How to Cover a Doorway Without Door – 6 Easy Ways

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You can cover your doorway to increase privacy or as part of your redecorating or home renovation.

Having a door is not always desirable because of the way that it looks, functionality, or the size of the project. A design without a solid door will also allow for more freedom to move around the space.

Read on for your alternatives to cover your doorway without a door, from doorway curtains to upscale tassels, and sliding barn doors.

One of the appeals of a doorless doorway is that there are alternatives for any budget.

If you have a large room, you can separate it with a privacy screen so that you can make better use of the space. It’s also easier to change the interior decor any time you want.

Here are the ways you can cover your doorway instead of using a traditional hinged door.

5 Simple Ways: How to Cover a Doorway Without Door

Option 1. Doorway Curtains

You can get doorway curtains in styles that will suit your needs. Blackout doorway curtains is an option that will provide a shield from light and thermal insulation.

You can get a self-closing privacy door screen that will keep the drafts out of a room and have convenient magnetic closing.

You can also use a country style curtain to cover your doorway, like this wildflower door way.

There are many country inspired themes which is perfect for a modern farmhouse theme. It lets the light through to keep your rooms bright while giving privacy.

With this curtain solution, you can walk around them easily and close the doorway curtain for added privacy.

Curtain doorways are also useful for new parents because it’s easy to hear when the baby is crying. As well, it’s kid-friendly between rooms kids can have access to.

Just like regular curtains, doorway curtains are no hassle to install.

Option 2. Japanese Style Doorway Curtain

The best thing about Japanese cotton cloth doorways is that it’s made with actual doorways in mind. It gives you privacy and allows for easy transition between rooms.

Also known as the “Noren” curtain, you may have seen this style of doorway covering in Japanese style rooms.

These doorway tapestries often have Japanese art on them and will be perfect for Japonesque themed home decor.

Simplicity is often embraced with this style and you can find minimal designs as doorway curtains.

They can also be a way to display works of art like Van Gogh’s Starry Night.

Option 3. Folding Screens

An alternative to cover a doorway without a door is a folding screen, also known as a room divider.

It comes in many widths, so it works well with many sizes of doorways and hallways. You will need more space to make this option work.

You may have seen these in open-plan spaces like apartments and large rooms.

There are many materials for folding screens that will fit all sorts of home decor themes. They can be made of wood, fabrics, rice paper, and more. They come in various patterns, sizes, and colors.

Some of them are so beautiful that you might want one as a work of art.

You can get one that matches the interior decor of your house.

They are versatile – there’s even a divider screen that comes with display shelves.

As a bonus for renters who cannot drill into walls, or if you’re one who loves to redecorate often, they’re conveniently portable. You can move them around whenever you like to block off a different area.

And when you need to space, you can fold it and make it smaller.

Option 4. Roman Shades

Roman shades are mostly used to cover windows. They are usually made of bamboo or different types of fabrics.

The good news is that you can cover your doorway with roman shades as well.

It is only a good solution if you don’t plan on using that doorway often.

It’s a hassle to slide up to walk through and then down to cover.

Aside from that, you can use roman shades for doorways to cover sunlight or any unwanted view from the outside.

Some of them are machine washable and are easy to clean.

Even if you decide to go with a transparent glass door, you can use roman shades on it for full privacy.

Option 5. Barn Doors

A barn door is an excellent alternative for people who don’t want traditional hinged doors. These are a type of sliding doors which can save space.

You can install a barn door similar to your wall’s color so that your room looks clean and minimal.

People who like farmhouse style doors can consider this one to cover their doorways.

You can also install a basic barn door and paint it, with this barn door hardware.

Besides, installing a barn door is not as complicated as installing a new hinged door. You often find barn doors used for a closet or bathroom, but it can be used for any room in the house.

Option 6. Beaded Strings

This is one of the popular ways of covering a doorway without a door. It was trendy in the ’70s and works super well in psychedelic themed rooms.

They come in many different types, shapes, and colors. You can choose one that will go with your interior. It is also a relatively cost-effective and easy method.

It won’t give you much privacy unless you decide to use several layers of it.

It also won’t do much to reduce the amount of noise between the rooms.

Most people use this for interior design purposes to theme their room, for example, a bohemian theme.

What’s The Best Way to Cover a Doorway Without A Door?

If you want to know what’s the best, easy, cheap, and quick way to cover a doorway without a door, it would be doorway curtains!

Be sure to measure your doorway and get the curtains that will be an inch or two above the floor.

Grommet style curtains are easy to move for a quick walkthrough.

You also can’t go wrong with Japanese style doorway curtains that are made for stylish high traffic areas.

If you have a tight budget, you should go for curtains or beaded strings because these are the cheapest options to cover a doorway.

On the other hand, if you want privacy and you don’t want people to know what is happening on the opposite side of the room, use barn doors or folding screens.

These are not transparent, and you can have more privacy.

How would you cover a doorway without a door? You can cover your door with curtains, barn doors, beaded strings, folding screen, roman shades, and string curtains.

How about you, which way do you find is the best for doorways without doors? Feel free to let me know in the comments section.

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