

The cutting of the outside corner trims calls for a minimal amount of mechanical knowledge and preparation.

So, it is better to know the machines beforehand to use them well and properly cut your outside corner trims.

Different steps call different types of tools to use. So, know the steps first, to know the required tools for the use, and learn more about them.

And to learn more about the tricks of cutting the corner trims, read the below statements to make your work done easily.

Step 1: Measure the corner trim size needed

The very first thing that you need to do is to measure the area of the corner trim to be placed.

Take the measurements of the outside corners to the wall adjacent. Use a measuring tape to take the measurements.

You can find the measurement tapes at the nearby hardware stores or the grocery shops. Make sure that you take the proper measurement.

If you have confusion, then you can take the measurements multiple times to get the accurate reading.

Step 2: Make marks on the corner trim wood

After you take the measurements accurately, now you can make the measurement marking on the corner trim woods.

You can use a pencil or a marker pen to do your job. But it is better to make the marks using the pencils, as they can be erased after you are done cutting the trim corners.

Step 3: Make the wood piece placed on the miter saw table

Next, you need to take the corner trim piece and place it on the miter saw table that you are going to work with.

Place the piece in such a position, which will be the position of the corner trim when it is installed. Make the wood corner placed near the blade of the miter saw for cutting down.

Step 4: Turn the saw blade on 45 degrees outward

Now you need to turn on the miter saw to cut down the wood of the corner trims.

But make sure to set the blade in the 45 degrees outwards to match the marking of the measurement that you have taken and made on the wood of the corner trim earlier.

Wear Safety gloves and safety goggles while doing so.

Otherwise, you may hurt yourself. So be sure to be safe from the very start to avoid any accidents.

Step 5: Measure the other piece and side of the wood

Next, you need to make the measurements of the other side of the corner alongside the wall. Mark, like the way you did before.

Step 6: Cut off as before

Then cut off this piece as the way you did before.

Run the miter saw as the measurement directs and place the miter saw blade in 45 degrees outwards to make the cutting proper.

Step 7: Cut the other ends of the corner trim wood

As you have marked and cut the corner trim on the sides where they are going to get attached, now you need to cut the other side of it too.

If the other side is adjacent to the wall, then you need to cut them straight.

But if you need to make the adjustment to the inside or the outside, then you need to get the miter saw to cut them off according to the need.

Step 8: Attach the pieces and nail them

As you have cut all the corners of the corner trims, now you need to attach them together.

Place the corners of the cut corner trims according to their size and place and nail them. You can use a trim nailer to make the nails attached to the corner trims.

Secure the corner trims with the nails where necessary. It is better to attach a nail in every one foot.

It gives the whole corner trim a good support to hold it in place. And your cutting off the outside corner trims is done and also it is installed.

Using this process of installation can help you to cut the corner trims easily and in less time. But you need to be careful about the measurements of the corners trims.

It would be better if you make the cutting ½ inch bigger than the actual measurement.

It will make the pieces good to work with as you need to buff off the edges to make them smooth and fit for attachments.

And make sure to be aware of the safety measures to take and maintained properly during the work.


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