How Much Does Trex Weigh – Your Complete Guide to Trex

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Composite decking is a popular material used for decking.

Trex is durable, high-performance composite decking. It retains its beauty for decades with minimal upkeep — thanks to the protective shell that resists stains, scratches, fading, and mold.

How Much Does Trex Weigh

If you are completing a DIY deck, edging, and stairs, Trex makes it easy with hidden fasteners as groove-edges for a screw-free installation.

Now, for answers to questions like, how much does Trex weigh or what particles does Trex contain?

How Much Does Trex Weigh?

The weight of Trex varies from 60-70 pounds (or 29.5kg) per cubic foot. The decking board of Trex weighs around 27-28 pounds. The weight of Trex can vary based on the density of the board.
For comparison, wood decking is not as heavy as composite decking. Deck boards that are treated, like yellow pine 5/4 by 6 weighs about 25lbs (or 11.3 kg) per cubic foot.

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Composition Agents – What Particles Does Trex Contain

Trex is one of the leading companies that make composite decking.

This decking material is said to be environment-friendly, as it is made of a composition of wood fibers, recycled plastic, and bonding agents.

Since plastic has become a massive threat to our mother earth, where every day an enormous amount of plastic is being dumped in the sea or land.

But this composition uses up to 95% recycled plastic to make a long-lasting material, which is then used as building materials.

Recent innovations in the manufacturing of Trex have made them look and feel more like real wood decking boards.

Workability – How Does Trex Work

The workability of Trex is like wood, but with advantages to the user. It comes with grooves for a screw-free installation.

You’ll need a Trex blade for your miter saw that will come in handy when doing a decking remodel.

A blade made for composite decking will make good clean cuts that are smooth without splintering or melting.

Trex is virtually maintenance-free and lasts longer than wood. It won’t split, warp, rot, or splinter once it is installed. You can clean it easily with soap and water.

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Is Trex Slippery?

Trex is made with a rubbery surface to reduce slipping when wet. This material increases resistance to gouges and scrapes and reduces the chance of moisture penetrating the board.

Weight Average – How Much Does Trex Weigh

Trex is one of the leading brands in the market for making wooden fiber composite decking. Trex weight varies from 60 – 70 pounds per cubic foot.

Trex 12-foot long decking board can weigh around 27 – 28 pounds. This 12-foot longboard is 5/4 by 6 in size.

Different size and density of the board can vary the weight, and they have different purpose of use.

Trex offers a wide variety of colors and textures in composite decking for you to choose from. These will suit many home designs and match the appeal of your outdoor theme.

Benefits of Trex Composite Decking

Among the many benefits of Trex is their industry-leading 25-year warranty. It requires that it is installed according to the manufacturer’s directions. There are more benefits of using Trex composite decking.

1. Low Maintenance

The first benefit is that Trex decking is virtually maintenance-free when compared to wood.

Wood decking requires more maintenance from reapplying sealants and cleaning. But Trex is treated with anti-rot and other benefits of decking that makes it easy to maintain.

2. Durable and Insect Free

The Trex materials like wood fibers and plastic make that more durable in every weather. Wood floors get rotten if the water stays on them for a long time.

But a composite decking will not rot and also it is damp and insect-free, where wet woods catch insects.

3. Crack and Splinter-free

Wood gets cracked in direct sunlight or causes flakes to appear. Those splinter gets in the skin and creates pain. But Trex decking materials do not get cracked.

As they are not made of only wood, they do not have splinters or flakes on them. Which means they are skin-friendly, too.

4. Stain and Fade Resistant

Composite decking like Trex is treated with a protective shell that leaves it stain-resistant and fade-free. That means you will not have to paint it frequently to make it look new.

Where wood requires regular maintenance like painting regularly, and it gets stained very quickly. This can increase the cost of maintenance.

5. Water-Resistant

Composite decking is water-resistant in comparison with wood. So, you can use Trex on the sides of your pool or near water sources.

Because of the engineering composite fibers, it resists mold and resistant to water seeping into it.

6. Longevity

Trex is a long-lasting decking material. Once you installed them correctly, you will not have to do much for maintenance.

The lifetime is about 15-30 years on average. But if you take care of it and the weather allows, it can last longer than the average time.

7. Value Cost

Composite decking like Trex requires an upfront cost. When you calculate the maintenance cost and the years it can serve you, the amount will seem like a value to you.

For comparison, wood tends to cost more with a shorter lifespan and requires more maintenance. Wood requires gallons of sealant and stain, which adds to the upfront and maintenance cost.


These benefits can get you thinking about getting a Trex composite decking while building a deck for your home.

Composite decking promotes a lower usage of wood in building areas. As well, recycling plastic waste helps to save nature and maintain the ecosystem.

Feel free to share your questions about composite decking and Trex in the comments section.

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