How to Clean an Iron – Follow These 7 Steps of Deep Cleaning

Irons are the tools that we use regularly. We can not think of a single attire without ironing it.

But having mineral spots or burnt spots on the iron can cause damage to your beautiful attires.

That is why it becomes necessary to know how to clean an iron.

Check the section below to know the process perfectly to prevent your dresses from being damaged by your iron.

how to clean an iron

How to Clean an Iron

Combine Water And Baking Soda

The mixture of water and baking soda is beneficial to clean any spot or burnt mark from any surface.

So make a paste of one tablespoon of water with two tablespoons of baking soda at the very first.

Cover The Spots on The Iron

As you have made the paste earlier, now get your iron and mark the spots on it. Then apply the paste you have made out of the water and baking soda.

You can use a spatula to do the work. It is better to treat the iron when it is cold. At that time, you can also use your hands to apply the paste to the iron.

Wipe Off With Damp Cloth

Now, as you have applied the paste to the iron, it is time to wipe off the paste from the iron. Use a damp cloth to do the work.

Clean The Stream Holes With Distilled Water

Now use a cotton ball to dip in distilled water to clean the steam hole. Bring out any water left in the steam hole to clean appropriately.

Fill Resoirvoir With Distilled Water

Next, you need to fill the reservoir with distilled water. Fill until it reaches one-third of it.

Turn On The Iron To Its Highest

Now you need to turn on the steam of the iron to its highest setting. This will clean other vents left in the iron.

Empty The Iron

Lastly, empty the liquid and clean the iron properly. Empty the iron after every use to avoid any stains in the future.

Follow these simple steps to remove the stains of the iron and make it clean. So follow them and make your attire look fabulous all the time.


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