How to Clean Bronze Statuettes – 5 Cleaning Tricks that Work

If you don’t want your bronze statue to look old, you need to clean it once a while. Bronze produces a greenish layer when it is exposed to light, air, and moisture.

This layer is called patina. It is crucial to know how to clean bronze statuettes so that the statuettes keep the aesthetic look of your room.

There are different ways to clean bronze statuettes. They easily can be cleaned with your regular household products like vinegar, lemon juice, coconut oil, etc.

How much time it will take to clean the bronze statuettes depends on the size of the statuettes and the number of layers of dirt.

We will show you how you can clean bronze statuettes with the right ingredients and techniques.

We have provided a few ways so that you can choose one based on your preference.

5 Ways to clean bronze statuettes

How to Clean Bronze Statuettes in 5 Easy Ways

Method 1: Cleaning with Baking Soda and Lemon Juice

You can clean bronze statuettes with baking soda and lemon juice. We all know that baking soda is a powerful cleaning component.

It can clean many types of materials easily. For this process, you will need warm water, a clean rug, lemon juice, gloves, and baking soda.

At first, with the warm water, you need to clean the bronze statuette. Then, with a clean rug, dry the statuette.

Then you will need to make a paste of baking soda and lemon juice.

To make this, take around two tablespoons of baking soda in a bowl and add a few drops of lemon juice.

After mixing, you will see the paste forming. Wear a pair of gloves and apply the mixture on the bronze statuettes.

Then, rub the statuettes so that the dirt comes off.

Make sure to clean with a circular motion. If the layer of dirt is sticky, you can redo this process until the dirt comes off.

You can also keep the statuette for around 15 to 30 minutes with the paste and then clean thoroughly.

As the last step, clean the bronze statuettes with clean water and dry it with a clean rug.

Method 2: Cleaning with Salt, Flour, and Vinegar

For this method, you will need warm water, a clean rug, salt, flour, gloves, and vinegar. The first step is the same as before.

You need to clean the warm bronze statuettes with water and dry with a clean rag. Then, it is time to make a mixture of salt, flour, and vinegar.

Take a small bowl and the same amount of flour and salt. Taking 160 ml of each will give you a better result.

Then, pour vinegar in the mixture and mix it well until the mixture turns into a soft paste.

To understand if the combination has the right consistency, compare it with the consistency of toothpaste.

After that, put on the gloves and apply the paste on your bronze statuette. The rest of the steps are similar as before.

You need to clean the statuette in a circular motion so that dirt comes off easily. If the layer of patina is strong, you need to continue this process at least 20 minutes.

As the final step, clean the statuette with water and dry it thoroughly.

Method 3: Cleaning with Soap and Water

This method is mainly for statuettes that are not too big, and it is comparatively easier than the previous two.

To clean the bronze statuettes in this method, you won’t need any extra ingredient. You will be able to wash the bronze statuettes easily with boiling water and soap.

At first, you need to boil water. Find a large container if your statuette is big. Keep the statuette in the boiling water for several minutes.

Then remove it carefully from the container. If the item is small, you can do it with a tong. Otherwise, use a filter to drain the water.

Then, dip a clean cloth on a mixture of soap and water. Dip it well so that the fabric becomes soapy and produces foam.

Then, clean the bronze statuette with it in a circular motion. You should keep in mind to clean the bronze statuette while it is warm.

Otherwise, only a soapy cloth won’t be enough to remove the patina from the statuette. Also, don’t use any strong soap or homemade ammonia.

It will harm the coating of the statuette.

Method 4: Cleaning with White Vinegar and Water

A mixture of white vinegar and water can also remove the patina from your bronze statuette.

Take a large container and fill it with white vinegar and water. Make sure the proportion is an equal amount of water and vinegar.

Take the bronze statuette and soak it for a whole night.

In the morning, wash the bronze statuette with clean water and dry it with a clean cloth.

If your statuette is too big to put on a container, you can use method 1 or 2 instead of this one. This method is for small bronze statuettes that can fit in your hand.

Method 5: Cleaning with Lemon Juice

You can easily clean your bronze statuette with lemon juice. You won’t be needing any other ingredients. Take a bowl and squirt lemon juice.

You can use two or three lemons so that you can get the right amount of liquid. Then take the bronze statuette and soak it in the lemon juice for at least 30 minutes.

After that, wash the bronze statuette with clean water and remove the dirt with a clean rag.

If the bronze statuette you want to clean is not too large, this method can give the best result.

Also, you can do this process once a month, which will prevent to create any greenish layer on your bronze statuette.

Also, this method is for bronze statuettes that only have one layer of patina.

If you don’t want to use any active component that might harm the quality of the bronze statuette, cleaning in this method can be the perfect solution.

These are different ways to clean bronze statuettes. You can choose any method to clean based on your preference.

If the bronze statuette you are cleaning is comparatively larger, you can apply method 1 and 2.

On the other hand, if the bronze statuettes are small and can easily fit in your hand, you can use the rest of the methods.

Again, if you haven’t cleaned the bronze statuette for a long time and there are a few strong layers of patina, you should go for method 1 and 2.

Because these methods use strong cleaning components. Without these active components, the dirt won’t go away.

how to clean bronze statuettes

Cleaning Tips for Outdoor Bronze Statues

The bronze statue in your garden or yard adds an aesthetic look to your house. But it won’t look aesthetic once it starts to age and gets layers of patina.

The procedure of cleaning an outdoor bronze statue is different from a bronze statuette.

To clean an outdoor bronze statuette, you will need a nylon brush, soap, water, toothbrush, vacuum cleaner, and a clean rag.

To clean the dirt, use a nylon brush. Use a toothbrush to clean the small areas. Then, mix a bleach-free soap with warm water so that it creates enough foam.

Dip a clean rag in the mixture and wash the statue with it. With the help of a garden hose, clean the statue and dry it with a clean cloth.

If there is any extra moisture, it will dry naturally.

Cleaning Bronze Statues with Coconut Oil

You can also clean your bronze statue with coconut oil. One thing to keep in mind is that coconut oil is not used to clean the dirt or patina from the sculpture.

It is mainly used to give a polished look to the statue. At first, you need to clean the bronze statue by following any previous methods.

After you are done cleaning, it is time to apply the coconut oil.

Take a soft clean cloth and pour a few drops of coconut oil in it. Then wipe the whole statue with the fabric.

Sometimes, using active cleaning components might discolor the bronze statue.

We suggest you be gentle clean the figure so that it doesn’t lose its natural color and then wipe it with coconut oil. It will help give the statue a natural look.

Cleaning Tips for a Bronze Sculpture

You can clean a bronze sculpture with a mixture of soap and water. Follow any of the ways described above, and you will have a bronze sculpture that looks new.

However, you should keep few things in mind while cleaning a bronze sculpture. Always use soft cloths to clean the bronze sculpture.

If you become too hard on the statue, it will lose its color and beauty. Before applying any strong washing material, test in a small area, and see if it harms the sculpture.

After washing, dry it thoroughly and make sure there is not any excess moisture left on the statue.

You can clean your favorite bronze statuette or sculpture by following these easy ways. We will suggest you be gentle with the statuettes.

Wash them once in a while; otherwise, the color will fade away. Always clean the statuettes with a brush so that dirt cannot pile on the sculptures.


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