How to Clean Outdoor Cushions – Follow This Simple 6 Steps Method

Decorating your outdoor furniture using the cushions does not only make them look good but also makes it comfortable to spend the leisure time.

But keeping them outdoors can lead to having too much dirt on it.

Knowing how to clean outdoor cushions can help you to solve the issue and make your outdoor furniture and cushions look neat and tidy all the time.

Check the section below to find the cleaning procedure out.

how to clean outdoor cushions

How to Clean Outdoor Cushions

Remove The Cushion Covers

To start with the cleaning procedure, you need to remove the cushion covers at the very beginning.

Once you remove the cushion covers, you can make them wash in the washing machine or do it by your hands.

Vacuum The Cushions

After that, you need to vacuum the cushions that are being outside. The outside cushions face off more dust than the inside ones.

So you can vacuum them to remove the extra dirt from the cushions.

Wash The Cushion in Water and Dishwashing Soap Solution

Once you are done with vacuuming the cushions, you are ready to wash them off.

Mix 2 cups of dishwashing soap to one bucket of water and dip the cushions in the solution for a few minutes. Rub the cushions with hand to clean off properly.

Rinse with Water

After soaking the cushions in the soapy water solution, you need to wash off the cushions using clean water.

You can use a garden pipe to clean off the cushions. That will help you to clean off the soap from the cushion fast.

Dry The Cushion Using Towel

Next, hang the cushions for a while to get the water out of it. After hanging them for an hour, use a towel to soak as much as water possible out of the cushions.

Finish with blow Drying

Finish up the cleaning with blow-drying the cushions. This will help you to keep your cushion soft as it should be.

These are the simple steps to clean your outdoor cushions. So stop spending a lot to send them to the laundry to wash.

Instead, do it yourself using the simple steps and save a lot of money while keeping your outdoors look as amazing as the indoors.

If the cushions are very old and do not look good even after cleaning you can easily dispose the pillows or recycle them.


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