How Long Does It Take For Roses To Grow

Roses have a different type of appeal to the person’s mind it has or whoever sees it.

It is one type of flower that is common all over the world and celebrated with the most. You can not find a single person who does not love roses or admires them.

There are different types of roses around. But how long does it take for roses to grow depends on the place and area it is in.

The types also determine the growth rate or the bloom rate of the rose.

how long does it take for roses to grow

How Long Does It Take For Roses To Grow

Roses come in different colors and shapes and also sizes. And these difference bears the significance of its use in different occasions and time.

They are mostly differing in the growing time. Mostly the roses start blooming after six to eight weeks of the planting.

But the time varies from the different types of the roses you have around. And the climate also enhances the growth duration of the roses.

There are some things to know about to learn about the growth rate of the roses. Check out the below section to learn about them.

Planting Time

Mostly roses are planted in the early spring around the world. But according to different regions, the planting time may vary to the late of the fall.

And by the time, the roses get ready for their first bloom in the next season upcoming. But the bloom rate can be pretty low in the first season.

You can enjoy its full bloom from the second season of it.

Planting Process

The planting of the right type of rose plant according to your climate also creates a difference in the growth rate of the rose.

The rose plant can be picked up from the farm or the nearby garden you have.

But whatever plant you choose, make sure that you dig 18 inches cone-shaped hole in the soil to plant the tree.

If you are planning to plant a rose tree in the pot, then you need to cut down the weak rose branches to make sure that you have a healthy plant.

Keep your pot plant in the sunlight and water it daily to increase the growth rate of the plant.

The Growth Rate Of The Roses According To The Types

There are many types of roses around the world. The different types also define the growth rate of the plant too.

So, knowing the rate of having a healthy rose plant is important. Follow the below to find those out.

1. Long steam roses

These are the most common type of roses that we see around. They are mostly sold by flower shops. Hybrid teas are one of the common ones.

They grow up to 5 feet long. And it gives a three-time bloom per year. The tree starts to bloom roses right after 6 weeks of planting.

2. Climbing roses

The tree can be directed to grow in a specific line. They grow up to 20 feet long and wide.

They do not produce flowers until the second year of their planting. But from that time of the planting, they can produce flowers every other season.

3. Floribundas

These are easy to grow and come in short steam. They bloom from June to early winter. Which means they bloom once in a year.

They become two to four tall in size.

4. Shrub roses

Shrub roses bloom in a huge number around the blooming season. And they bloom every other season.

As they are high in productivity, the steams need to prune regularly to make the plant healthy and bloom longer.

They can adjust the winter season and gives bloom around that time too. The plant grows up to five feet tall in size.

5. Mini roses

Mini roses come in different colors and grows around 14 inches in size. They can produce flowers throughout the year from the eight weeks of planting.

That is why it is very popular in the flower shops and mostly gets to be seen in the gardens or the parks.

The types and the climate around the plant mostly control the growth and bloom rate.

So, if you are trying to grow more flowers, then it is advised to get the right type of rose plant to sow in your garden.

This way, you can enjoy the beauty of it to the fullest. And to know more about the rose plants, check out the below section.

How Can I Make My Roses Grow Faster?

Growing roses faster may not sound logical, but yes, you can accelerate the growth.

With proper care and plantation, you can easily grow your roses faster than ever. For that, the most important thing is to give it proper sunlight.

Six hours of direct sunlight on a regular basis can accelerate the growth rate of your rose plant.

Besides, regular watering, fertilization, and pruning can help you to increase the rate and decrease the time of the rose blooming.

How Long Do Bare Root Roses Take To Grow?

The bare root roses take around 8 to 12 weeks on average if it gets the right amount of care and sunlight.

But make sure that you water the plants properly and also keep it in the sunlight for it to produce food and grow faster.

But the bare root roses takes extra care to be well planted and to be healthy. Otherwise, they can be dead in no time.

What Month Is Best To Plant Roses?

The best time to plant your rose plant is in the early spring. The month is around February to march.

At this time, there is enough sunlight, and the temperature is good for the tree. So, the plant growth can be accelerated if you plant your tree in the early spring.

The roses can make anyone have a smile on their faces.

So, it is better to know about the roses and the plants at the first hand to ensure the better growth of the plant and give bloom to you at the right time.


  1. Mini Roses are commonly referred to as “Spray Roses” in a Florist. One stem with 5, 6 or more buds per stem. They are super popular and give a great bang for the buck in flower arrangements.


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