How to Build A Bunk Bed Ladder

A bunk bed is perfect for kids. This type of bed is best for siblings and dorm rooms. It saves a lot of space in a room.

The most used part of this bed is the ladder. Kids use it all the time. And the ladder wore out quickly. And you have to replace it with a new one.

You can make it on your own with some simple tools. So, how to build a bunk bed ladder at home?

how to build a bunk bed ladder

Building a bunk bed ladder is not a tough job. You don’t have to be a professional to do this. The best material for this project is wood.

Wooden ladders are easy to make and will look beautiful in the room. If you have any woodworking experience, it will be easier for you.

A simple woodworking skill is enough for this. This DIY project will look perfect in your kid’s room.

You need to make the ladder in the staircase style. If you go for a vertical ladder, it will be difficult for the kids to climb.

So, built something in between a ladder and a staircase. It will be easy to make and sustainable.

So that, it can carry your body weight, and kids can climb it easily.

How to Build A Bunk Bed Ladder

Bunk be ladders are easy to make. With some simple tools, you can build a ladder easily. The process is simple.

You don’t need to buy a new ladder or spend money on ordering a custom ladder for your kid’s bed.

The whole step by step process of making a wooden bunk bed ladder is given below:

Step 1: Gather the essential equipment

The first thing you need to do is to gather all the vital tools. You can get them from your local hardware store.

All You will need is lumbers, screws, drill, measurement tape, saw, wood glue, and wood finish.

You can use a hand saw, hack saw, or a regular table saw for this. Don’t forget to wear protective glasses while working with the saw.

Small pieces of wood can quickly fly in your eye and can cause an injury. So, don’t compromise on safety.

While using power tools, it is recommended to wear ear protection.

Step 2: prepare the lumbers

To make this ladder, you will need two long pieces of lumbers. For the side rails, the lumbers should be about 8 feet long and 2 x 4 in dimension.

Make sure to buy them long enough to work with. Now you have to measure the Hight of the ladder.

Take the measurement tape and measure from the base of the top bed to the floor. Make sure the measurement is accurate.

Otherwise, the ladder will be too short or too long. The ladder has to touch the floor for sustainable support.

Then cut the lumbers according to the hight. You can cut this with a hand saw if you have steady hands. You can use any other saw to cut this.

Just make sure you have protective gear. Wear glasses and keep your hands away from the saw blades.

Cut a curve on the top of the lumbers. Use sandpaper to sand the lumbers. This will smooth out the wood and sharp edges.

Step 3: Prepare the ladder rungs

For the ladder rungs, you will need lumbers that are 1 x 3 in dimension. For 8 feet long ladder, 2 or 3 pieces of 1 x 3 lumbers are enough.

Then you have to measure the width of the side of the bed, where you will place the ladder. Then make that measurement the width of your ladder.

Cut the ladder rungs according to that with a saw. Make sure to wear eye protection while working with the saw.

Then smooth the levels with sandpaper.

Step 4: Place the side rail

Place the long lumber vertically near the bed. Place them on a 15 to 30-degree angle.

With drill and screw, secure the lumbers to the base of the top bed. Make sure to screw them tightly so that they can stay in one place.

Step 5: Stick the rungs to the side rail

After placing the side rails, stick the treads on them. To do that, put a tread on the bottom of the ladder.

It should be 11-12 inches higher than the floor. Apply some wood glue on both sides and then stick on the side rail.

Then with drill and screw, secure it on the place. Make sure the rung is level.

Then like this, attach all the rungs on the ladder. Keep a gap of 11-12 inches between. That’s it.

Step 6: Sand the ladder

Take sandpaper with 80-100 grit and sand out the ladder. Sand the whole thing properly to make it smooth all over.

So that kids will be safe from harsh edges of it. After sanding, take a clean piece of cloth and wipe the ladder.

Clean all the dust from there. To make everything smooth, apply some wood putty on the screw gaps. Apply it on the cracks and all the holes.

Then allow the putty to dry completely.

Step 7: Apply a finishing coat

After all that sanding and dusting, you need to apply a protective topcoat. This will protect the wood from moisture so that it lasts longer.

You can use some simple wood varnish for this. You can also use polyurethane coating too. This will bring a shine to the ladder.

The topcoat will make the ladder smooth, shiny, and durable.

Here you have it, the full process of building a ladder. Follow these steps correctly and make your bunk bed ladder.

When the old ladder frays, you can replace it with a new one. If you made the bunk bed on your own, it would be easier for you.

This DIY project can be an excellent way to spend time with your kids. You can also teach them how to work with woods. It will be fun for both of you.


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