How to Clean Baseboards – 4 Easy Methods That Work

Tips to clean baseboards

Having baseboards attached to your home decoration is cheap and beautiful at the same time.

But with time, they get dirty or have marks on them. Traditionally cleaning the baseboard may seem like a very time consuming and tiring process.

But it can become exciting if you know how to clean baseboards with easy methods.

Check the section below to find out those exciting methods to work with.

how to clean baseboards

How to Clean Baseboards

Clean with Wipes

This can be a beneficial method if you want to save some time. But make sure that you apply this method to a comparatively small house.

Otherwise, you will have a lot of wipes waste to dump. Just wipe the dirty baseboard areas with the wipes to make them clean and look beautiful.

Clean with Magic Eraser

This is one of the easiest methods to work along.

Just grab a stack of the magic eraser, a bucket full of soapy water and a sponge to clean the baseboards of your house.

Use the warm soapy water and clean the area using the magic erasers. Sponge the place to wipe out the excess water from the place.

Lastly, let it rest to dry off. And you will have clean baseboards attached to your house.

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Clean with a Paint Brush

If you do not have too much dirt on your baseboards, then you might work along with this method.

All you need is to dust off the area and the baseboards using the paintbrush or short-handed broomsticks.

They can clean up the small corners of the baseboards and make them look tidy and clean.

Lastly, finish up the cleaning using the vacuum. This will lift all the dirt you have moved from the baseboard of your house.

Clean with Wet Cloth

This process is for regular cleaning. First, brush away the dust from the baseboard and then wipe the whole area using a damp cloth.

This will remove all the dirt from the place and make your house look neat and tidy all the time.

Along with the above tips you can also check the solution for cleaning paint from the baseboard.

These are some super easy methods to clean your baseboards and have a beautiful looking home.

So make sure that you follow the instructions right to enjoy the elegant look of your house.


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