How to Clean Vacuum Hose – Remove Clogs and Disinfect

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We use vacuum cleaners to clean our house. Our vacuum cleaners also need cleaning once in a while.

If you don’t clean your vacuum cleaner regularly, it will stink from the clogged hose and full dust container.

It is common for vacuum hose to get clogged with debris like pieces of food and pet hair! Too much of this debris takes away the suction power of the vacuum cleaner.

Many of us wait for hoses to get clogged and then clean. Yours truly is guilty!

Though it’s recommended by the manufacturer to clean the vacuum cleaner hose as a routine once a month.

And who has time for that?

The hose in the vacuum cleaner often gets clogged. If you want an efficient clean, you will want to know how to clean a vacuum hose.

Read on and I will show the right way to cleaning the vacuum hose through a step by step guide.

Cleaning a vacuum hose

How to Clean Vacuum Hose

Step 1: Detach the hose from the vacuum cleaner

To clean the vacuum cleaner hose, you will need to detach the hose first. After detaching, lay it on the floor so that you can access both ends.

Remove debris from the ends of the hose because that is where it usually gets clogged.

Step 2: Use a metal wire or broom handle to get rid of the clumps of dust

You can use a skinny broom handle to insert in the hose to clean it. Instead of a broom, you can also use long metal wire.

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For a better result, you can make the head of the metal wire into a loop. The curve in the wire will help to attract the clumps of debris.

Don’t use a sharp wire, which might cause damage to the vacuum hose.

You will need to insert it all the way until the end of the hose. Add pressure and swirl the broom so that the large clumps of debris can come out.

The purpose is to get rid of as much debris as possible before cleaning. It will also remove any serious clogs like tissue or kids toys stuck inside the hose.

Step 3: To get rid of the excess dirt, use a feather duster

After cleaning the clumps of debris, some dust is still left in the hose.

To get rid of the little particles, you will need to use a feather duster. I prefer the disposable kind with an extra long handle for this job.

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Insert the duster into the hose and twirl around so that the extra dust comes out.

Step 4: Wash the vacuum hose with baking soda and dish soap

After getting rid of the dust from the vacuum hose, you will wash it. To wash the vacuum hose, fill a sink with warm water.

Don’t use very hot water, which can damage the hose. Add enough water so that you can submerge the hose in the sink. Add half a cup of baking soda.

For better cleaning, also add a few drops of dish soap in the water. This gets rid of any grease that could be in the hose.

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Wear a pair of gloves so that you don’t have to touch the dust.

Mix the solution by giving it a swirl. Then, place the vacuum hose in the water and submerge it.

While swirling the hose, water will get inside and clean the inside of the hose.

Clean the outside part of the hose as well.

Step 5: Optional, use white vinegar

This is optional because the baking soda and dish soap are great cleaners already.

The vinegar will give the vacuum hose an extra clean for tough smells.

Fill the sink with warm water and add half a cup of white vinegar.

Soak the hose in the sink and twirl so that the vinegar solution reaches both ends.

Step 6: Run water inside the hose

After cleaning the hose with baking soda, soapy water, and vinegar you will run clean water into the hose.

Run clean water and hold one end of the hose against the tap. Hold the hose in a U shape.

Close the other end with your hand.

After the water fills the entire hose, let the water out the closed end.

Do this several times until there is no soapy water left.

Then, run water from one end of the hose. Go to the other end and do the same.

Hold one end of the vacuum cleaner hose and shake the hose well. Shaking will help get rid of the water.

Step 7: Hang the vacuum hose

Now you can hang the clean wet hose somewhere to let it dry.

You can use a large cord bundler to hang the vacuum hose the way you like.

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Let the vacuum hose dry for at least 24 hours. This will help it dry completely.

Step 8: Check for clogs in other parts of the vacuum cleaner

If you find that the suction power has not increased after cleaning the hose, it might be clogged in other areas of the vacuum.

Inspect the nozzle and follow the air way of the vacuum. You may need to clean or replace the filter, empty the dust containers, and other parts.

You will need:

– for hard to reach spots, use straw cleaners – Check Price >

– a damp small towel

– or baby wipes! – Check Price >

Tip: If you want quick, cost-effective wipe for pretty much any cleaning need, you’ll love using good baby wipes! It’s also super handy if you already have them around. As a bonus, my hands are not dry anymore since I don’t have to wring as many towels.


And there you have it, how to clean and disinfect a vacuum hose! Even if it’s clogged with who-knows-what.

If you do this once a month (or whenever you get around to it, like me) then your vacuum will be running like a new one.

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