How to Clean a Papasan Cushion – 5 Easy Steps to Clean Cushion

No one can argue with the fact that Papasan chair is the biggest luxury one can have in their homes.

It beats ottoman and everything else both in terms of style and comfort.

However, due to the bigger size and use, how to clean a Papasan cushion is the question that raises the brows of the enthusiasts.

However, with some precautionary measurements, you will understand how to take care and clean the pride of your living room. It is not as hard, as you might think.

5 Steps to Clean a Papasan Cushion

Suggestions to Keep Your Papasan Cushion Clean

Choosing the Right Papasan Cushion

It all begins in the initial stage of your planning. Choosing the right Papasan cushion is the most pivotal decisions you take in your furniture buying history.

If you have pets or toddlers in your home, the chances of your cushions getting dirty are pretty high no matter how much contingency planning you have.

We recommend you to choose a microfiber Papasan cushion – they are easy to clean, and they are more resistant to stains.

Try Changing Cushion Covers

If you have a cushion that is still pretty clean, we will urge you to consider cushion covers.

Mainly because they are super easy to clean, secondly, the covers can be easily interchanged.

So, every time you change the cover, you have a new Papasan Chair at your disposable. You can have a new chair for every holiday, family occasions and what-not.

It is the easiest way to lighten up your room. Moreover, it is the most efficient way to take care of your cushion.

Use Vacuum Cleaner

Regularly cleaning is the key to having a healthy-looking Papasan. Like any other upholstered furniture, your Papasan will collect dust and dirt over time.

If the chair is being frequently used, you should most definitely vacuum it at least once a week, using the right attachment for the hose.

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Vacuuming the cushions every other month should be enough if the Papasan chair is not being used regularly.

Address the Stain

Addressing the stain as soon as it takes place is the most effective way of getting rid of it so that the stains do not get much too comfortable in your chair.

If the fabric of your cushion supports an ordinary stain removal, you are good to go.

However, if you are using a bleaching solution, use the non-chlorinated ones so that no discoloration takes place.

Visible indentation is a severe problem that happens to the couch and chairs: in the places where people sit the most.

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Well, your Papasan is not safe from that either. Regularly flipping the cushions allows it to go back to its original state, the soft, fluffy little throne of yours that made you go crazy and by the Papasan in the first place.

The measurements recommended above will help you to keep your Papasan in excellent condition. The precautionary measures, so-to-speak.

Now we will be suggesting you how to clean Papasan Cushion with few simple steps if you do not want to spend money for the dry cleaning bill.

You might consider bringing in a friend of yours because the cushion tends to go pretty heavy when wet.

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Steps to Clean a Papasan Cushion

Rinse with warm water

Bring out a bucket to fill in hot water, add two tablespoons of upholstery shampoos. Make sure you mix it very well.

The warm water is highly recommended because it fights the stubborn dirt and stains

Use a sponge to clean

Bring out the best large sponge you have. Drop it in the mixture and squeeze it hard, so that it does not drip.

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Sponge in a circular motion with shampoo

Smudge the Papasan cushion with the wet sponge. Scrub the sponge in small circular motion near the stains or dirt spots.

Every few smudges, throw the sponge back in the mixture, clean it off add more shampoo to the mix in the bucket.

The sponge should be fairly wet but not drenched with the mixture. Keep repeating the process until the dirt and stains are washed off from the entire cushion.

Change the water

You should empty the bucket and refill the bucket with warm water again. Rinse the sponge to get rid of the shampoo.

Rinse the sponge with warm water all over the buttery cushion to get rid of the access shampoo.

How to Clean a Papasan Cushion

De-moisturizing to dry up

De-Moisturizing the cushion should be helpful, soaking the entire pillow using towels is recommended.

Allow the cushion to organically air dry on the frame itself. Turn the cushion over every hour until the whole cushion is completely dried off.

There is another convenient way of washing the Papasan cushion by throwing it in the bathtub and filling it with upholstery shampoo.

You have to step over the cushion to get rid of the access water. As easy as it may sound. This process creates stress over the fabrics.

This also jeopardizes the fluffiness of our cushion that makes is so loveable.

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This process also takes too much of the time for the cushion to be completely dried off, mainly because the cushion gets completely soaked.

For a better result, if you have a traditional rattan Papasan chair, apply a coat of furniture polish in the wooden frame for that extra elegance.


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