How to Cut Drip Edge Corners

Nowadays, almost every house owner installs a drip edge on the roof to protect the roof and other components from water.

To install a drip edge on your roof, you need to know how to cut drip edge corners. Most of the drip edges are made of metal or aluminum.

Metal drip edges are usually non-staining, which causes a great appearance to your house as well. It makes your roof more stable.

how to cut drip edge corners

If you don’t install a drip edge on your rood, it will probably cause the fascia to damage over time.

The water will stain the walls and damage the interior of your house. It has a long term effect.

If you live in an area where it rains heavily, installing a drip edge is crucial for you. The drip edge lets the water flow from the roof directly instead of causing damage to the fascia.

In most of the houses, there is usually a gap between the fascia and the decking. Small insects or animals can enter your house with that gap.

When you will install a drip edge, it will fill the space.

One of the main reasons for a damaged roof is that the fascia of the roof absorbs water and it causes damage in the long run.

How to Cut Drip Edge Corners

If you install a drip edge, it will increase the lifetime of the roof. You also need to cut drip edge corners properly which will match the roof.

Without cutting the drip edge corners properly, you won’t be able to install it in your rood accurately.

Below, there is a step by step guide that will help you to cut drip edge corners successfully.

Step 1: Start working from one corner of the roof

You will need to start nailing the drip edge from one corner of the roof. Then, you will need to set the drip edge in such a way that water doesn’t drain on the overlap.

Try to overlap on the sloped edges. You will need to nail the drip edge properly. You can use a hammer to nail the drip edge.

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Keep a distance of around 2 feet between each nail and do it for all corners of the roof.

Step 2: With the help of tin snips, miter the four corners of the roof

You will need tin snips to miter the corners of the roof. If you work on these regular home repairmen projects, you should have a tin snip as it comes to great use.

If you don’t have one, you can purchase one from any hardware store.

Step 3: Cut angles so that the mitered ends do not flush

Now, you will need to cut angles on the corners of the drip edge. There is no need to be precise. You can cut the angles in 45 degrees.

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The purpose of cutting angles is to make sure that the areas that you have mitered are not flushed.

Step 4: For a better overlap, miter on one end

You will need to overlap the roof so that the water can flow from one panel to another. However, for a better overlap, you will need to miter on one end.

You will need to make a cut of one square at the end of the roof. Now, miter the overlap again.

After placing all the items, you will need to nail the items. With the help of a hammer, nail the items.

Step 5: Overlap the corners of the roof

Now, you will make a cut of a square drip edge. The purpose of the cut is to let the edges of the roof to fit at the end of the roof.

Make sure that the overhanging edge is folded around at the corners of the roof. You can slide them under the overhanging piece.

Again, nail these with a hammer so that they stay right in one place.

Following these steps mentioned above, you can successfully cut drip edge corners. Most of the drip edges come in the shape of L.

After cutting the drip edge, you will need to install it in the right way. Otherwise, the drip edge won’t serve any purpose.

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The main purpose of installing a drip edge is to direct water into the gutter without touching the fascia.

Do you need a drip edge on gable ends?

Almost every type of roofs need a drip edge nowadays. If your house has a gable end roof, you will probably need a drip edge as well.

You can choose a “T” shaped drip edge which is specially made for gable end roofs. Many residential roofs include drip edges but there are different causes as well.

Often, the houses will not come with drip edges and you will need to install one by yourself.

You will need to install a drip edge on your roof to increase the lifespan of your roof. If you install a drip edge, it will prevent staining on the walls.

Your roof will always look new as it did when the house was built. Drip edges come handy during snow and rain.

When water enters into the shingles, it will stain the walls. If you don’t install a drip edge, the fascia and deck will be seriously damaged over time.

It is one of the most common causes of leakage in the house.

You might be worried about the appearance of your house. You might be thinking, how the exterior of your house will look if you install a drip edge.

Nowadays, the drip edges come in different colors and sizes. Most of the drip edges come in a shape of “L”. But there are other shapes available as well.

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For gable ends roofs, “T” shaped drip edges are the most suitable ones.

Also, the drip edges come in different colors. You can also paint the drip edges on your own.

However, you should understand how important it is to install a drip edge on your house roof by now.

You shouldn’t compromise the longevity of your house just to save a few bucks.


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