20 Ways to Organize Food Storage Containers Without Any Hassle

Have you ever opened your kitchen cupboard and your Tupperware collection fell upon you? Or do you get frustrated finding the right lid of your Tupperware? Is your collection killing much kitchen space?

These are some experiences I used to have in my kitchen before knowing the storage hacks. These ideas have really helped me to get a clear and organized kitchen.

20 Ways To Organize Food Storage Containers

To arrange your Tupperware and get easy access to them you can use these food storage solutions to avoid any daily hassle-

1. Use a plate rack to stack lids

If you already have a spare plate rack at home, then use it to manage your Tupperware lids without spending any money. A plate rack helps to keep the lids vertically.

You can divide and arrange the lids according to their sizes so that you can find a specific one quickly.

2. Use book bins in the drawer as dividers

Use cloth book bins as a simple solution to your Tupperware problem. Put the bins in the drawer and keep different sizes of boxes in them. It works as a good divider.

3. Use tension rods in small drawer space

If you don’t have the space to fit in large bins, then take the help of tension rods. It is very easy to use, just stretch and match the size of your drawer.

You can keep the lids at bay by putting them in between two tension rods in your drawer.

4. Use drawer dividers

Drawer dividers can make your life easy. You can organize the box and the lids at the same place to find them swiftly. You can build one or put some thin wooden compartments to separate the space.

5. Use pegboard

Use a pegboard to keep everything in its place. When you pull out your drawer, everything in it shakes up and gets messy. To stop that, use pegboard.

You can also put the stopper wherever you need to match the size of your boxes.

6. Hang a magazine rack

You can hide your magazine rack inside the door of your cabinet. You can either use the screw system one or a hanging system one. Keep all the lids of your storage containers there.

7. Cut out a cereal box

You can create your own magazine or lid holder by cutting out some cereal boxes. Cut off the top and one corner to give the holder style.

You can personalize it in your own way, but still, it will be the cheapest solution you’ll find.

8. Drying rack as an organizer

If you don’t want to keep your Tupperware hidden inside a drawer or cabinet, then put the boxes in a plastic bin on top of your counter. Put a drying rack on top of it to keep the lids organized.

9. Use acrylic lid organizer

If you don’t want to use any other kitchen stuff to hold your lids, then go straight for buying an acrylic lid organizer. You will find it at your nearest dollar store.

It comes in many sizes so you can choose the one that fits your kitchen space.

10. Install a pull out organizer

You can use food storage pull out pantry to keep your vast amount of storage boxes. By using this, you can organize all of your boxes and lids in one place.

11. Use a cabinet corner shelf

Storing food storage boxes with their lids to take up a lot of precious space. So you can put the boxes on top of each other and put a corner shelf in the cabinet to hold the lids.

You can organize the lids on different shelves by size or color, whichever suits you.

12. Install an under shelf basket

Food storage boxes already take up a lot of space in your cabinet. For that, making space for the lids beside gets difficult.

But don’t worry if you have limited space. Install an under shelf basket to hold the lids. This trick utilizes all of your cabinet space.

13. Use sliding storage trays

If installing a pull out organizer is too much of a trouble for you, then make your pull out organizer by placing acrylic storage trays inside your cabinet.

Organize your food storage containers in them and slide it out whenever you need one.

14. Make a DIY drawer organizer

You can make your own food storage organizer with the help of a shoebox or a perfume set box or any other boxes that you prefer.

Put them all in your drawer to make compartments and arrange your lids and containers in them.

15. Use a mail sorter

Place a desktop mail sorter in one of your drawers to maximize the space with its small and slim compartments. Use it for food storage container lids.

You can stack the containers by size toward the front of the drawer. When you’re planning how to organize your kitchen stuff, don’t hesitate to take clues from other rooms in your home.

16. Use your old CD rack

In this century, we mostly use USB and not buy CDs anymore. So you can find a new purpose for your old CD rack. Insert it in your drawer for holding container lids in an organized way.

You can put the containers smaller ones inside the bigger ones and stack them beside the rack.

17. Use a mesh basket

A mesh basket with sections in it is perfect for keeping your food storage containers and lids into different sections. You can keep it inside your cabinet or just keep it in one corner of your kitchen counter.

This basket is good for air-drying your boxes and lids after wash.

18. Use bookends

Use bookends to make separate sections in your kitchen drawer to keep your containers and their lids independently.

19. Label your storage tubs

If you are using solid tubs to keep your food storage containers and lids in the cabinet, don’t forget to label them distinctively. It will help you to find out your desired box and matching lid later.

20. Sort out your collection

Lastly, and most importantly, sort out your collection of food storage containers. Maybe you have a lid without a box or the opposite, which is of no use to you anymore through them away.

Keep only the ones you use regularly or occasionally and discard the rest to organize your collection properly.

These organization ideas have really uplifted the look of my kitchen as my kitchen is free from Tupperware lids lying around here and there.

Small or big, whatever your kitchen size is organizing your food storage containers is a must. I hope these ideas help you the same way it did for me.  Let me know which one is your favorite.


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