How to Clear an Overgrown Flower Bed

A beautiful garden in the front can make your home stand out among others, and a beautiful garden in the back yard can comfort your mind.

On the other hand, an overgrown flower bed can kill the peacefulness.

So, how to clear an overgrown flower bed? How to know when to redo the flower bed of your yard?

Some people redo their existing flower beds seasonally with small spring refreshments, and others do not bother that much.

And that is the problem. Because finally, when they realize that they need to work on their flower bed, a huge amount of work gets loaded onto their shoulders.

To avoid that seasonal look after is a better option. If you like gardening then the clearing out and building a new flower bed would be enjoyable to you.

how to clear an overgrown flower bed

To transform the look of your overgrown flower bed, you must start with a clean slate and plan for a new design before building up a new one.

You can divide your area into few sections, and remove the unwanted weeds and stones.

The main purpose of this preparation is to improve soil fertility and drainage system. Mixing organic matter like compost or manure will increase the quality of the soil.


The entire process is given below which you can follow step by step-

How to Clear an Overgrown Flower Bed

Step 1: Assessing the condition of your garden

What types of treatment that are needed depends on the condition of the garden. Little plants can be removed with little effort than big plants.

Therefore, to prepare a flower bed, one needs first to identify the types of unnecessary plants in the garden.

Removing small weeds and plants or perennials is possible for households. But in the case of big trees, one can take the assistance of an arborist.

Step 2: Collect Necessary Tools

For removing unwanted plants, you may need different tools according to your planned treatments.

For different treatments, you may need gloves, masks, shovel, hoe, spade, rototiller, herbicides, plastic cover, etc.

Step 3: Applying the necessary treatments

For the preparation of a new flower bed or to transform the old Pbed into a new one, you must remove all the weeds or perennials from the garden.

This helps to shape the bed in a new look. You can use the following different methods to remove the unnecessary plants or clean up your flower bed:

  • Using Herbicides:

If you want to kill the weeds, then you can use the herbicides. Glyphosate is one of the popularly used herbicides.

It is used to control the plants’ growth. It is sprayed on the leaves to kill broadleaf plants and grasses.

But you need to be very careful when applying these herbicides. It may kill some valuable plants.

Also, it may cause some harm to our bodies. If your skin or eyes are exposed to it, you may feel skin or eye irritation.

  • Weeding out the weed:

To remove the small weeds, you may use your hands instead of using herbicides.

People often use this old method so that they don’t accidentally kill the desired plants. Before going to work with your hand, you should wear gloves.

Then, you should slowly pull out the grasses or plants from the soil.

You should be careful when pulling the weeds so that the roots don’t remain intact on the ground.

If it remains then in a few days, it will grow again, and you may need to do the same work.

  • Digging the ground:

For removing the dead or dying plants, you can uproot them by digging them up with shovel or spade.

Before digging, you should check the soil. Moist from the water will make it easy to dig. Therefore, if it is dry, then pour some water to make it moist.

After that, you can use your tools to dig out and loose the soil. Then, grasp and pull the plant out if the soil. You have to make sure that all the roots are out of the soil.

If there is any leftover root in the soil, dig them out with the help of a shovel. You can then decompose them for making fertilizer.

For a small number of unwanted plants, you can apply this method. Otherwise, it is often difficult to use.

For a large area or a large number of unwanted plants, you can use another method.

You can use a rototiller to dig the soil to a depth of 6-8 inches and rake it to make the soil loose.

Digging the ground, you can bring all the grassroots at the top of the ground.

This is not enough to remove the grasses because the seeds are alive in the soil. For completely getting rid of it, you should cover the area with plastic.

Then make sure that the edge of the plastic cover is secured. Leave it for around 50-60 days.

During these days, the weeds and seeds will not get enough sunlight. Therefore, the weeds will die.

In autumn and winter, the transparent plastic cover can be used. In that case, the temperature will rise very high under the plastic, and it will kill the weeds

Step 4: Shaping Existing plants and preparing the Soil

Once weeds are removed, you should think of your existing plants. If those plants are in bad shape, you can cut overgrown parts off.

Collect and save the extra flowers. You can also donate flowers for good a cause like a funeral.

After that, you need to rake through the soil to make it smooth and remove the solid parts, like rock or pebble in the soil.

If necessary, you can also add some soil to make a good foundation for the plants.

Plants take necessary minerals and vitamins from the soil.

Therefore, you should add necessary organic fertilizers like compost, crop residues, and manure, etc. to make the soil more fertile.

You should be careful about the amount of fertilizer because excessive fertilizer may cause harm to the plants.

After finishing, you may notice a lot of waste to deal with. You should clean the whole yard and accumulate those wastes in one place.

You can use those derbies or plants’ residuals for making compost or may simply bag up and throw them to the dumping area.


  1. Debbie, I like the article you’ve shared here, and I will use this guide to clear the overgrown flower bed in my backyard. If you can share more helpful landscaping yards, I would be thankful.


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