How to Cut Cultured Marble

Cultured marble are the form of marble that includes small particles of the marble mixed with an adhesive binder or resin to make the shape of the marble stone.

It is a cheap way to decorate the house and is very strong in comparison to the marble stone longevity.

And to install one of those to your house, you will be needing to know how to cut cultured marble.

The cutting process may be a bit different than the normal marble cutting as it is made out of different materials.

Yet there are many tools that can help you to cut the cultured marble according to your needs.

So, you need to choose the right tool according to the location you are working in and what type of cutting you will be needing.

Determining these facts at the very first is a must to make the cutting perfect.

how to cut cultured marble

The cultured marbles are also called as the engineered stone.

The makers of the cultured marble bind the small particles of the stone or the marble all together using an adhesive or resin to take a form.

Then they are polished to get a shiny look and smooth finish. The formation is done under extreme heat and pressure.

So that it is much more stronger than the natural marble stones.

That is why these marbles are so famous around the world for the decoration of the house, kitchen, bathroom, and many more.

But to install it in the different parts of the house, you need to cut them first. And cutting them needs special preparations as they are hard in nature.

Read out the below section to find out the step by step process that can help you to cut the cultured marble without any expertise in the work and also with ease.

How to Cut Cultured Marble: Tricks to Cut Them

Before you start with the preparation of the cutting, it is better to identify what is the location you will be working in and what is the cutting need.

These two will help you to determine the tool to cut your cultured marble easily.

Like suppose, you are to cut the cultured marble for the countertop decoration, Then you need to use the circular saw to do it.

The circular saw can make the lengthy cutting finish perfectly. But if you are up for the small cutting like the sinkholes, then jigsaw will be perfect for you to cut it.

Jigsaw can help you to cut the small cutouts of the cultured marble and give you an even finish.

You can use a router to make the pilling done perfectly of the cultured marble.

So, first, choose the type of work you need to do and then select the tool according to that need.

And after you have determined the tool, now you can proceed with the steps given below.

Step 1: Clean the cultured marble

The very first thing for cutting the cultured marble is to clean it off properly.

You can use a damp cloth or a wet wipe to remove the debris from the surface. Cleaning is important to make the marking perfect on the marble and cut them accordingly.

Step 2: Make a mark on the marble using a temporary marker

After you have cleaned the cultured marble and rest it to dry, now you need to make the markings of the cutting on the surface.

You can use the measurement tapes to mark the area you want to cut.

Make sure that you take the measurement of the area where you want your marble to set first to get the accurate measurement.

Marking the marble wrong will end you up having to buy another marble to work with.

Step 3: Add masking tape beside the marking

As you have made the marking on the cultured marble with the marker pen, now take masking tape and tape the marble alongside the mark.

Taping the sidings will allow you to avoid chipping. This means you can cut the cultured marble straight and will not harm the sidings of it to become dusty and broken.

Step 4: Cut it from the back

Make sure that you cut the cultured marble from the back. Cutting the marble from the back will allow you to stop the chipping.

So, do the previous steps on the backside of the marble to avoid any small brake of the siding and keep the upper part smooth and beautiful to decorate your place.

Step 5: Add clamps to hold and cut through a cutting tool

Next, you need to hold the marble in one place using the clamps. Adjust it to hold it tight and place the cutting tool according to your needs.

The tools mostly work in the same way. So, whatever tool you choose to work with, just turn on the tools and push the tool to cut through the cultured marble.

This will help you to cut an even finish. Make sure to hold it straight to avoid any uneven cutting.

Step 6: Buff the edges with sandpaper

After you are done with the cutting of the cultured marble, you will find out that the marble has a rough finish on the edges.

So, take a sandpaper and buff off the edges using it. It will take a bit of time for you.

But you will get your desired finish on the cultured marble you will be using to decorate your house.

You can also buff the cultured marble using the belt sander. Those will give you an even finish too, along with saving you a lot of money.

Follow the steps above to get the cultured marble cut in minimal time and with a minimal amount of expertise.

But you need to make sure that you wear the safety measures to avoid any accidents.

Those safety measures include having the safety goggles, the dust mask, and gloves.

You can also wear earplugs to save yourself from getting affected by the high noise the tools make. Whatever you do, do it with safety to ensure you a happy and healthy life.


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