How to Block Road Noise from House

If your house is situated close to a noisy road, you are one of the unfortunate persons. The continuous noise from the road can make your life stressful.

But every problem has a solution. We will show you how to block road noise from house.

There are several ways to block the annoying noise coming from roads. The solutions also depend on what type of house you are living in.

Below, we have provided a few solutions through which you will be able to spend a quiet and nice time at your house.

How to Block Road Noise from House

How to Block Road Noise from House

Step 1: Fill the gaps with insulating tape

The windows and doors of every house usually have a little gap or space. These gaps help to absorb sound.

If you can fill these gaps, the noise coming from outside will be much lower. For this, you can use insulating tape.

You can find insulating tapes in any superstore near your house. Fill the gaps with the tape and see the difference for yourself.

Step 2: Build tall walls

If you are planning to buy or build a new house, this method can be useful for you.

It is a better idea to build the walls tall as taller walls have better ability for noise reduction. We will suggest you make at least a wall of 8 feet.

Walls that are shorter than 8 feet can block less sound, which you might not want.

Step 3: Install Storm Windows

Storm windows are special kind of windows which is placed on the top of your house windows.

These are made especially for protecting your house from different weather conditions.

As storm windows are placed on top of your existing windows, these help to give an extra layer of sound protection.

Also, there are special kinds of windows made for blocking noise from outside.

Step 4: Make your house soundproof

This idea might have come to your mind more than once, but you might not know how to do it.

You can make your house soundproof – to some extent, if not fully – in several ways. The very first step will be to find out any crack or holes in the house.

Blocking these holes will have a great impact. Look for holes both inside and outside your home.

Step 5: Get used to thick curtains and blind

If your house is situated near a road, you should buy thick curtains for your doors and windows.

These thick curtains help to block sound from outside. As an alternative, you can use two layers of curtains. Don’t forget to close the blinds at night before you sleep.

Step 6: Plant trees or on the backyard

You will help the planet as well as help yourself if you plant a few shrubs and trees in your backyard. These plants will work as a barrier.

You can also build a bamboo fence, which can be a good option if you are concerned with your budget.

Make the bamboo fence as tall as you can because this fence will help to block the sound.

Step 7: Get triple pane windows

If you don’t want to spend a lot on this project, this might not be a good idea for you. You can also use double-pane windows if you want.

These windows are made with heavy and thick glass, which works magnificently for blocking road noise.

Step 8: Be smart and find new ways

There are plenty of ways through which you can reduce sound coming from the road. If you have enough space in your yard, you can build a fountain.

The sound of water from the mountain will provide a soothing sound and cancel out the traffic noise.

These are some of the most effective methods of blocking traffic sound. You can use any of these methods based on your house type, budget, and preference.

You can also use more than one method, which will provide even a better result. Below, we have answered a few queries related to blocking road noise.

What Materials can Block Sound?

There are many different materials that can block sound than you know. Studio foam is one of the most popular materials that can block sound.

These studio foams are attached to walls. You can use the studio by putting it in the corners of any room, which will work as a sound blocker.

Then, there are acoustic fabrics. Curtains that are made of acoustic fabric will block sound in a better way.

Curtains made with acoustic fabrics are usually used in theatres. There is a special kind of batts that are made from mineral wool and fiberglass.

Boards made with mineral wool work best for blocking noise.

Best Plants for Noise Reduction

There are different types of plants for noise reduction, like oak leaf holly, Buford holly, radicans, etc.

Oakleaf holly plants are pyramid-shaped plants. These trees are quite tall and are great for noise reduction.

If you plant a few oak leaf holly plants in your yard, they will give an edge to your house as well as act as a barrier.

These trees get in better shape once they start to grow. Buford holly plants are a bit smaller compared to oak leaf holly.

If you don’t want tall trees in your yard, these plants will be a better choice for you.

Do Noise-Reducing Curtains Work?

Noise-reducing curtains work if you want to reduce the sound, but it won’t completely deduct the noise.

If you want a cheaper option, you can use these noise reducing curtains.

But if you want to block noise completely, then you should better use soundproof windows. Noise-reducing curtains work well enough for good night sleep.

These will solve the problem, but if you want to have the best experience, noise reducing curtains might not work.

You can use these methods to block noise in your house. All these methods include cheap and expensive solutions.

Based on your preference, choose the one you like.


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