How Long Does Wisteria Bloom

Wisteria is a flowering tree that produces beautiful flowers containing the shade of blue, purple, pink or white.

Which creates a beautiful and mesmerizing scenario to look at. The flower is usually 12 to 14 inches in size and blooms in a cluster of a vine.

But how long does wisteria bloom?

The time period of the wisteria blooming is concise, but the velvety seed pods and it corky barks keep it beautiful among the eyes of the beauty lovers throughout the whole year.

How Long Does Wisteria Bloom

The lifetime of the wisteria tree is around 40 to 50 years on average.

This means if you saw a seed of the wisteria once, you can enjoy the beauty of the flowers for approximately 30 to 40 years.

And if you are lucky enough, then the duration might extend more.

How Long Does Wisteria Bloom

Blooming period

The blooming period of the wisteria is about three to four weeks. They bloom in the season of early to mid-spring.

The Japanese wisteria lasts more than the Chinese one as they lack the full bloom beauty than the Chinese ones.

Types of wisteria

There are different types of wisteria, according to their birthplace and hybrid nature.

The types differ from each other in the sense of beauty, colors, and blooming time frame. The types are known as the:

  1. Chinese wisteria
  2. Hardier Japanese wisteria
  3. x. Formosa (It is a hybrid of the Japanese and Chinese wisteria)

Every one of them is as beautiful as they could be.

Blooming time period

The different types of wisteria blooms in different timings and in different outlooks. The Chinese wisteria blooms in the early spring when the leaves have not emerged yet.

Where the Japanese wisteria blooms in the late spring before the leaves of the tree appears.

The hybrid one means the W.x Formosa blooms in the late spring combining the flower pattern of the Chinese wisteria.

Blooming challenges

Besides the short duration of the flower blooming another challenge of the wisteria is that it take a minimum duration of 5 to 10 years for the tree to bloom flowers.

A well-rounded wisteria requires to have a time period of 10 years to bloom its beauty.

And if you have sowed the seed and grown the plant from it, then it might take more 5 to 8 years to bloom.

Extreme cold weather makes the flower buds to die. This means, if there is cold outside, then you might not see the tree bloom for that year.

Besides, the tree’s root building may stop the tree from blooming the flowers for one to two years.

Which means, it is not always confirmed that the tree would bloom once every year.

Challenges solution

The solution to the challenges of the blooming is to take proper care of the plant from the very beginning.

You need to plant the tree where enough sunlight reaches in every season. Besides, fertilize the tree every year to let the tree be healthy.

You might need to dig a circle around the tree to focus on the blooming, not the root development.

In this way, you can drive your wisteria to concentrate on blooming in the spring season.

Besides, taking proper care will increase the beauty of the tree as well for the rest of the year.

Taking the best care of your beautiful wisteria will give you the beauty that you always wanted to see.

But there are some other things that you need to know to take a good care of your wisteria tree to bloom for a longer time. Read the below section to find those out.

How to Prune Overgrown Wisteria

An overgrown wisteria might give you the best look and may not produces enough flowers in the season.

So you need to prune your tree to bring it back to life. You might need to cut the back suckers grown from the plant.

This will help the tree to concentrate on the blooming.

Besides, creating a circle dig around the tree in the fall will make the tree to focus on the flowering rather than the root development in the springtime.

You can also cut the top of the tree to keep it in shape and small. This step will also help the tree to look well maintained.

Remove extra branches to make the tree look neat and tidy. And it will enhance the blooming capacity of the tree.

How Many Times a Year Does a Wisteria Bloom

The wisteria blooms once a per year. But it might depend on the temperature outside and the root development of the tree.

Besides, the tree will not bloom from the very first year of its life. Instead, it would take for around 5 to 10 years to produce its beautiful flowers.

The flower blooms in the early spring to the last of it, according to the type of the wisteria plant you have.

How Long Does it Take for Wisteria to Bloom

Usually, the wisteria takes around 5 to 10 years to bloom its beautiful flowers.

But if you have grown the plant from seeds, then you might need to wait for more 5 to 8 years to the tree to bloom to its fullest.

And if the tree does not get proper care, then it might not bloom ever at all. So, maintaining the care of the tree is essential to enjoy the beautiful flowers blooming.

Proper planting and pruning can accelerate the blooming of the tree. So, make sure that you prune the tree at the right time and in the right manner.

Wisteria is a vigorous flower that soothes the eyes of the viewers.

But as it produces flowers for only a short period of time, it is not seen as frequently as we see other trees.

But the beauty of the wisteria can not be compared with any other tree or flowers. Mother nature has blessed us with such beauty to enjoy.

Taking a good care of it will help to keep the trees alive and blooming every year.


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