How to Cut Galvanized Steel

Galvanized steels are of those metals which has built-in protection for the metal by the zinc oxide coating.

The coating makes the steel durable and keeps the rust away. And the layer is the reason which creates the difficulties to cut them neat and clean.

Knowing how to cut galvanized steel with different tools can help you to cut them accordingly while keeping them smooth.

And knowing the tricks and tips is also very important to make your job easy to execute.

how to cut galvanized steel

The galvanized steels were introduced to the people in the early 1870’s.

After the introduction of the steel to the mass people, it became very popular among them.

And during the ’50s, it became one popular metal to be used in the making of the house or the factories.

They were so popular that almost all the homes built or renovated that time included the metal.

It is still one of the popular metal to be used to make the house roofings and many others. But cutting the steel smoothly is one difficult job to do.

It needs extra care and attention to cut accordingly. There are a few tools that can help you to cut the steel easily and keep it clean and smooth.

Read the below section to know more about the galvanized steel cutting and its tools.

How to Cut Galvanized Steel: 3 Different Methods to Cut Them

There are many tools that can help you to cut the galvanized steel easily. But many of them can not make them smooth as the way you want.

That is why choosing the accurate tools to cut the steel correctly is needed. Follow the below part to find out those tools.

Method 1: Rotary pipe cutter

The rotary pipe cutter helps you to cut the galvanized steel pipes easily.

For this method to work, you need to make sure that you use a bench vice to hold up the steel pipe in one place.

Then place the cutter on the area you want to cut.

Place the rotary cutter around the pipe diameter and then slightly adjust the blade throat to the marked place that you want to cut.

Do not forget to apply cutting oil on the surface. It will make the cutting easy and clean. Then tighten the cutter until the blade touches the pipe.

Make a rotation with the cutter on the pipe. Tighten the cutter each time you make a rotation. Continue to make the rotations until it is cut perfectly.

Apply more of the cutting oil to the pipe to make the cutting easy. Lastly, smoothen the edges of the steel with a steel reamer or sandpaper.

Method 2: Circular saw

To cut the galvanized steel with a circular saw, you need to place the steel tight in one place.

You can use clamps to hold the steel or use the bench vice to do your job. Then place the circular saw in the place where you want to cut.

Use a 7.5-inch fiber blade to cut your steel pipe. Follow the instructions given on the circular saw to cut it.

Apply enough amount of the cutting oil on the surface to make the cutting smooth. Continue to cut until the pipe gets cut perfectly.

Lastly, buff the edges with steel reamer or sandpaper to make the edges smooth and safe.

Method 3: Hack saw

Hack saw is a versatile tool that can help you to cut any object or metal with ease. They are very cheap and also very convenient.

You can use the hack saw to cut your galvanized steel. Just hold the steel in one place with the bench clamps and mark on the area you want to cut.

Wear safety gloves and glasses for the eyes to keep them safe. Then use the hack saw and place it on the marked area.

Use the saw in back and forth motion to start the cutting. Continue to cut the area until it gets cut thoroughly.

Buff the edges with sandpaper to make the cut area smooth, and you do not get hurt from that.

Method 4: Reciprocating saw

Reciprocating saws are also very common to cut the galvanized metal. To use these tools to cut your galvanized steel, you need to be very much careful.

So wear safety measures while working with them. Place the steel in one place with the help of the bench vice and make a mark on the steel for the cutting.

Then place the reciprocating saw in the place and start the power button to cut the steel. Hold the saw tight to make a clean cut.

Make sure that you place the bottom side of the blade on the pipe to avoid the vibration of the saw.

Continue to cut the pipe with the help of the reciprocating tool until the whole metal gets cut. Smoothen the edges with the help of the buffer and enjoy the smooth cut.

Method 5: Grinding disc

Grinding discs are being used in the professional field of cutting the galvanized metal as they can cut a small area of the metal with a smooth cut.

All you need to do is to hold the steel in the place and move the grinding saw around the place you want to cut.

Turn on the power of the saw and start moving the saw according to the need.

This cutting process gives you the chance to make small cuttings on the metal with a smooth finish. You can also attach the buff head to the saw to make the buffing easy.

This means you will not need to buff the edges manually. Just add the head to the holder of the saw and move around the saw like previously to buff the cut area.

These methods of cutting the galvanized steel will help you to cut the metal according to your needs.

Just follow the safety measures instructions to avoid any accidents that can harm you or your family.

And do not forget to buff the edges after cutting the steels. This will ensure the future safety of you.


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