How Big Do Azaleas Get

Azalea is a flowering shrub that grows around all over the year and blooms in the spring season.

The beautiful color of the flower makes the plant look very beautiful and soothing at the very same time.

The vibrant color of the flowers makes it look like a flower of heaven. The size of the azalea depends on the type of the tree or its species.

There are many species of azaleas that are around the world. And that defines how big do azaleas get.

how big do azaleas get

How Big Do Azaleas Get

There are different types of azaleas in terms of species and size. And the size is fully dependent on the type or the species you have around.

The size may vary from 10 feet to 12 inches. Though basically, azaleas are shrub plants, some of the species of the azaleas grow about 10 feet of the ground.

And some of the azaleas grow only about 12 inches or 1 foot.

Whatever the size is of the azalea, the flowers and the vibrant colors bloom when it is the season of the flowers. And the colors can bring a smile on the face of anyone.

The size of the azalea does not affect the size of the flowers or the color of the flower. It only varies in the size of 10 feet to 1 foot. That’s all!

But whatever type of azalea you have around, or in your garden, you need to know about a few other things to make the beautiful plant to grow more beautiful flowers and stun everyone around.

How to Plant Azaleas in Clay Soil?

Plant azalea requires to have soft and moist soil to grow. The clay soil you want to use for the plantation of the azalea needs first to loosen up.

Loosing up the soil will make the soil contain air and moisture in it. The moisture is pretty much important for the azalea to grow perfectly.

You can create a bucket of the loose soil between the tight ones to give that a hold of moisture and water in it.

And then you can plant your azalea in the base soil. You need not to put the plant too deep in the ground. It is a shrub type plant.

So, it does not need deep rooting and planting. Make sure that the clay soil stays at the bottom of the plant.

This will ensure it to have more water and minerals to grow. Do not put the clay soil on the top. It will restrict the air passage in the soil, and make the tree dry up.

How Much Water Do Azaleas Need?

Azalea is a shrub type plant. Which means it has shallow roots. And a shallow-rooted plant needs to keep moisture all the time.

But they can not tolerate over moisture or watering. Meaning, the plant needs to be watered in the right amount.

Azalea can not tolerate soggy soil. That is why you need to put the clay soil at the bottom of the plant.

So that it can get the water from it, and the soggy soil is not around it too. An azalea needs to be watered around 1 inch in every 10 to 14 days.

The time period says it all. The dry season needs 1 inch of water for an azalea tree to be moist enough.

The amount of water will be moistening the area of around 10 to 12 inches deep.

This means the plant can soak the water from the bottom of the ground, after watering it in 2 weeks. Besides, the clay soil also holds up more water for the plant to have.

How Much Do Azaleas Cost?

The cost of the azalea depends on the type and sized azalea you are buying. The bigger ones cost more than, the smaller ones.

As the bigger ones get 10 feet long and can not be placed in a small home or garden, that is why it is mostly seen on the roads and in the parks.

And the small ones are seen all around. The price or the selling of the azalea is counted in gallons.

The coloring patterns of the azalea also determines the price of the azalea. Mostly per gallon azalea costs around 8 to 10 dollars.

And the ones which are multicolored costs around 15 dollars on average.

So, you can choose the amount and the colors from the purchase store to make your sidings or the garden look beautiful all the time by planting azaleas in it.

Besides, buying more gallons of azalea can help you save money rather than buying one pot of it.

Where is the Best Place to Plant Azaleas?

Azaleas are sensitive plants that need to be planted in the perfect position to be have a long and beautiful lifeline.

You need to choose such a space where you can put the azalea, and the plant can enjoy a few hours of shade.

The direct sunlight all the time can be harmful to the plant. The plant usually grows under another tree.

Which helps it to get enough sunlight and shade. This means you can plant it in the garden under another big tree where it can get sunlight and shade both.

This will help it to grow more beautifully.

How Fast Do Azaleas Grow?

There are different types of azalea all around the world. And the types define the growth rate and time of the plant.

The southern Indian azaleas grow the fastest of them all. Though the dwarf-sized azaleas grow fast, but not as much as fast as the southern Indian ones.

The southern Indian ones grow at the rate of 2 to 6 feet annually. Which is a great rate for a shrub plant to grow.

The azalea family of the shrubs includes the dwarf bushes, the southern Indian shrubs and many others.

The size and growth differ from each other according to the species type. But every one of them has its demand of its own in the sense of beauty and eye-soothing.


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