How Many Coats Of Polyurethane On Table

Buying kitchen tables may always not meet your kitchen requirements. In these cases, you have to build a kitchen table for your own.

And you want your table to be tough enough to handle all the kitchen activities. But making your own table may exclude the professional coating on the table.

Which may lead you to have weak tables for your kitchen. In that case, polyurethane is a perfect choice, and it is easy to get.

But the question of how many coats of polyurethane on table are needed can pop up in your mind right away.

how many coats of polyurethane on table

How Many Coats Of Polyurethane On Table

Polyurethane makes the table strong enough to hold up all the kitchen chores. They come up in two forms of the water-base and the oil-base.

You can use both of them to finish up your table furnishing. Both the base uses the same amount of polyurethane.

And the number of coating that is needed for the table to be tough enough is very small.

It needs only three coats of the polyurethane on the table to finish up the table furnishing.

But it has to be done in the proper way to have the perfect looking kitchen table.

In the below section, you will find out two different methods to coat your table with polyurethane.

Best Way to Coat a Table with Polyurethane: 2 Different Methods

The primary requirement of both the methods to coat the table with polyurethane is that you need to first make the table smooth with the help of using a sandpaper.

The sandpaper helps to make the surface smooth and even for the coating to be applied.

Besides, it also helps to remove the dirt or excessive putting on the table. And after you have sanded the table, now you are ready to apply the polyurethane coat.

The polyurethane coat requires at least three coats to give the table a perfect finish. But you can put more layers to make the table look glossy and shiny.

Make sure that you give time to each coat to be dried up properly.

Method 1: Spray coat finish

Spray coating gives the table a more furnished look. The spray helps to spread the polyurethane coat evenly.

Make sure that you spray on the table in the same direction. Leave each layer to dry for around 2 to 3 hours and sand them well.

After giving the final coat, let the coat dry for at least 24 hours to attain the smooth texture.

If you have any type of breathing problem, then it is recommended that you do not use the spray technique to coat your table-top.

The spray can cause you uneasiness in breathing.

Method 2: Brush coat finish

Brush coat finish of the polyurethane can be a bit difficult. Because you need to make the mixture of the coat and also brush it evenly on the table.

But if you are sure enough to pull that up, you can use this method too. Just prepare your polyurethane coat mixture and brush it on the table with it.

Leave each coat for drying up for minimum 2 hours. Sand the layers after drying up. Give the final coat and let it rest for more than 24 hours to dry.

And it will give you the perfect finish that you wanted.

Both methods can help you to get the perfect smooth polyurethane coat on your table. They are easy to execute and also fun.

To know more about the polyurethane coat and its working pattern read the below section to get yourself ready to do the job.

How to Thin Water Based Polyurethane

Sometimes we end up having a heavy water-based polyurethane.

If the polyurethane thickness up then the coat will not be as smooth as the coat should be. And it will not have the shine on it.

So, you need to thin that up to use again for the coating. In that case, you can add some water to the polyurethane coating mixture to thin the solution.

Just keep in mind that you should not add a lot of water in it.

Otherwise, it will be too runny to handle. If so, you have to put a lot of coats to achieve the perfect shiny layer.

How Long Should I Wait Between Coats of Polyurethane

You have to wait between the coats of the polyurethane. Each coat needs a little time to dry up.

So, it is better to leave each coat for around 2 to 3 hours to dry up properly.

If you do not give that pause, then you might end up having a gloomy-looking coat and have bubbles in it.

Make sure that you leave the final coat to rest at least 24 hours to dry up before using the table.

Otherwise, the shine will not be there on the table that you wanted.

Do You Sand the Final Coat of Polyurethane

Sanding each coat of the polyurethane on the table is important to give the table a smooth finish.

You should always sand each part of the coat to make the layers even and smooth. But you should not sand the final coat of the polyurethane.

Sanding the final coat will leave you to have a dull and rusty looking coat on the table.

But, if you desire to have a matt looking coat, then you might try to sand a little bit to obtain the perfect matt look.

How Do You Smooth the Final Coat of Polyurethane

Having the smooth final coat of the polyurethane is not difficult. You need to maintain the perfect steps to do the coat.

Make sure that you sand after each layer of the polyurethane coat. This will help you to gain a smooth texture on the coating.

And lastly, you have to leave the final coat to dry up in a space where there is no dust. Because dust can damage the smooth coat.

Letting the final coat dry for 24 hours can assure you to have a smooth polyurethane finishing.

Whatever method you use or whatever base you choose, try to make sure that you are giving the coats enough time to rest to produce the perfect shine on it.


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