How To Clean Built Up Grease On Waffle Iron

Who does not love waffles? A crispy waffle with maple syrup or your favorite ice-cream can make the mood go to finger-licking good.

But the hassle to clean up the waffle iron after making the waffles stops us from enjoying the yummiest meal on earth.

The grease on the waffle maker is hard to lift.

And that raises the question of how to clean built up grease on waffle iron and even how to protect them from getting greasy all the time.

how to clean built up grease on waffle iron

The pattern in the waffle maker makes it hard to clean it. Even you can not dump the maker in the water to wash that up.

That will ruin your waffle maker once and for all. And as it contains to have a non-stick surface, you can not use soap on it either.

But what you can do to clean up your oily waffle iron is you can use a damp cloth or paper to remove the extra grease from it.

For this, you need to follow a step by step process to ensure that you do not ruin the waffle maker or the non-stick coating of it.

The steps are given below to help you solve your problem.

How To Clean Built Up Grease On Waffle Iron: Few Steps To Clean

To clean the waffle marker in steps, you need to gather around some tools. Those are a brush, paper towel, a spatula and a wet cloth.

And with the help of these elements, you can easily clean up your waffle iron in no time by following the steps.

Step 1: Unplug Your Waffle Iron And Let It Cool

To clean up your waffle maker, first, you obviously need to make your favorite waffle.

Because without this, there is no meaning to clean it. After using your waffle iron, unplug it and set it aside to cool down.

Make sure that you do not touch the plates of the waffle iron with bare hands. That can burn your skin. This is why cooling down is very important.

Step 2: Brush Away The Crumbs

Now you need to brush away all the crumbs from the waffle maker. The crumbs get stuck to the waffle maker and make the plates uneven.

Which can cause you difficulties in the next cooking. So, remove them all with the help of a soft brush.

Step 3: Wipe The Plates With A Paper Towel

Next, you need to get yourself a paper towel to wipe off the baking plates of your waffle maker.

The paper towel helps you to remove the grease from it and makes it easy for you to clean the waffle iron.

Wipe off all the oil and remove the leftover crumbs from the waffle maker tray.

Step 4: Use A Rubber Spatula To Remove Dried Parts

You may have dried waffle parts on the baking tray of your waffle iron. To remove those from the plate, you need to use a rubber spatula.

The rubber spatula helps to prevent any unwanted scratch on the waffle iron tray. Never use any sharp objects like a knife or fork on the waffle maker.

That will pull off the non-stick coating of the waffle maker and lead you to have rusted waffle iron.

Step 5: Use A Damp Cloth To Wipe Off The Baking Plates

Lastly, you need to get a damp cloth and wipe the waffle iron with it.

The damp cloth will help you to remove all the particles and all the oil from the waffle iron.

The damp cloth will also help you to ensure the moisture present in the waffle iron to make good waffles in the future.

Do not use any type of soap or abrasives on the baking tray to avoid any harm to the waffle iron you have.

The process of making the waffles can be enjoyed more if you can easily clean the waffle iron for your next time using.

And with this simple process to clean the waffle iron for you, you can enjoy having waffles at any time of the day to enjoy your leisure or to please your appetite.

But making and enjoying waffles will be more enjoyable if you know more about the hacks of treating a waffle maker for you.

Find out the below section to please your hunger to get more knowledge about waffle makers.

How To Clean Cast Iron Waffle Maker?

Cast iron waffle makers can be separated into parts to make your life more easy. They come in different parts that help you to clean it in water.

But the best way to clean a cast-iron waffle maker is to clean it in soapy water and to grease it. The cast iron gets rust on it.

So, it is important to keep it greasy, and the cleaning should be done only by a mild soapy water solution.

The harsh soaps make the surface harsh, and it holds back the waffle mix to the surface of the maker.

So, clean it with mild soaps and grease it after you have cleaned it.

How To Clean An Old Waffle Iron?

Old waffle iron may have caught rust on it. So, the best way to clean it is to brush the whole iron and scrape the rust from it.

Then use boiling water to clean the parts and grease the waffle iron. This way, you can have a smooth and working waffle iron in no time.

How To Grease A Waffle Iron Without Spray?

Greasing waffle irons is one important thing to make waffles for you. But the first thing we think to grease the iron is spraying oil on it.

But you can also use a rubber brush or a spatula to grease your waffle iron. And the results will be the same.

Enjoying waffles on the leisure time is something heavenly for the sweet tooth people.

But with the easy hacks to clean up the mess can motivate the people to enjoy more of the waffles to enjoy their appetite and time.


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