21 Fridge Organization Hacks You Must Know

Have you ever totally forgot what you’ve kept in your fridge far behind on the shelf? And its expiry date went off the chart? I have, and when I finally took it out of the fridge, it didn’t look nice at all.

Though we don’t realize it fridge is an essential part of our lives. I love food. I love to cook and eat, also store for later. When I’m lazy, I get a quick bite from the fridge.

As we open and shut the door of our fridge so many times a day, the fridge is bound to get messy. A messy fridge means a messy stomach.

To solve that problem, I organized my fridge using some easy ways. Sharing with you 21 fridge organization hacks that you can apply too-

21 Fridge organization hacks you must know

1. Use mason jars for storage

Mason jars give you a vertical storage space to utilize your fridge shelf space fully. You can store things like- salads, fruit punch, noodles, and dressings from liquid to hard particles anything.

2. Use small storage baskets

Plastic storage baskets are very useful to keep things in place. You can store fruits, bottles of sauces, other condiments in separate baskets.

You can easily slide out the basket to see what’s in it and get your thing out quickly.

3. Label your baskets or jars

Labeling is mandatory. When I started keeping my foods in jars, labeling them did not occur in my mind. I often used to get confused about what is what. My salad dressing and my spaghetti sauce looked similar.

To get rid of this confusion, I labeled my jars and baskets too so that I easily understand what is what when I open the fridge.

4. Keep your shelves clean

Even the fridge gets dirty. Dripping sauce from your jars, drops of juice, or milk from a bottle makes your fridge shelves dirty.

For easy cleaning, you can insert plastic mats. If anything bothers you, you can take the mats out and give it a wash.

Also, you can cover the shelves with plastic wrap. In case of any spill just torn away, that part and replace with a new one.

5. Don’t make your milk go bad faster.

I’ve come to know that temperature fluctuates on the door frequently, which can make your milk go bad faster. To keep safe, store your milk in the middle section of your fridge and not on the door.

6. Keep raw protein on the bottom

Raw meat and seafood can produce unwanted drips that can contaminate other food items and ruin it.

To manage your raw protein items, wrap them carefully, and keep them on the bottom shelf of your fridge so that unwanted drips can not ruin other foods.

7. Use a wire rack to add extra space

Buy a slim and cheap wire rack to fully utilize your fridge shelf space. This will give you double storage space to keep a lot of things in an organized way.

8. Use binder clips in a unique way

Snacks bag lying on the shelf takes a lot of good space of your fridge. Take some binder clips and hang your snack bags from the wire rack. In this way, you’ll also be able to see your snack collection.

9. Organize your crisper drawer

Don’t keep your fruits and vegetables all jumbled up in the crisper drawer. Sometimes using divider doesn’t work well. To solve this, you can use a separate basket for fruits.

Keep your fresh produce fresh for a longer period by organizing your crisper drawer.

10. Keep a note on the fridge

Use dry and erase marker to write down on your fridge which fruits or vegetables you have and what quantity you have. What to eat before and store other things for later.

If you don’t want to write on your fridge, then simply use sticky notes, but do keep a note because it helps a lot to figure out what you should eat and when to go shopping.

11. Don’t leave things behind your fridge shelf

I often do not bend down to see what I have behind my fridge shelf and grab the things in front. I used to miss out on a lot of good dressings for this. So I decided to put a lazy susan, and grabbing it got easier for me.

12. Make your own bottle stopper

Clip-on two or more binder clips on your shelf rack to stop your fizz bottles from rolling over. You can arrange them in a stack to save some side space.

13. Highlight the things you need to finish soon

You can keep those things in the front row that will catch your eyes when you’ll open the fridge. Otherwise, you can make a separate basket labeled hurry up so that nothing goes to waste.

14. Organize your door space with six-pack container

Use six-pack containers on the door shelf to organize your syrup collection, mayonnaise, or liquid cheese bottles.

15. Get an odorless fridge.

You can use the baking soda method, but activated carbon works better than that. Keep a small container of activated carbon in one corner of the fridge to absorb the odors.

This will make your fridge smell fresh.

16. Remember the opening date

Sometimes packages mention that best before 30 days after opening. But often we forget the opening date and could care less. This is so not good for health.

Keep a masking tape and marker near your fridge and label your containers when their opening dates.

17. Essential egg holder

Don’t keep your eggs In a container, it might break some of your eggs. Get an egg holder to store them safely.

18. Use squeeze bottles to keep condiments

Have as many as your choice of condiments without worrying about the space in your fridge. Buy some squeeze bottles, fill them in, and store them on your door shelf.

19. Use clear plastic bins

Clear plastic bins give your fridge a very neat look. Use these bins to store your collection of spreads or chocolates, anything you like.

20. Use magnetic containers

Turn your normal small plastic containers into magnetic containers by pasting a magnet sheet on the back of the container. You can keep various kinds of nuts separately into different containers.

Stick them on the side space of your fridge and save some space from having to keep your nut bags on the shelf.

21. Dedicate a section for your kids

Let your kids get the snack they want. Dedicate a section of your fridge for them by organizing the space with their favorite snacks and juice.

I used the lower shelves of my fridge door labeled them as a kids zone.

Never overstock your fridge more than its capacity. It will ruin your food and create pressure on your fridge. Don’t ignore taking care of your fridge; just imagine what will happen if your fridge breaks down.

Take care and organize your fridge with the ideas mentioned above. I hope these hacks make grabbing a bite straight out of the fridge makes your life easier. Let me know which one you liked the most.


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