How Much Does A Covered Patio Cost

Your house is your world, where you live in with your family and spend a huge time of your life.

The place bears the memories of your sorrows and happy moments. And that is why you want to make the house more comfortable for living in.

Installing a patio helps you to increase your comfort and make your house look lavish.

But how much does a covered patio cost depends on the material you choose from to build the covered patio for your house.

how much does a covered patio cost

The covered patio is the extended part of the roof that makes your house look beautiful and allows you to sit along the side to refresh your mind.

This place also gives you the scope to play with your kids outside your house in different weathers.

But making the covered patio for your house needs to have some important decision making.

The cost of the making of the patio depends on the materials and the type of the patio you want for your home. The house size also determines how much it will cost.

The cost is basically measured in square feet. So, first, all you need to know is the size of the patio you want.

That should determine a lot of the costing. But the materials of the patio will be still a major variable in the cost determination.

Read the below section to know more about the cost of different materials and the variables of the patio to help you build one.

How Much Does a Covered Patio Cost: Cost According to Different Variables

There are different materials available in the market to build your covered patio. And that affects most of the costing of the patio.

The size also affects the count but the major fact is the material you use.

So, it is recommended to know the details of the material of the patio to make one for your house.

Type 1: Stainless steel sheet

The stainless steel sheets are a very convenient type of material to choose from.

But the major fact that you need to check before buying any from the market is if it has any zinc coating or not.

If there is no coating on the steel, then it might catch rust on it. And you will need to spend more money to fix them.

The average price of the stainless steel sheets is around 15 to 18 dollars per square foot in the current market.

But the price may vary according to the place you are living in.

Type 2: Copper sheet

The copper sheets are very good to make the roof with. They do not get rust on it. So, it does not require any fixing costs in the future.

But the copper sheets are high in price. They come around in 21 to 25 dollars per square foot.

If you are planning to make your patio the strongest, then you can choose the copper sheets blindly.

Type 3: Aluminum sheet

Aluminum sheets come at a low price with great performance. That is why they are so famous in terms of making patio roofs for your house.

They need a low maintenance cost and also cost cheap to fix them. The average cost of the aluminum sheets in the market is around 11 dollars per square foot.

Which is a great deal for you to make patio roofing.

Type 4: Fiberglass sheet

Fiberglass sheets are very cheap. But they are fragile to heat and hit. If anything big or heavy falls on it, then it will break in no time.

Though they give a glass feel to the house. But it is not recommended to make the covered patio for your house as it will need a lot of repairing work to maintain it.

The cost of the fiberglass sheets is around 2 to 5 dollars per square foot.

But, if you are planning to keep it to the cheapest, then you can easily choose the fiberglass sheets to make the patio of your house.

Type 5: Solar panel sheet

Solar panel sheets will not only make you a patio but also will produce electricity for you.

This means you can cut off a huge amount from the electricity bill after you install one. But the installation of the solar panel itself costs a lot.

The price of the panel sheets and the installation varies from place to place.

For the price range to install can be calculated from the nearest solar panel installation center.

You can go and ask them if they can install one as your patio and how much cost it will have. But to have an idea of the costing, it would need to pay around 4 dollars per square foot.

But the installing charge and other expenses will cost a lot for you.

Type 6: Wood lattice

The wood lattice patio gives a very different look to the house. It is recommended to use the wood lattice for the patio making if you have a wood textured house.

This will complement your house look and make it look smart. The average cost of the wood lattice for the patio making is around dollar 30 per square foot.

It is a bit high in price and will cost you a huge maintenance cost for you.

So, you can choose the wood patterned aluminum sheets to create the same look and cost low. Its price is around 15 dollars per square feet.

The price range given for the patio materials is what creates the major change in the cost. But it is not a fixed amount to consider from.

It is better to go to your nearby stores to know the actual amount as it can vary from place to place.

But these are given to provide you the idea of the materials to choose the best one from them according to your budget and need.

Many of us can consider installing a patio umbrella as it cost less. But if you are going for a covered patio, it is an excellent choice too.

So, choose the perfect one for you and make your house look fabulous with a covered patio installed.


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