How to Clean Velcro – 6 Methods for Straps, Hooks, Rollers and More

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While the hook-and-loop-fasteners from Velcro are extremely useful and handy, it can be really frustrating when you find that they don’t stick any longer.

Often the reason is that, over time, the adhesive naturally wear out, or that there’s a lot of dust accumulated in the Velcro that makes it difficult to be fastened tight.

In this article, you will learn quick and easy methods on how to clean Velcro so that you can make it stick again.

how to clean velcro

How to Clean Velcro

1. Toothbrush

The hook-and-loop-fasteners can be cleaned out easily with a stiff-bristled toothbrush.

Spread out the material that has the Velcro on a flat surface and separate the hook from the loop.

Run a toothbrush over the Velcro on both sides in swift strokes. This will clean out any dirt or dust caught in the fibers.

Do not apply too much pressure so as to damage the Velcro— but just enough to bring out the dirt. Often, loose threads from the purse or pockets (depending on what the Velcro is attached to) might get caught up in the fibers of the fastener.

Using the brush you can remove them, and use your fingers to pull them out as you loosen them with the brush.

2. Duct Tape

A good method to get rid of fine dust or debris that gets between the fibers of the Velcro is using duct tape.

Cut out a small piece of duct tape and roll it out around your fingers. Gently dab on the Velcro material and work from one end to the other.

You will see a part of the tape get dirty and less sticky as dirt from the fibers of the Velcro gets transferred to the tape. Use the clean part of the tape to collect the dirt.

Once the piece of the tape is spent, cut out the fresh tape and repeat the process until you no longer see dirt sticking to the tape.

3. Comb

If you have gotten hair tangled between the fibers of the Velcro, a good way to remove it is to use a fine-toothed comb.

Headbands made from Velcro, wrist bands, and other such products tend to collect hair, so they need to be cleaned at regular intervals.

The perfect way to get rid of hair that has gotten caught between the hook and loop fasteners is to use a fine-toothed comb.

All you need to do is spread the material apart with the hook separated from the loop. Use a comb to slowly pull at the tangled hair and pull it the rest of the way out with your fingers.

Do not comb too roughly as you might ruin the Velcro material. Comb the hair out gently and slowly until the Velcro is clean.

4. Tweezers

Tweezers are commonly used for pulling out things that are too small for your fingers.

People use tweezers to shape their eyebrows or get rid of facial hair by plucking away tiny pieces of hair. In the same way, you’ll use them to pick small objects out of Velcro.

If you have a pair of flat-angled tweezers, that should do the trick even in the case of cleaning your Velcro.

Open the Velcro and make sure that the hook is separate from the loop. Using a pair of tweezers, work your way from one end of the Velcro to the other and pull out any tiny particles of dirt and debris.

5. Tools with Pointed Edges

You may also use blades, scissors, or any tool that has pointed edges to get the job done. Remember to be gentle with the tools — you do not want to cut the material.

However, when used carefully, knives, blades, or a pair of scissors could help with getting rid of dirt in your Velcro.

You can also use the sharp edges of the tape dispenser gun (where you cut the tape off), and push it against the thorny side of the Velcro to gently get rid of the dirt and debris tangled in it.

6. Lint Roller

If you are wondering how to clean Velcro in an easy way, then you can try a lint roller. This can be used to get rid of surface-level dirt and debris on the Velcro.

Spread out the fastener with the hoop separate from the loop and roll the lint roller from one end to the other.

Change the lint roller surface if needed but make sure to roll it several times until you get rid of the dirt and debris.

how to clean velcro

Cleaning Different Types of Velcro

How to Clean Velcro Straps

Cleaning Velcro straps is fairly simple. You’ll need a firm bristled brush. A toothbrush you don’t intend to use anymore would work.

Starting from the center, gently push the bristles into the Velcro. Brush outwards until the debris reaches the edge of the strap and you can remove it with your fingers.

Repeat on both sides. If there is a significant amount of dust when starting, it may help to go over it with a lint roller first.

How to Clean Velcro Rollers

When cleaning Velcro hair rollers, you’ll first want to get rid of any hair stuck in them. This can be done fairly easily with a comb.

Insert the teeth of the comb between the rollers and the hair, and gently pull outwards to remove it.

After you’ve removed the hair, be sure to rinse and dry the rollers. You may also sanitize your Velcro hair rollers by soaking them in a simple water and vinegar solution.

how to clean velcro

How to Clean Velcro Hooks

Velcro hooks are the firm, stiff part of the two connecting Velcro strips. When cleaning Velcro hook strips, several tools including combs, brushes, and tweezers can all be used.

However, there is nothing quite up to the task of cleaning Velcro hooks like the blade on a tape dispenser. Simply pull the blade through the hooks in the same direction they face.

It shouldn’t get snagged if you are doing it in parallel with the hooks. This should neatly pull all the debris out of the Velcro. You may have to repeat this a few times to get it completely clean.

how to clean velcro

Washing Garments that have Velcro Attached

If Velcro is attached to a pair of Jeans or everyday clothes, then it’s a little tricky to clean it. Follow the instructions below to take care of Velcro on washable clothes:

  • Pretreat the Velcro before you toss the garment into the washing machine. To do this, make a cup of a cleaning solution by mixing some detergent with water. Dip a toothbrush into this solution and gently scrub the Velcro material until it’s clean.
  • Air-dry the Velcro area. Alternatively, you can blow dry it with some gentle heat but not too much.
  • Close the Velcro tight. Now you can put the garment into the machine and follow the instructions on the label to proceed with washing it.

How to Care for Velcro

As they always say, prevention is better than cure. Instead of wondering how to clean Velcro after the damage has happened, you can make sure you are proactively taking care of your garments or shoes and bags with Velcro.

Then you won’t even have to worry about going through the trouble of cleaning them free of dirt and debris.

It is true that over time, the adhesive on the Velcro might wear out due to prolonged use. That said you can ensure that you use it for as long as you possibly can, by following the maintenance guidelines mentioned below:

  • Always keep the Velcro closed and fastened shut when not in use.
  • Make sure you close the Velcro shut on any garment, bag, or other materials before you toss it into the washing machine.
  • You may purchase an anti-static spray that can be used on Velcro. This will prevent dust and debris from being easily attracted to the adhesive and fibers. Once you clean the Velcro, use this spray on it and fasten it shut. At regular intervals, clean the Velcro with a toothbrush or lint roller and apply this spray as your maintenance routine. This should ensure a longer life for the Velcro.

These are some quick and effective tips on how to clean Velcro. Follow them right away!

FAQs on How to Clean Velcro

How do you get dog hair off Velcro?

The best way to get rid of dog hair off Velcro is to use a stiff-bristled toothbrush or a fine-toothed comb. Work your way from one end to the other and gently tug at the hair and use your fingers to pull it out the rest of the way.

How do you clean Velcro so it sticks again?

You can use a toothbrush, a pair of tweezers, or a comb to pull out hair or threads tangled in the fibers of the Velcro. You can also use a lint roller to get rid of surface-level dirt and debris on the Velcro so it sticks again. For cleaning Velcro hooks, use the sharp edge on a roll of tape.


Velcro is a great invention and comes in very handy when attached to a pair of Jeans, or your shoes, headbands, wristbands, and so on.

However, it can get dirty quickly if not maintained well. If you are wondering how to clean Velcro, you can use a lint roller, toothbrush, a pair of tweezers, a comb, or duct tape to get rid of dirt and debris on the Velcro.

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