How to Break Tempered Glass – 8 Easy Steps

Tempered glass is quite different from ordinary glasses like glass mirrors or glass tiles.

Unlike these glasses, you cannot break a tempered glass by scoring and cutting.

As they are manufactured differently, it is crucial to know how to break tempered glass.

You should always be careful and take the necessary safety precaution before breaking tempered glass. Otherwise, you could hurt yourself.

You might wonder, is tempered glass really hard to break? No, it is not.

If you follow some basic rules, you can easily crack any tempered glass, whether it’s your car windshields or your shower doors.

To help you, we have given a step by step guide which will help you to clear any confusion. You will also know the proper ways of easily breaking tempered glass.

How to Break Tempered Glass

How to Break Tempered Glass Step by Step Guide

Find an Area

Find an area where your kids or your pet won’t come to play or wander around. It is always a better idea to keep your kids away while breaking tempered glass.

Take Safety Precautions

To save yourself from any unexpected cut or accident, wear a long-sleeved t-shirt and long pants. Don’t wear regular sandals, instead use a close boot.

Prepare the Surface

Before going into the primary process of breaking the tempered glass, prepare the area first. Take industrial paper. Spread it on a hard surface.

Make sure to take a long industrial paper. It will help to catch the broken tempered glass.

Place any heavy material, like a rock or a stump at each corner of the industrial paper. It will help to keep the industrial paper in the right position.

Place the Tempered Glass

Now place one corner of the sheet of tempered glass on top of the rock or the stump. Put the other edge of the glass on the surface of the industrial paper.

Wear Gloves and Goggles

While breaking the glass, make sure your hands and eyes are covered well.

So, before starting the primary process, take a pair of thin gloves, and wear safety glasses.

Break the Glass with a Mallet

The final step is to break the glass. Take a mallet to break the glass. You can also use a hammer if you want.

You’ve already placed the sheet of tempered glass on the industrial paper. It should rest on a 5- or 10-degree angle.

Make sure that the glass doesn’t slip because of the placement. Then take your hammer and strike hard once. Your job is done.

Falling into Pieces

The glass will take around half an hour to shatter. You can leave the place and let it break on its own.

There will be some noise as the glass will break gradually.

As the final result, you will find small pieces resting on the industrial paper, and there will be a few large pieces as well.

You will see the small crack on the parts. You will understand that the glass won’t shatter anymore by the noise.


If you don’t hear any more sound of glass popping, it is time to clean the area. With your gloves on, gather the pieces of glass and place them on a container.

Pick up the larger glass pieces at first. If the glass has broken into larger pieces, it will be easier for you to collect them.

There will be hundreds and thousands of small parts. Don’t use your hand to pick them up as it will be impossible.

Instead, sweep the little pieces and place them on another container. Then take the industrial paper, fold it, and finally dispose of the glass.

Sweep the area again to make sure there are no small pieces of glass in that area.

And that’s it! This should give you proper idea about how you can break tempered glass very easily. Still confused? Leave a comment below!

What makes tempered glass different from other ordinary glasses?

You might wonder why breaking tempered glass is so different than regular glasses. The answer is, they are manufactured differently.

They go through a distinct mechanical process from regular glasses. That is why the process of breaking these glasses is different.

Tempered glasses are stronger than most of the ordinary glasses

. Manufacturers make tempered glass in a high temperature and high-pressure environment.

The glass is heated at first, and then it is cooled down with high pressure.

While manufacturing, the more pressure you will give, the stronger your tempered glass will be.

However, while cooling down, the edge of the glasses is cooled faster than the center, and this particular tension between these two areas makes the tempered glass stronger.

Other glasses are manufactured differently. So, if you break any regular glass, you will find larger pieces which you can collect and quickly dispose of.

But tempered glass forms into smaller pieces that can even mix with air.

Benefits of Using Tempered Glass

You will be surprised to know the vast usage of tempered glass nowadays. Tempered glasses are safer, and they are used in public places.

Tempered glasses are used in tabletops, shower doors, car windshields, monitor screens, and home appliances, etc.

There are a few unknown benefits of using tempered glass. They are:

Safe to Use

Tempered glass is mostly known because they are safe to use. As they are stronger than most of the regular glasses, they don’t break easily.

And if any kind of accident occurs which makes the tempered glass to break, it will create small pieces instead of creating large pieces with sharp edges.

Regular glasses can cut or harm anyone because they are heavier and form sharp edges when broken down.

Stronger than Regular Glasses

Tempered glasses are stronger because they are manufactured in high temperature and high pressure.

Tall rise buildings use tempered glasses for their windows as these glasses can prevent damage from strong wind and other forces.

Not Exposed to Heat

Tempered glass is vastly used for ovens and other appliances which produce a high level of heat.

Regular glasses can shatter easily when they are exposed to a high level of heat.

Tempered glass is manufactured in such ways that it can take a high level of heat and still maintain its quality.


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