How Much Does Trex Weigh – Your Complete Guide to Trex

In home décor, composite decking has recently been very popular among people.

As it is not wood, that means it does not require cutting down of trees and is environment-friendly.

Trex is a very reliable company for composite decking.

So, it lights up many questions like, how much does Trex weigh, how does it work or what particles does it contain.

The weight of trex varies from 60-70 pounds in every cubic foot. The decking board of the trex itself weighs around 27-28 pounds. Also, the weight of a trex can be different based on the size and density of the board. Trex is mainly used to make wooden fiber composite decking.

How Much Does Trex Weigh

Composition Agents – What Particles Does Trex Contain

Trex is a company that produces composite decking.

This decking material is said to be environment-friendly, as it is made of a composition of wood fibers, plastic, and bonding agents.

Plastic has become a massive threat to our mother earth. Where every day, an enormous amount of plastic is being dumped in the sea or land.

But this composition can re-use that plastic to make a long term sustained particle, which can be used as building materials.

Which means, leaving the nature waste-free.

Workability – How Does Trex Work

Trex composite decking has agents like plastic in it, which means you can use this anywhere in your home.

The workability of Trex is like wood, but this gives some extra advantages to the user. Which is to be tension free after using composite decking in the house.

The life length of composite decking is very long and also weather friendly.

Some woods require extra care and some weather preferences for the decking material.

Where Trex gives you the liberty and wide range of color and pattern choices to choose from.

Weight Average – How Much Does Trex Weigh

Trex is one of the best in the market for making the wooden fiber composite decking. Their products weight varies from 60 – 70 pounds in every cubic foot.

Where their 12-foot long decking board can weight around 27 – 28 pounds. This 12-foot longboard is 5/4 by 6 in measurement.

Different size and density of the board can differ in weight, and those are purposed for different area usage.

Trex offers a wide variety of patterns and textures in composite decking to choose from.

Those designs and color are so beautiful to use anywhere in your house and make your home look elegant.

Benefits of Trex Composite Decking

There are many benefits of using Trex composite decking in the house. Many of them are never thought to be as a benefit because those are such minor changes.

But without those can create hazardous problems and also can cost thousands of dollars.

1. Low Maintenance

The very first thing that can be counted as a benefit is, Trex decking requires less maintenance than wood.

Wood decking requires very much taking care off. But plastic in Trex decking makes that more easy for the household maintainers.

2. Durable and Insect Free

The Trex materials like wood fibers and plastic make that more durable in every weather. Wood floors get rotten if the water stays on that for a long time.

But a composite decking will not rot and also it is damp and insect free, where wet woods catch to insects.

3. Crack and Splinter-free

Woods gets cracked in direct sunlight or causes flakes in it. Those splinter gets in the skin and creates pain. But Trex decking materials do not get cracked.

And as those are not made of woods, those do not have splinters or flakes on them. Which means they are your skin-friendly too.

4. Stain and Fade Resistant

Composite decking has a plastic coating on top of it. Which leaves it to stain and fade-free. That means you will not have to paint it frequently to make it look like new.

Where wood requires regular maintenance like painting regularly, and it gets stained very quickly. This can increase the cost of maintenance.

5. Water-Resistant

Composite decking is more likely to be water-resistant in comparison with wood. So, you can use Trex on the sides of your pool or where water body lies.

But this would not create any disturbance, rather than making your area look elegant.

6. Longevity

Trex can sustain for a long time. Which means, once you installed them correctly, you will not have to think about it for a long time.

The lifetime is more likely to be 15-30 years on average. But if you take care of them, it can last for even more then the average time.

7. Low Cost

Composite decking like Trex requires one-time money.

As for that time, it might look or sound big, but when you calculate the maintenance cost and the years it can serve you, the amount will seem very cheap to you.

Where wood costs big, destroys the environment, needs maintenance fees and renovation.

These benefits can force you to think about getting a Trex composite decking while building a deck at your home.

Composite decking promotes to lessen the usage of wood in building areas. Which helps to save our nature and maintain the ecosystem.

So, we must look for the best alternative which can provide us the best facilities along with keeping the environment and its parts untouched.


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