30 Super Creative Dollar Store Home Decor Ideas To Make Your Place Look Beautiful

Are you arts and craftsperson who loves to decorate a home but don’t have a big budget? Then you’ve hit the right spot. I’ve been in your situation.

Don’t get upset thinking about your budget because you can make cool decorations for your home all by yourself with a few stuff from the dollar store.

Make yourself some storage spaces, which are useful and also make them look pretty. Just make sure that cleaning them is an easy task.

Sometimes when I look around my house, I wonder how I managed to make my home this pretty without even spending that much money.

So, here are 30 super creative dollar store home décor ideas to transform your home-

30 super creative dollar store home décor ideas

1. Customize your bookends

Buy some wood blocks, wood glue, spray paint, and some plastic flowers. Stick them together and make pretty books end to hold your books vertically on the shelf and decorate the space.

2. Create your own matching wastebasket

Can’t find any appropriate wastebasket in the market to match the color of your room? Why not make one. Buy a simple basket and rope. Color the rope according to your rooms’ combination.

Stick the rope around your basket with a hot glue gun and let it dry. Your matching wastebasket is ready.

3. Make mirror pots

Buy some square-shaped mirrors from the dollar store and simply glue them together to give it a pot shape.

You can use this decorative piece for many purposes, such as storing jewelry, using it as a vase, or a bathroom organizer. The reflective media gives it a beautiful look.

4. Turn your basic boring vase into a new cool one

Grab the vase you want to dress up. Paint it in one solid color, then stick some beads on it with a glue gun and see your vase sparkling up the desk. How cool is that!

5. Make a dessert tray to dazzle up your kitchen

Simply glue together some candlesticks and plates of your preference, top it off with a round bowl, and you have a party-perfect dessert tray, or you can use it as an accessory organizer.

6. Make little lampshades to light up your table

Making little lamp shades is the easiest of all. Take a wrapping paper of your choice, shape it like a cone, cut the top edge, and glue the sides together. Keep a candle in your wine glass and put the shade on.

You can change the shades on every occasion with only a little money spent.

7. DIY decorative pillow covers

Is there any old pillow on your bed which you don’t want to keep anymore but don’t want to throw it away either just because it doesn’t match with your new bed cover?

Purchase some cool looking bandanas from your nearby dollar store and use a simple sewing technique to give your pillows an entirely new look that can work with any type of bed covers.

8. Make yourself a little greenhouse

Buy some simple plain photo frames from the dollar store and glue them together to give it a greenhouse shape. Keep your home plants inside and decorate it.

9. Make some fake decorative plants

Buy a few pots and paint them according to your color choice. Choose some faux greenery balls, different fake leaves, and small flowers from the dollar store and make yourself a pretty topiary.

10. Decorate your mail center

Don’t just dump your mails on the kitchen table. Hang a wired rack near your home’s entrance wall. You can keep little showpieces on the shelf space for decoration and store your emails there.

11. Use a pegboard near your workstation

It gets hard to organize all your stuff at your workstation in between your busy week schedule. Use a pegboard from a dollar store on your home wall and make your desk clutter-free.

An organized pegboard looks really pretty. Also, you can attach some photos and ribbons to give it a personalized look.

12. Use this jewelry storage Idea.

Fit some small mirrors on the wall and glue doorknobs in the middle. It will create a beautiful looking hanger to display your jewelry collection on them.

13. Be the designer of your wall mirror.

The living room without a decorative mirror looks empty. Buy a wooden frame of your choice from the dollar store and glue some compact mirrors on it to create a funky shape.

14. Design with thumbtacks

Buy some canvas and outline your design. I painted my canvas with a dark color and used golden thumbtacks to make my design look bright.

15. Make your own illuminated letters.

Cut out some cardboard boxes to spell out your name if it isn’t too big. Otherwise, you can go for just your initial. Put some fairy lights in them and make a corner of your home glow.

16. Make an easy and creative leaf bowl

Buy some colorful silk leaves from the dollar store. Blow a balloon in shape. You want your bowl to turn out. Then glue the leaves onto the balloon.

Dry it for some time, and then pop the balloon out. You can keep your keys or other essentials in the bowl.

17. Use a DIY magnet on the fridge

Buy a thin wooden sheet and break it into the shape you prefer. Glue some magnets behind it then paint the sheet as you like. You can paint your family members’ names on the sheet.

Using this DIY magnet on your fridge will give it a personalized look.

18. Customize your mirror frame

Surround your mirror with wood pallets and paint them in the fashion you like. I painted some polka dots on mine as it never goes out of fashion.

19. Make your desk look pretty and clean

Who doesn’t eat canned food? Keep some of those without throwing it into the trash. Wrap those cans with dollar store craft paper and get yourself some pretty looking pen and pencil holders for your desk.

20. Give your mugs a creative touch

Get your favorite color nail polish and white ceramic mugs from the dollar store. Put the nail polish into a water bath. Dip your mugs into them and dry it upside down.

Get some trendy looking mugs that you can hang in your kitchen by some hooks. It will give your kitchen a modern look.

21. Make a decorative tray

Buy a simple acrylic tray and cover it by sticking some accent gems with glue. Let it dry for a while, then see how gorgeous it looks. You can use it to serve your guests or decorate it on your side table.

22. Make yourself a dollar store terrarium

You can buy a small fish jar and fill it in with some ingredients of your choice from the dollar store. A very simple, unique, and beautiful idea.

23. Use a hula-hoop for a different purpose.

You don’t need to spin the hula hoop by your waist. Buy a hula-hoop, some pretty ribbons, and some fairy lights. Cover the hula-hoop with the ribbons and attach the lights on it.

Hang your hula-hoop above your back yard deck and experience a magical moment.

24. Reuse your broken crayons

I have a kid in my house who keeps breaking crayons, and I had a bag full of broken crayons. So I bought some plain white candles and dipped them into melted candle wax colored with those broken crayons.

Now I have some colorful candles to light up my house.

25. Frame your memory

Do you any old letter or handkerchief that makes you happy just by seeing. Then don’t hide them in your drawer. Buy a frame from the dollar store and hang your happiness on the wall.

26. Add some color on your bottles

I painted my milk bottles with some glass paint from the dollar store and decorated them on a corner shelf. It looks so stunning because I never imagined using milk bottles like this way before.

27. Make a no knit wall hanging

Decorate your bedroom with some colorful wool and a wooden pipe. Make some layer of knots on the pipe with the wool and cut it later to give it a shape and hang it by a hook.

You don’t need training on knitting to make a pretty woolen wall hanging like this.

28. Make a picture candle holder

Use the same sizes of pictures frames with your best memories in it. Glue them together to make a square. Put a candle inside and make your memory glow.

29. Make your own candles

You don’t need to buy an expensive candle maker to make yourself some decorative candles. Buy different shaped cookie cutters, some candle wax, and crayons from a dollar store.

Melt the wax and pour it into the cookie cutters to make yourself some Christmas special candles.

30. Redecorate your candle stand

Do you have an old-looking candle stand in your home that you don’t want to see anymore? Glam it up with few ingredients from the dollar store. You can use beady laces or other glittery stones etc.

Everyone wants to be praised by the guests when they come home. I enjoy hearing my guests say that I decorated my home so beautifully.

Some of them often want to know from where I bought some of my stuff, and they get astonished to hear how I made them.

I hope you enjoyed this reading and make your weekends busier by using these creative dollar store home decorative hacks to give your home the warmth it needs.


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