How to Attach Wood to Brick Without Drilling

Decorating a bricked house wall with wood appliances is a common practice around the world.

But people do not like to drill their newly mounted brick walls or the fresh finished wall. And the view or the beauty of the wood on the bricked wall is simply undeniable.

That is why it becomes important to know how to attach wood to brick without drilling and making them the one beautiful decoration for your house.

But all the process and procedures depends on what type and size of the wood you are intending to attach to the brick wall.

how to attach wood to brick without drilling

Attaching the wood to the brick wall can help you to make the wall look beautiful. But the drilling can make them prone to damage and reduce the beauty of the wall.

And that is why those who are planning to have the wood attached to their houses brick wall without using the drill must know the different tricks about it.

Otherwise, one must not succeed in the installation of wood on the brick wall.

There can be many ways that can help you to get the wood installed on the brick wall without using the driller.

Check out the below section to know about them and use them to make your work easy to do.

How to Attach Wood to Brick Without Drilling: Methods to Install

But before you start any of the methods to work with, you should make sure that you take proper safety measures.

Because making woods attached to the bricks can cause you to make dust or even brick chips. And they can get to your eyes; then you may get eye injuries.

That is why it is so important to wear safety measures when you start work at first.

After you take proper safety measures, then you can proceed with the methods you want to work with.

Method 1: Glue sticking

Using glue as the method to get wood installed on brick is a common and cheap trick. But this trick only works for the temporary hold of the wood on brick.

So, make sure that you use glue to only attach the things on the wall that are less important and prone to damage.

That way, you can ensure the safety of the expensive wood elements of your house.

To start with this method, first, you need to clean the brick area that you want to use for the wood installation.

Clean the area using a sponge and soapy water solution. After cleaning the area, you need to let the area dry off for a while.

It would be better if you let the wall dry for a whole night. That will make sure that the wood does not get swollen up by the water inside the wall.

Then place the wood to the location and add glue to stick it. Add nails if needed to hold up the wood to the wall.

Lastly, hold the glued wood on the place for a while until the glue dries off properly.

After the glue dries off, then the wood installation can run for a while until it gets enclosure to moisture.

So, keep it away from water to make it stand out for a long time.

Method 2: Using nails to hold up the wood

This method can help you to install the wood on the brick, but only for a temporary period.

The nails cannot hold up the wood on the wall of brick for a long time. But can serve you for any emergency situation.

To start with this method, first, you need to mark the place and alignment on which you will place the wood on the brick wall.

Then clean off the area and use a hammer and nails to prick in the nails inside the wood to the brick.

You need to be careful while doing so to avoid the cropping on the wood by the nails.

Wear gloves while you do this to keep your hands safe and keep your fingers stop get hurt by the nails you are using to install the wood on the brick wall.

Method 3: Using double-sided sticky tape

This method is also good to go for the wood of small size and weight. As it is hung up using only tapes, that is why you cannot place the heavy elements in it.

You can use them to attach the small decorative items to hold.

For this method to work, the very first thing you need to do is to clean the area of the work along with the wall and then let it dry.

After drying, you need to make the marking on the brick to identify the place that you want to use for the wood attachment.

Then get the double-sided tape of the hard adhesive and cut a handsome size of the tape.

Make multiple cuts of the tape and attach them on the wall by removing one side cover of the tape. Stick them properly on the wall and test if it falls off or not.

Then open the upper covering of the tape and gently place the wood on the adhesive tapes. Push the wood on the tapes and force them to get a stick on the brick and wood strongly.

And this way, you can easily attach the small wood on the brick without the need for drilling.

And this bond will stand strong for a very long time as it will not get weakened by the water in a very short time.

So, you can place the decorative item placed on the brick for a really long time.

The stated methods of the upper section can help you to install wood on the brick wall. But each and every method says that those are for the temporary adjustments.

This means, there is no option to install the wood on the brick without drilling if you are desiring it to be there for the permanent time or the heavy placement.

So first, determine the requirement and then choose the appropriate procedure according to that.


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