How to Cut Back Overgrown Rose Bushes

If you love rose, you should know that roses need special care, and it needs to be pruned regularly.

You will need to cut the bushes at least once a year, and you should know how to cut back overgrown rose bushes.

With the right tools, you will be able to get a healthy and beautiful rose plant full of fresh roses.

how to cut back overgrown rose bushes

You might ignore to cut your overgrown rose bushes as the plant will seem fine and okay.

But when you don’t cut the bushes regularly, the plant doesn’t get enough space for healthy airflow.

The plant will start to bloom faster if you cut the dead branches. We will show you the correct way to prune overgrown rose bushes.

Here is a step by step guide that will help you to be successful in this project.

How to Cut Back Overgrown Rose Bushes

Step 1: Wear the right clothes

You will need to wear a long-sleeved shirt. Otherwise, the thorns from the plant might hurt you.

Also, if you have gloves, then put on a pair of gloves as well. You will find a special kind of thorn resistant gloves made specially to wear while pruning plants with thorns.

You will need to prune the rose plant regularly, so buy a pair of thorn resistant gloves.

Step 2: Gather the right tools

Be careful to buy the right tools; otherwise, you might have a negative effect.

If you accidentally cut the canes then your rose plant might get exposed to the disease. A sharp and good quality blade will help to give a smooth cut.

Always use a two curved blade. You will also need a pruning saw and a lopper.

Step 3: Use hydrogen peroxide to clean the blades

You will need to clean the blades before using them as there can be the presence of germs on the blades.

So, dip the blades in the hydrogen peroxide solution to make them completely germ-free. That is how the rose plant will be less likely to be infected by germs.

Step 4: Start cutting from the center part

To reach the center part of the plant, you will need to cut a few parts of the bush from the side of the plant.

It will allow your blade to reach the center of the plant. Always use loppers in case of thick canes and use hand pruner in case of thin canes.

It is necessary to prune the thick canes as it is hard for rose plants to bear the weight of the thick canes as they are comparatively heavier.

Step 5: Don’t cut all the canes

You will need to keep a few canes that will need to be on the canes.

After you are done pruning from the center, you will need to keep at least 30% strong canes on the plant.

Cut the panes with the hand pruner in such a way that the canes are not too thick or too thin. Cut the leftover canes with the hand pruner.

Step 6: Cut the stems on a 45 degrees angle

You will also need to cut the stems. To cut the stem, use the blade and cut the stems at a 45 degrees angle. Also, don’t cut more than one-fourth inch of the stem.

Step 7: Use wood glue to seal the stem

After you are done cutting the stems on a 45 degrees angle, you will need to seal the stems.

Otherwise, the stem might be exposed to germs and bacteria, which will harm your rose plant.

The solution to this problem is to use wood glue to seal the stem.

Also, be careful while applying the wood glue because you don’t want wood borers to get into your rose plant’s skin.

Step 8: Trim the leaves

This step is comparatively easier than the others. You will need to trim the leaves. You will need the suckers to stop growing.

To prevent them from growing, you will need to remove them so that there is no possibility of their regrowth.

Step 9: Clean the area around the rose plant

You will need to clean all the dirt and leaves falling beside the rose plant.

Otherwise, the dirt and rose petals will attract fungi, and the place will be a mess. Now you will need to wait and see how your rose plant will bloom and shine.

These are the main steps of pruning a rose plant, and you will have a beautiful rose plant in your yard if you prune the plant regularly.

Below, there are a few facts related to rose plants.

Best Time to Cut Back Knockout Roses

The best time to cut back knock out roses is at the beginning of spring. If you do it early spring, they will be in great shape throughout the year.

If you live in a cold climate, you will need to cut back knock out roses in the first few months of every year.

January to March can be a perfect period to cut back knockout roses. As knockout roses are quite uncommon, it needs seasonal pruning.

Can I Cut My Rose Bush to the Ground?

Yes, you can cut your rose bush to the ground, but you should only do it during winter.

Also, if the situation is at its worst, then you should cut your rose bush to the ground. If your rose plant has dead canes, you should remove them from their base.

Can You Kill a Rose Bush by Pruning?

No, you won’t kill a rose bush by pruning. Rosebush will need pruning at least once a year, and it won’t harm the plant.

You can cut the older bushes all the way to the ground, and your rose plant will still grow like a new one.

A suggestion for you is to keep the tools in a good place so that you can use them the next time you need to cut back overgrown rose bushes.

Also, be very patient while pruning the rose plant as your impatience can harm the plant.


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