How Much Does A Covered Patio Cost – 6 Types and DIY Cost

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Your patio is an outdoor oasis where you can create memories with family and friends. Making upgrades to your patio design makes it a more welcoming spot to hang out.

how much does a covered patio cost

Installing a patio cover helps you elevate your comfort and protect your patio hangouts from the elements. A covered patio will give you more space to enjoy the backyard without direct sunlight and even have a barbeque in the rain!

How much a covered patio costs depends on the design and material you choose to install or build the covered patio for your house.

Installing a covered patio for your house requires some important decision-making because there are many choices.

First, you need to measure the size of the patio cover that you want. Determine how big you need it because you don’t always want to cover your entire patio.

Read on to know more about the different types of covered patios you have and their costs.

How Much Does a Covered Patio Cost

There are different designs and options available or your covered patio. Options range from shade sails at around $50 and gazebos from $150, to hardtop patio covers that start from $1500. That means there are options for a covered patio that will fit every budget. The patio size also determines how much it will cost, as well as the design and material.

Find out the 2 cheapest patio covers and the 7 different types of covers for your patio.

What are the cheapest ways to cover a patio?

These inexpensive ways to cover a patio are not only affordable, but they will get you set up fast with great shade.

1. An outdoor shade sail

You can use shade sails in many spots, like over the patio, the backyard, the pool, or carport.
The canopy is quick to set up. Although you might need to get creative as to where you will attach the canopy.
The price point just right if you’re looking to start at around $30 for the small size shade sails. For under $100, you can get a cover for fairly large patios.

2. A cantilever patio umbrella

You may reminisce about a vacation resort with this patio umbrella look, and that isn’t a bad thing!
Cantilever patio umbrellas are stylish. It may suit your purpose if you need shade for a patio set and not your entire patio.
You can add more shade with more umbrellas, although the costs would add up.

So instead of spending days or weeks setting up a shade for a large project that is time and budget-consuming, consider these inexpensive patio covers.

Covered Patio Cost – 6 Types and DIY Cost

1. Patio Covers

For those of us living in harsh weather with heavy snow and high winds, or want a more permanent structure, use a patio cover.

Patio covers start from $1500 at a 10′ x 10′ size, and upwards as they get larger.

Olympia Patio Cover

They are often made of galvanized steel and multilayer polycarbonate, making them virtually unbreakable.

They come with easy DIY assembly with pre-drilled holes, sliding panel installation, and all screws included.

2. Pergola

Another option for covering your patio is pergolas! The trellis design is more open for an elegant look by a garden, pool, or over a hot tub.

The cost of aluminum pergolas starts from around $350 and goes up according to the size of the patio coverage.

Aluminum Retractable Pergola

Pergolas are also made of vinyl, which cost more at $1400 and beyond. Their benefit is that it won’t rot, crack, warp, or turn yellow for 20 years.
Attached Vinyl Pergola

3. Sun Shade Sail Canopy

Perfect as a patio cover for shade and rain, appealing to minimalists, and easy to set up, sunshade sails cost under $50.

You will need to consider where you are attaching them and need to add posts that will be a separate cost.

Sun Shade Sail Canopy

4. Outdoor Gazebo

Gazebos are iconic for outdoor relaxing spaces and entertaining guests. It offers a hangout space from day to night because of the netting enclosure, options to hang lights, and additional shade or privacy.

Gazebos are often made of fabric and steel and come in as many sizes according to your area needs. The prices vary between size and sturdiness, from around $150 to upwards of $2000.
Gazebo with Canopy

Aside from the size requirements, look for features that are waterproof and UV protection to survive years of outdoor entertainment.

As well, features like zippered attachments for privacy, shade, and mosquito netting to create your versatile outdoor hangout.

For zones with freezing winters, you’ll have to take the canopy off to prepare for the winter. You won’t have to stop enjoying the gazebo experience because there are winter outdoor gazebos, too.

Outdoor Winter Gazebo

5. Hard Top Gazebo

Another style of the gazebo is made of cedar frame and steel which comes in from $1000 upwards. It will expand your outdoor living space for all four seasons.
Hard Top Gazebo

Hardtop gazebos come ready-to-assemble and are perfect for people who love the wood look and rooftop design. You can suspend dining lighting like a chandelier in the ceiling hook.

6. Awnings

You can beautify your outdoors with a shaded area by attaching an awning.
Depending on the size, awnings start from $100, with many around $200.

A large fully assembled awning costs $450 to cover a patio.
Patio Awning, Retractable Commercial Grade

The benefit of canopy awnings is that they’re retractable, kind of like a convertible for your patio.

Another type of awning is polycarbonate, which offers a sturdy cover from the rain.
Polycarbonate Awning Patio Cover

Are you planning to build your own patio cover? Read on for the types of materials and costs.

7. How Much Does A Covered Patio Cost with DIY Materials

Find out what kinds of materials are commonly used to build covered patios and how much they cost.

Type 1: Stainless steel sheet

Stainless steel sheets are a convenient type of material.

The major factor that you need to check before buying is whether it has a zinc coating.

If there is no coating on the steel, then it might get rust on it. You will then need to spend money to fix them.

The average price of the stainless steel sheets is around 15 to 18 dollars per square foot in the market.

The price will vary according to where you are located.

Type 2: Copper sheet

Copper sheets are good to make the patio covers because they don’t rust.

However, copper sheets are high in price. They cost around 21 to 25 dollars per square foot.

If you are planning to make a strong patio cover, then you can choose the copper sheets.

Type 3: Aluminum sheet

Aluminum sheets are low priced with great performance. That’s why they tend to be a popular choice in making patio roofs.

They require low maintenance and also cost relatively little to fix. The average cost of the aluminum sheets in the market is around 11 dollars per square foot. That can be a pretty good deal.


Type 4: Fiberglass sheet

Fiberglass sheets are a value for smaller budgets but can be fragile.

The cost of the fiberglass sheets is around 2 to 5 dollars per square foot.

Type 5: Solar panels

Solar panels will not only make you a patio but will also generate electricity.

Harvest the power of the sun and cut off a good chunk of your electricity bill, while you chill in the shade.

On the other hand, solar panels cost relatively high. The price of the panel sheets and the installation varies from place to place.

Visit your local solar panel installation center for a quote, since it’s likely you will need them to do the installation.

Type 6: Wood lattice

A wood lattice patio cover gives a unique look for a wood textured house.

The average cost of wood lattice is around 30 dollars per square foot. As usual, it varies according to your location.

It will also have maintenance costs for sealant and to prevent wood rot, splintering, and flaking.

You can also choose the wood patterned aluminum sheets to create the same look with lower costs. Its price is around 15 dollars per square foot.


How much a covered patio costs depends on what method you choose to cover your patio.

There are many premade options you can buy and install, like awnings. As well, patio covers can come with easy DIY assembly.

Other considerations for your outdoor oasis are gazebos and pergolas. For minimalists, simple sun sails for shade and rain are best.

There’s a patio cover that is perfect for any budget! You do have to choose the size and material.

The price range depends mostly on the size with larger coverage means a higher price.

Remember, if you can’t decide or want a quick way to get some coverage on your patio, consider a patio umbrella.

Lighted Patio Umbrella, Solar Powered w/ Tilt

Patio umbrellas come in many sizes and you can still hang mosquito netting and string lights for added features and personality.

Some patio umbrellas tilt to give you the best shade and breeze. As a bonus, it can move with you in the yard area or when you move to a new home.

Cantilever Patio Umbrella


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