How Does a Pressure Switch Work – Complete Guide to Pressure Switch

The pressure switch is a switch that controls the connectivity of electric force based on liquid pressure. So to know how does a pressure switch work.

First, you need to know what it is and what are the kinds of a pressure switch.

In our home, the water level of the tank is controlled manually. We determine the time of the tub getting full when we see water overflowing outside the tank.

This way, we waste a lot of water every year But our natural drinking water resource is very limited.

And to solve this problem of water wastage from tanks, the pressure switch is being used.

how does a pressure switch work

What is a Pressure Switch

A pressure switch is an acting switch that works like a door between the liquid flow medium.

The door opens when the tank is empty or below the maximum limit of the fluid capacity. And it automatically closes when the liquid pressure reaches the limit.

The construction of the switch has a capsule, bellow, bourdon tube and a piston that distributes the pressure proportionately to the full space to calculate the applied pressure.

Types of a Pressure Switch

Where a pressure switch controls the fluid pressure, there, it has many different types according to its use and placement.

The switch has to work fast to give the reading correctly, as the pressure might increase very slowly.

So, to ensure fast reading, the over-center mechanism is being used. It is also called miniature snap-action switch to give a quick reading and fast action.

The switch is adjustable. You just need to move the adjusting tension according to your balance need. The switch gives reading in amperes.

Sensitive switches can give a smaller reading, as they are designed to give sensitive ratings.

There are two types of pressure switches that are being widely used. Those are:

  • Pneumatic
  • Hydraulic

Usage of Pressure Switch – How Does a Pressure Switch Work

There is some usage method of pressure switches. We need to strictly follow those methods.

And the types of pressure switch determines the usage method of the switch.

  1. Pneumatic: Pneumatic pressure switches work as an air compressor. It deals with clean and pure gas. This type of pressure switch controls the gas medium and restricts the wastage of that.
  2. Hydraulic: Hydraulic pressure switch deals with fluid pressure intensity. Which includes water pumps liquid pressure. Hydraulic switches are being used in various automobile technology plants or areas.

These switches open and closes the gate for the fluid medium to pass through and control the fluid pressure in the tank.

The pressure switch in residential areas is mostly fixed to 50 to 30 pounds per square inch.

Where reaching 50 pounds, stops the fluid flow by the switch and 30 pounds milestone indicates the pressure switch to turn on the fluid flow to fill up the container.

For this, the switch automatically turns the well on to get more water flow into it. The door opens and closes by the pressure of the fluid that runs through it.

Pressure switches are fully automated. As a result, you do not need to do any extra work to turn on the water pump or air compressor.

Rather you can leave the full job to the pressure switch, by installing it to your water pump. This is how pressure switch works.

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How to Install a Pressure Switch

The installation of a pressure switch is very easy. All you need to know the step by step process of installing it.

Pick the right type of pressure switch

There are different types of pressure switches in the market.

As they all do not serve to only one purpose, so you need to determine what kind of pressure switch you want and what you need.

How to Install a Pressure Switch

Wire the pressure switch with pump control box

Here, all you need is to open up your pressure switch and wire it with your pump control box. Wire it accurately and follow the instructions of the box.

Ground to GDN stud

You need to ground it to one of the GDN studs in the control box. You can also call a plumber to install the pressure gauge, as the next step of wiring needs some extra attention.

Ground to the fuse box

The pressure gauge can also be grounded to the fuse box ground bar. Usually, the fuse box is difficult to handle.

For that, you can go along the instructions given on the manual provided with the box to avoid any accidents.

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Benefits of Using a Pressure Switch

As the pressure switch or gauge works like an electric circuit to control the fluid flow, it surely bears some benefits that make it a desired tool for all.

Automated Process

The pressure gauge is a fully automatic system. Which means, it needs no extra care to look after it and you can simply give the job to your pressure gauge and rest.


The tool uses the over-center mechanism. This makes the tool self-oriented and mechanical controlled.

Meaning, it can calculate the capacity along with the pressure and work accurately by its own.

Lessens Work

The machine is an all in one pack.

This reduces the work and attention time to full a water tank. Now all you can do is, leave it on to the pressure switch and do your ideal job.


As the tool reduces the wastage of water, oil, or gas, it means it is environment-friendly.

It helps to reserve more of our natural resources while using them at the right amount we need.


The tool is cost-effective in the sense that it helps to reduce the cost of the elements in use. This also includes the expense of the product.

But once you buy it, it runs for a long time. That means it saves more money for you than spending.

These are the benefits that a pressure switch can give you.

Besides, a tool that can help you with saving the environment along with money is undoubtedly a good deal for anyone.

So, setting up a pressure switch or a pressure gauge can not only relief you from a duty to on and off a pump, rather than, it can make a better environment to live in too.

I hope with the guide above you will be able to understand how your pressure switch works. Questions? Comment below!


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