How to Clean Cricut Mat – Try These 5 Simple Methods

Cricut mats are the sticky mats that are being used in the cricut machine. Mostly the mats last up to 40 times.

But with time, they become dirty. Cleaning the mats can maximize the lifetime. So knowing how to clean cricut mat becomes essential.

Check the below section to know about the cleaning process perfectly.

how to clean cricut mat

How to Clean Cricut Mat

Lint Roller Method

Cricut mats are made of adhesive texture. So they catch on more dirt on the mats than the usual ones.

Using a lint roller can help you to remove more dirt from the cricut mats.

The lint rollers are stickier than the circuit mats, so it picks up every dirt from the mats keeping it clean.

It is better for the regular cleaning of the cricut mats.

Plastic Scrapper Method

Plastic scrapers can also help you to remove the dirt from the cricut mats. The cricut mats lose its stickiness with time.

Using the plastic scraper to scrape off the dirt from the cricut mat can help to revive the stickiness of the mat.

Using the process on a regular basis can extend the lifetime of the cricut mat.

Alchohol-Free Baby Wipes Method

Alchohol-free baby wipes are useful to clean the cricut mats easily. As they have no alcohol in it, that means it can not harm the mat or its stickiness.

So, you can use this method to clean the mat occasionally. But do not use it too often as it can damage the mat and reduce it to workability in the future.

Soapy Water Method

You can also clean your cricut mats using a soapy water solution. The soapy water solution is good to clean the mats.

Put a layer of dishwashing soap to the surface and lightly rub the surface using a wet sponge. This will help you to clean the old cricut mats.

Magic Eraser Method

You can also use the magic eraser to clean the dirt from the cricut mats.

They are good at removing the dirt from any sticky surface and do not damage the surface. So, you can use this to clean your cricut mats easily.

These are a few methods to clean your cricut mat. Taking good care and regular cleaning can make the mat last for more than 40 times use.

So take care to extend its usage.


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