How to Clean a Burnt Pot – 6 Step by Step Guideline

After enjoying some delicious lasagna or bolognese, you will need to give some time to the burnt pot.

Scorching pans is quite normal, and you should not get all angry about it.

Because you can clean a burnt pot easily if you know the right process. Let’s see how to clean a burnt pot.

how to clean a burnt pot

How to Clean a Burnt Pot

Step 1

The first method of getting rid of the burnt areas is to deglaze it. This method is applicable for stainless still pans.

At first, you will need to heat up the pan. After getting hot, you will see that the burnt places have become softer, and it will come off easily.

Step 2

Take a spatula made from nylon and scrape the burning areas. You can also use a wooden stick if you don’t have a nylon spatula.

After scraping it for a few minutes, you will see that most of the burn has come off.

Step 3

If the pan has been burnt for a while and it has become stiff and doesn’t want to come off, then you can use vinegar for deglazing.

After turning on the heat, wait for a few minutes and then pour some vinegar in the pan.

Step 4

After simmering the vinegar, turn off the stove and start scraping the pan in the same way as before.

Using vinegar or water will both be fine, but vinegar will work better in the case of old burnt pans.

Step 5

If you don’t feel comfortable using the previous methods, you can use soapy water as well.

Pour a few drops of liquid soap on the burnt pan and then fill it with warm water. After that, let it sit for one night.

Step 6

Take a scrub brush or sponge and gently rub the burnt area. The burnt area will get soften. As a result, it will be easy for you to remove it. After that, wash the pan with regular water.

Using vinegar or hot water work very well for cleaning burning grease pans.

If you can quickly clean the pan after it gets burn and cools down, it will be easier for you to wash.


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