How Long Does PVC Cement Take to Dry – In Depth Guide

PVC cement is more like a liquid in texture, which is used to assemble pipes.

The liquid solvent is more likely to soften the plastic first and then evaporates to harden up the pipe joints. But how long does PVC cement take to dry?

The answer depends on the pipes that you have assembled with, or you want to. Usually, the time is specified on the glue can you have bought.

The cement usually dries up within 2 hours on average. But the time may vary due to some factors like:

  1. If you have larger diameter pipes
  2. Temperature
  3. Water flow

These three factors can influence the time for the cement to dry up.

How Long Does PVC Cement Take to Dry

How Long Does PVC Cement Take to Dry – Factors That Make the Difference

Particles of PVC Cement

Other glues have bonding agents in them, which needs to dry up before using.

And many of them cause severe fails due to their slow bonding where PVC glue consists of a solvent that dissolves the plastic of the pipe and then creates the bond between the pipes.

This way, the PVC cement creates a stronger bond than any other bonding glue or adhesive.

Primers for PVC Glue

Many of the PVC cement requires some primers. The primers help to set the PVC glue to the surface evenly, whereas many PVC glues are all in one.

That kind of adhesives does not need any primer to work with. To find out the type of glue you are buying, follow the label of the can.


To apply the PVC glue, there is some step by step process to maintain.

  • Clean the pipes you want to join.
  • Mix the glue in the can properly.
  • Stick the cement on both parts you would like a bond.
  • Join the parts before the solvent evaporates. The solution starts to dry very fast. So, you need to do your job within 15-20 second after applying it to your pipes.
  • Hold the pipes together for around 30 to 60 seconds. Hold them right, or otherwise; the join can be misplaced, or it can fall off.
  • Now let the pipes rest for around 2 hours to dry up properly. Though, the process can be done faster if the tube is small in diameter or it is hot outside.

But, the three factors that can affect the bondage or slower the procedure can create a significant issue for the cement.

So, it is essential to know the time of drying up of the adhesive in different situations.

Water Flow

If you are using the cement to join your kitchen pipes, it is always recommended to leave the kitchen for more than 2 hours.

Which means, you can not use any water while you are joining the pipes. Just leave the kitchen dry for a few hours and your pipes will be as good as new.

Remember, water breaks the bondage of the cement, so never use water just right after you glued your pipes.

The Diameter of the Pipe and Temperature:

The temperature can mostly affect the dry uptime of the cement.

And it is also different in a set time and cure time according to the temperature and the diameter of the pipe you have.

Maintaining time can give you perfect pipe bondage.

Cement set time (Diameter and Temperature)
Pipe Diameter 20-40 F 40-60 F 60-100 F
0.5 – 1.25 inch 8 – 10 mins 5 – 6 mins 2 – 3 mins
1.5 – 3 inch 12 – 15 mins 10 – 12 mins 5 – 6 mins
4 – 5 inch 1 – 1.5 hours 30 – 40 mins 15 – 20 mins
6 – 8 inch 3 – 4hours  1.5 – 2 hours 30 – 40 mins
10 – 16 inch 12 – 13 hours 8 – 9 hours 2 – 3 hours
18 – 25 inch 1 day 16 – 17 hours 4 – 5 hours
Cement cure time (Diameter and Temperature)
Pipe Diameter 20-40 F 40-60 F 60-100 F
0.5 – 1.25 inch 6 – 7 hours 2 – 3 hours 1 – 2 hour
1.5 – 3 inch 12 – 13 hours 4 – 5 hours 2 – 3 hours
4 – 5 inch 36 – 38 hours 12 – 14 hours 6 – 7 hours
6 – 8 inch 3 days  16 – 18 hours 8 – 9 hours
10 – 16 inch 8  days 2 days 24 – 26 hours
18 – 25 inch 12 days 3 – 4 days 36 -38 hours

Which means cold weather can cause a slow process of the bondage. So it is recommended to keep the place warm while you work.

But keeping the temperature in mind, there are some instructions to follow according to cold and warm weather.

Warm Temperature

  1. Place the cement in a cool area: Keeping the glue in a cool area can help you to use the glue for a long time without drying up fast.
  2. Keep the lid off: While you are working and not using the glue, it is recommended to keep the cover of the can off. Otherwise, the adhesive can dry up and create a stringy texture, which will end up in lousy bondage.
  3. Use the glue in the cooler time of the day: Using the adhesive in a cooler time can give you ease to work.
  4. Cool the pipes before working: While you are using the glue to connect pipes, make sure that your pipes are cold. Otherwise, it will dry up as soon as you stick that on the tube.
  5. Wipe off excessive glue: The extra glue can cause false connections if mishandled.

Cool Temperature

  1. Use the glue indoors: In cold weather, the room temperature stays slight warm. This will give you fast bonding.
  2. Remove water and snow: If you are working outside, make sure that you clean the area and move away from all the wet elements.
  3. Use extra glue: While you are working in the cold weather, use an extra layer of the solvent to make sure your bond is strong.
  4. Increase the set and cure time: Cold weather needs extra time to join the pipes. So give enough time to work for the solvent.

With this keeping in mind, you can easily connect the pipes and make your life hasslefree.


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