How to Clean Galvanized Metal

The steel or metal with a zinc oxide coating is called as the galvanized metal.

They wore the basic protection of the zinc oxide to save it from the rust or any other issues. As they come up with a built-in coating, they need extra care to clean up.

For this reason, how to clean galvanized metal is important to know as you can damage the metal with wrong cleaning treatment.

how to clean galvanized metal

Galvanized metal offers you a stronghold and long life.

As the metal is made with such technology that it can protect itself from the rust, it is also helpful for bending to create any shape with it.

This means, if you take good care of the metal, then you can use that for a really long time. But the metal needs much more than normal care.

They can easily catch up dirt on it. And regular scrubbing can harm the texture and the zinc layer on it. Which can lead you to have rust on it.

That is why the proper cleaning process needs to be followed. Here we will be talking about the process, in brief, to help you clean your galvanized metal accessories.

Check the following section to find out the various process to treat the galvanized metal.

How to Clean Galvanized Metal: Ways to Clean

There can be multiple methods to clean your galvanized metal. But the right procedure needs to be determined by acknowledging what your metal is purposed for.

Whatever you use to clean your galvanized metal, make sure that you choose the process according to your metal need.

Method 1: Soap and water mixture

You can clean your galvanized metal with the solution of dishwashing soap and hot water. Keep in mind that you need to use lukewarm water.

Do not use the boiling water, as it may harm the metal coat to wear off.

The ratio of the solution would be 1 gallon of water with ¼ cup of dishwashing soap. Mix them well until all the soap dissolves in the water.

After you have made the soap water solution, now you need to use a soft brush to scrub off the dirt.

Clean the metal using the brush in the circular motion. Do not scrub off the metal hard. That may remove the zinc coat from the metal.

Now, as you have cleaned the metal properly, rinse it with hot water. Rinse it well and then dry off using a lint-free cloth.

And you will have your galvanized metal cleansed in no time.

Method 2: Neutralize Alkaline

Cleaning the galvanized metal with the neutralized alkaline is easy.

For that, all you need to do is to make sure that you maintain the baby powder and milk proportion appropriately.

And the ratio will be one part of baby powder with two parts of the milk. The baby powders contain the cleansing agent in them. That is why it is so easy to clean with the solution.

You just need to make the solution and use a soft brush to scrub off the dirt from the metal. Then you need to rinse the metal with water and then dry off properly.

Make sure that you remove the dried solution from the metal corners. Otherwise, dirt will stick on them and make the metal dirty again.

Method 3: Vinegar and water solution

You can also use a solution of distilled vinegar and water. Mix the same amount of vinegar with water to clean the metal.

Then you can put the solution in a spray bottle and spray it on the metal you want to clean.

After spraying the solution on the metal, leave for a few minutes and then rub it with a soft cloth.

Make sure to use soft cotton cloth for the rubbing. Then clean up the metal with water and dry it off thoroughly. And that will do all for your cleaning.

Method 4: Car wash

Cars are made in such a way that they do not get rust on. Car washes are also made with the technology to keep the coating protected.

And for this reason, car washes can be used to clean the galvanized metal. You can follow the instructions given on the car wash bottle to clean the metal.

Or you can use a cloth and a few drops of the car wash to rub on the metal to clean. Rub for a few minutes and then rinse with water. Dry off the metal using a dry cloth.

Method 5: Low-pressure washer

This method is to clean a large area of the dirty galvanized metal. You can use the low mode of the pressure washer.

This process will take you a minimal amount of time. Just start the low mode on the pressure washer and then spray the area you want to clean.

But keep in mind that you keep the power of the pressure washer to 1450 psi. Otherwise, you will remove the coat from the galvanized metal.

Method 6: Ammonia and water solution

You can try the ammonia and water solution to clean your galvanized metal. Mix one part of ammonia with ten parts of water.

Wear gloves when you mix them together. It will help you to protect your hands from the harsh ammonia.

After you mix them well, now take a brush and scrub the metal off with the ammonia solution.

After rubbing, make sure you dry the area correctly to avoid any harm to the galvanized metal.

As you have learned the steps, now you need to choose any method according to your needs. Each of them serves for different situations.

So, determine the issue and state first to analyze the possible ways of the problem and choose the method that goes with the situation.

This is the best way to define your issues and get the solution without any hassle.

And always be sure about the safety measures for the work and maintain them properly. Because you have only one life. So live it!


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