6 Tips on How to Clean Fiberglass Tub with Textured Bottom

Falling in the line of durability and beautification of the bathroom, fiberglass tubs with the textured bottom are quite the hype now, but a badly stained one is not desirable.

For some reasons, the pits act like the storehouse of dirt and soap leftovers. So, how to clean fiberglass tub with textured bottom?

If you take care of it daily after shower, it’ll only take a few minutes and save you from a backbreaking work after weeks, months, or years.

6 Tips on How to Clean Fiberglass Tub with Textured Bottom

How to Clean Fiberglass Tub with Textured Bottom – 6 Handy Tips to Follow

Keep it Dry

Always dry your bathtub after a shower. You can keep a specific towel for this task, rolled up in a corner or you can simply do it with your towel as well.

You need to do this because a wet tub left for a long time will have water stains mixed with dust in the air.

Fix the Leaking Tap

Never avoid a leaking tap. It’ll mess the whole bathing area with continuous drips of water all over the place, and you can slip easily.

If you are not that much heavy, then you’ll be lucky enough only to crack a bone or two but not the tub.

Jokes apart, a leaking shower can damage the tub by continuously keeping it wet, and the iron in the water body is not good for the fiberglass.

These are the best ways always to keep a tub as good as new.

But still if you don’t have time to do this after a quick morning shower and in a hurry to start the day or after a lazy relaxing bath followed by a long tiring day, you can take these measures in the weekend or once/twice a month depending on the condition of the stain on your tub.

Use Liquid Bathtub Cleanser

Using liquid bathtub cleanser from the market.

For an average amount of dirt to be cleaned and to make the bathtub shine with fragrance, you can find lots of branded solutions.

And using just two to three drops in a bucket full of warm water can be helpful.

Make your Homemade Solution

The readymade cleansers sometimes can be too pricy to buy regularly so a quick solution can be to make own cleanser with the stuff at home like baking soda and vinegar.

First, apply the vinegar to cover the tub flooring thoroughly then sprinkle a few pinches of baking soda and let bubble.

Pour hot water on it; wait for some time and wash away to see the magic.

Use Baking Soda

A fundamental technique with less amount of trouble is to use a paste of baking soda and water.

Mix the ingredients well in a bowl to create a smooth paste then take a sponge, dip it and scrub the tub in a circular motion like applying facial scrub, rinse thoroughly with cold water and later you can dry the tub with a clean mop.

Simple and easy.

Use Cheap Shampoo

What else can be the best way than using a cheap shampoo to clean tubs quickly?

Just ad a splash of shampoo in water, rubbing it with a soft brush does all the work. Just be careful to wash it nicely so that the surface doesn’t stay slippery.

These tips will come handy when trying to clean your fiberglass bathtub with a textured bottom.

If you think you have a good solution for cleaning, don’t hesitate to let me know. I will try myself and even add it to the list above.

Do you have any questions? Drop a comment below!


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