How to Cut a Foam Mattress

The mattress is comfortable and versatile in the use of regular life. We use it on the bed or the sofa or any other place that needs to have padding or foam to adjust.

The mattress foams are made of different materials that make the different demands of the furniture making fulfilled.

The foams are also very easy to cut as there can be a muiltiple process to do so.

But how to cut a foam mattress using only the home appliances can be a question, as many of you do not know about.

So, you are at the right place to know about the process, which can help you to cut the mattress foam without using the professional tools and also in a very short time.

So let us get started with that.

how to cut a foam mattress

The mattress come in various types and sizes. And that is why you may need to cut the mattress foam to adjust it to your bed or the sofa you are using.

But you do not have the professional tools near at your hand. Neither you want to buy them.

You even do not want to take it to the professionals or call them at your house to get the job done by paying them.

So, what to do in that situation? The answer is easy; you can cut the foam mattress all by yourself and only using the household appliances.

To know more about that, you can check out the below section and make the work easy for you.

How to Cut a Foam Mattress: 8 Steps to Cut

There can be a multiple processes that can help you to cut the mattress easily, but this process will help you to cut the mattress in a very short time.

And you will not need any expertise to do the work. Just follow the steps properly to make sure that you cut the foam according to your needs.

Step 1: Remove the covering of the mattress

All the mattresses out there comes along with a cover on it. The cover protects the foam from getting dirt on it or stop the mattress from getting ripped off.

So, for cutting the mattress foam, you need to remove the cover first. Otherwise, you will not be able to cut the mattress.

And as you are intending to cut the foam, you can make the cover smaller by sewing the cover to the right size.

This way, you will not have to buy the new ones from the stores, and you can save money on that.

Step 2: Measure the foam you want to cut and mark on it

Now, as you have opened the covers of the mattress, you need to measure the area that you want to cut.

Get the same measurement on the mattress and create a mark on it. You can use a marker pen or a sign pen to do the job.

Mark using a measuring tape to get the accurate reading on the mattress by the pen.

You can measure the same place multiple times to ensure that you take the perfect measurement.

Because once you cut the mattress, then you can not make that bigger again. So, be extra careful about the measurements.

Step 3: Lay the mattress on the floor or make them elevate

You can try both to cut your mattress. But to make the mattress laid on the floor needs to have a bottom layer of a cardboard box to cover the floor from getting scratches on.

And you need to have a stool laid below the mattress to cut them off.

Whatever you choose to make the mattress cutting, you need to make sure that you wear safety measures as you can hurt yourself.

Step 4: Take your kitchen knife

As we are concentrating on the use of the home appliances to cut the mattress foam, then a kitchen knife is the best choice to work with.

Get your kitchen knife and get it sharpened. Choose the kitchen knife that has serrated edges. It will make the cutting easy and safe.

Choose the knife that has a big blade on it. This will make sure that the cut goes fast and even.

Step 5: Hold at 90-degree angle and cut along

As you have picked up the right size of the knife, now you need to place it on the foam at a 90-degree angle.

When you are sure that you have made the knife hold straight, now you can start the cutting. Make the knife go back and forth to make the cut on the mattress foam.

Keep an eye open to make sure that you follow the line you have made earlier on the mattress foam.

Repeat to the other side of the foam if it is too thick. Do it for the both sides to make the cutting even and easy.

Step 6: Check the measurements again

Now check if the cutting is done accordingly to the measurements you had fixed earlier.

If you have made some space left, then cut along one more time according to the previous steps.

That will help you to trim off the foam according to the size you need.

Step 7: Make the corners even with a jagged edge knife

Now, after you finish the cutting, you need to make the corners smooth. You need to get yourself a jagged knife and make the corners smooth using it.

Trim off the small-large areas in the corners to make them smooth. Continue to do it for the whole foam corners.

This will make the mattress foam be even.

Step 8: Seam the cover and put the mattress in the cover for the use

As you are done with the cutting, now you need to make the seaming of the mattress cover and get the mattress foam inside it.

Sew them accordingly and put the mattress foam back in the cover and zip off.

Using this process will help you to cut the mattress using only the home appliances and make your work easy and spend you less.

So, choose according to your wish to go with and start your work to make your home more comfortable.


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