How to Cut Galvanized Pipe

Galvanized pipes are different from the cast iron pipes.

The specialty of the pipe is that they are heavy-duty pipes that can be cut by the regular cutting tools like the tube cutter, hacksaws, or the reciprocating cutters.

This way, it is easier to cut the galvanized pipes. The cutting can be done by different regular or specialized tools.

That’s why, how to cut galvanized pipe can be demonstrated in different techniques for your ease of working.

how to cut galvanized pipe

The galvanized pipes are the steel pipes. They are coated in zinc.

The zinc coating of the pipe minimizes the rust inside the pipe and makes it easier to use in the heavy-duty area.

The galvanized pipes are commonly used in the house as the water pipes, as they have a zinc coating to avoid rust generation.

But cutting them needs special attention as they need to be cut with the specialized tools. To find the right tool to cut a galvanized pipe, follow the below section.

Here you will get to know what tools you will need and how can you cut them accordingly. Read the below to follow them correctly.

How to Cut Galvanized Pipe: 3 Methods to Cut Galvanized Pipes

Choosing the tools for the cutting of the galvanized pipes depends on you. But whatever tool you use, you need to follow its method properly to avoid any damage to the pipe.

So make sure that you choose the right tool and method for you before you start the work.

Method 1: Pipe cutter method

The first thing we can think of about cutting a pipe is the pipe cutter. The pipe cutter may not always help you to cut all the tubes of different materials you have.

But you can easily cut the galvanized pipe using the pipe cutter. For that, you will first need to determine the pipe on which you want to work on.

Then place the pipe cuter around that pipe and tighten the cutter by adjusting the screws of the cutter.

It should be twisted in the clockwise pattern to make it tight. By this, you will be able to fix the blade of the cutter on the surface of the pipe.

Make a rotation with the pipe cutter on the pipe.

Next, tight the cutter again to bring the blade near the pipe and make another rotation. Then again, tighten the pipe cutter to adjust the blade position.

Only a small adjustment will help you to fix the blade in its proper position on the pipe. Continue to rotate and adjust to cut the pipe perfectly.

The amount of the rotation will depend on how much thick the pipe is. But it will take 15 to 18 rotation on average.

Method 2: Hacksaw method

To cut the pipe with a hacksaw will need some extra tools for you. The tools are Pipe clamps to hold them tight, cutting tables and boxes to support the long pipe.

Make sure that you have all the tools beforehand. And make sure to take the right measurements of the pipe to cut.

First place the pipe you want to cut according to the measurement, on the cutting table using pipe clamps.

Make them tight so that they do not move from the place. Add a supporting box to hold the long pipe in the place.

This will avoid any unwanted bending of the pipe. Then you need to take the hacksaw and mark the place you want to cut.

After marking the place, now you can use the hacksaw back and forth to make the cutting. The hacksaw has small teeth to cut the metals.

So, you can easily cut the galvanized pipe with the hacksaw. After you cut the galvanized pipe with the saw, now you need to buff the edges to make them smooth.

Or else, you may get hurt by touching them.

Method 3: Reciprocating saw method

This method is more off the professional method. And for this, you will have to wear the safety measures.

You need gloves and glasses to protect your hand and the eyes as the saw cuts the pipe blowing small particles of metal.

You can also use a clamp holder to hold the pipes in the place. It will make the work easy for you.

To cut the pipe with this method, first, place the pipe you want to cut in the pipe holder. Make the adjustments of the pipe holder to hold it strong.

Make sure that you do not make that too tight, as they can make the pipe having a tap on it. Adjust it in the right pressure. Next place the saw in the place you want to cut.

Place the foot of the blade in the place of the cutting. This will help you to minimize the vibration of the cutting to help you cut the pipe smoothly.

You will need to choose the right blade size according to the pipe diameter. Make sure to hold the extra blade outside the pipe. It will make cutting easy for you.

Next, you need to turn on the saw to start cutting the pipe. Hold it still to cut the pipe straightly.

After you cut the pipe a bit, try to bend the pipe to make the work easy. Continue to hold the saw in its place and give slight pressure to make the saw cut deep.

Turn off the saw when you reach the other edge of the pipe. This will help you to avoid any damage to the other elements near the pipe.

Cutting the pipes with the help of these techniques can help you to minimize your work.

But if you are still in a confusion that if you can do it or not, then it is better to call the plumbers to do it for you.

They will bring their tools along with them and help you to do it in no time. Choose the best option accordingly for you to minimize your stress and problems form your life.


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