How Many Square Feet in a Square of Siding

Covering your house walls with sidings are a common practice. But measuring the size and requirements of the sidings is a bit difficult

Because the sidings come in a fixed ratio. Where you need to calculate the whole requirement by calculating the ratios.

And to calculate that properly, you need to know how many square feet in a square of siding. Different siding comes in different shapes and shades.

And by analyzing those things, you need to determine the actual need for the sidings of your home.

how many square feet in a square of siding

How Many Square Feet in a Square of Siding

There are different materials in the making of sidings. And those different materials sidings come in different sizes and shapes.

Some siding comes in squares, and some come in a rectangular shape. But the most used sidings are the vinyl siding.

They come in a square shape. And the most common measures of the sidings are counted in the squares.

Vinyl sidings are popular because of their looks and their longevity. There are around 100 square feet in a square of the siding of the vinyl siding.

And in a box of vinyl siding, you can get 200 square feet of siding to work with.

Once you have bought a box of vinyl siding, then you can cover up the area of 200 square feet if you use it wisely.

Besides the size of the square of the siding, there are more that you need to know before you choose a siding to use in your house.

Read the below section to find more about sidings.

How Long is Vinyl Siding

The vinyl siding can come into two lengths. The standard length of the vinyl siding is about 12 feet.

But if you need an extra length to work with, then you can go for the sidings that length up to 17 to 25 feet.

You can easily find the standard size vinyl sidings in the hardware stores. But if you need the extra-large ones, then you need to order that beforehand.

This way, you can get the larger ones. And in the larger siding cases, the square foot ratio will change according to the size you are ordering for yourself.

How to Measure Vinyl Siding Width

The measurement of the vinyl sidings width can be measured in meters or feet. Usually, the width is around 1 foot per board.

But you can take a measurement tape to calculate the width of the vinyl siding.

This will help you to understand the actual reading of the width, and you can work easily to match the parts in the making of your house.

How Much Does a Square of Siding Cost

A square siding costs around 0.90 dollars to 2.50 dollars per square foot.

In that case, the total square feet needs to be multiplied by the amount of per square foot cost to determine the actual cost of the siding.

The price can change according to the length, size, shade, and material based.

But as the sidings are cheaper than cement and concrete, the sidings are being popular among the people.

How Much Does a Box of Vinyl Siding Weigh

The standard size of the vinyl siding box weighs around 75 pounds. But the amount may vary according to the size and measure fractions.

The more big vinyl sidings you are choosing, the heavier the box gets. Which means the weigh totally depends on the size of the panels.

Whatever type of siding you are using to cover your house walls, just make sure that you measure the accurate size you need.

Otherwise, you have to face problems dealing with the cuts of the sidings and the placement of it.


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