How to Clean Dog Poop from Carpet – 5 Easy Steps

Having a dog as a pet is a blessing. The quality time spent with dogs cannot be compared with anything else.

But it does not feel like a blessing when your dog accidentally poops on the carpet.

Well, accidents do occur, and you should know how to clean dog poop from the carpet.

If your pet has not been trained yet, these steps will help you to make your carpet clean again.

how to clean dog poop from carpet

How to Clean Dog Poop from Carpet

Step 1

At first, remove the excess from the carpet. To do this, you will need to wear gloves. To pick up the dog poop, you can use a paper towel.

If the dog poop has stuck badly in the carpet, use a paint stripper and scrape on your carpet gently.

If you don’t feel comfortable, you can always wear a mask to be protected from the odor.

Step 2

After picking up the waste, place it on a paper bag and throw the bag in the trash can.

You can also place it directly outside your house so that there is no risk of spreading any odor.

Step 3

The most effective product to remove poop stain is laundry stain remover.

These stain removers can be found in your nearby superstore. Spray the remover on the stain and let it sit for around 3 minutes.

Step 4

Now take a clean piece of cloth and dip it in cold water. Blot the affected area so that the stain comes off from the carpet.

Step 5

If the stain is strong and old, you can add a few tablespoons of detergent in the cold water.

Also, in order to get rid of the odor, add a few drops of lemon in the water. As an alternative, you can also use spray essential oil on your carpet.

It will help to get rid of the odor.

In order to prevent bacteria and odor from spreading, it is a must to clean the dog poop from your carpet as soon as possible.

If you don’t remove the dog poop early, it will become dry, which will make the cleaning process more difficult.


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