9 Easy Ways to Keep Your House Clean All the Time

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You are not alone if you are stressing over keeping your house clean all the time. It is quite hard to keep things clean with so much going on.

And it is not always possible to clean the house and do other chores on all busy days. It is alright to feel exhausted and overwhelmed.

Adding a few daily habits to your routine can help keep your house clean all the time.

Read on for the tips that will help you keep your house clean, even with kids and pets!

9 Easy Ways to Keep Your House Clean

1. Don’t clutter the countertops

Whether it is your kitchen countertop or bathroom countertop, avoid making clutter with things.

When you or your family member comes home, it’s easy to mindlessly put bags, keys, and mail on the countertop.

Luckily, you can use a container to store these to get everyone to change their habit.

You can use a stylish countertop organizer or a simple basket. That way, everyone knows where to put their things.

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While cooking, you won’t have to make a clutter on the countertop. For example, make a habit of putting the spices back in the pantry or spice station right after you are done using them.

While you’re waiting for something to cook, you can clean the countertop as you go. It will let you skip having to clean it later.

2. Make a routine

When you don’t have a routine, you will be overflowing with chores.

For example, set a specific day of your week for laundry. That helps keep your clothes from piling over the laundry basket.

Set a day for cleaning your kitchen cabinets, especially if you have small children who like to touch everything.

3. Run your dishwasher

If you can make this a habit, you will be able to keep your kitchen looking cleaner.

The best part is that it will only take you a few minutes every day.

You can make a habit of setting it to run every night and emptying it every morning.

As a result, you will be able to place your used dishes during the day into your dishwasher.

That will keep your sink and kitchen free of the clutter of dirty dishes.

It is a great habit to run the dishwasher every day. It doesn’t matter whether the dishwasher is full of dishes or not.

4. Vacuuming your house

It’s recommended that houses are vacuumed once or twice a week. That will always keep your house dust free and clean.

If you’ve got kids and pets, you know that you might be tasked to vacuum daily.

I have automated my vacuuming routine with a robot that empties itself. I only have to empty the base once in a blue moon and about once a week, remove the hair stuck to the spinning brush.

It’s been a lifesaver since we’re all supposed to vacuum so frequently.

Pinterest Image of a Family in a Clean House

5. Teach your kids to organize

With kids, it is a good idea to teach them how to be organized and clean.

For example, tell your kid to put their toys back in the basket after they are done playing. Give a countdown before having to leave their play space, and tell them to put everything back in its place.

Small kids will enjoy watching you put things away and learn from example as you encourage them to do the same.

6. Organize your mail

This is a common problem in everyone’s house, that the mail and papers are left in several cluttered areas.

You can make a habit of putting all your mail in one spot. Tell your family members that mail simply goes in a countertop organizer.

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Make sure the basket or the designated drawer is on the way from the front door.

Now, your house will be free of paper clutter and you will know exactly where to look for your taxes or bills.

Occasionally, remember to sort the mail and organize the important things into a file folder tote box.

7. Quick pickups

One of the biggest differences between my child-free life and littles life is that, now, I do quick pickups as I go around the house.

If I see a toy that should be in a different room and I’m on my way there, I will pick it up.

This has helped curb the miscellaneous around the house. The next best thing is to try to get other family members to help out.

Also, there is no need to be perfect. Sometimes it can get stressful to notice all the little things you need to do.

That means that I don’t do this tip all the time. I feel good to just relax and let the small items go sometimes.

8. Decluttering project

Decluttering is important and it’s amazing how it can change the entire look and feel of your house.

Since we buy things all the time and sometimes stop using them.

When you make decluttering your house one of your projects, you will see you won’t have useless things gathering dust around your house.

I used to feel overwhelmed while decluttering. Treat it like any other big project and give it the time it deserves on your calendar.

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9. You can take a break

You may have noticed a pattern here, that although houses aren’t going to clean themselves, your mind has to get relaxation, too.

Cleaning should be fun and not stressful. Think of all the things you have to do besides cleaning.

For example, I’ve come to appreciate that cleaning gets me results that I expect. I mean that, if I wipe down the countertops, it gets clean! It’s not more complicated than that, unlike many other things in life.

You should also designate skip days and feel guilt-free about it. Giving yourself a break is important for your mental health.


These are the 9 tips that I’m sharing that will keep your house clean, too! The ultimate trick is to do small cleanups regularly.

Being consistent and enjoying it will take you the next mile.

It’s normal to feel tired, so feel free to involve other members of your house. After all, it is not only your responsibility to keep your house clean all the time.

If you enjoyed this article, feel free to share the article and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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