Cute Christmas Nail Designs You Can DIY At Home 2020

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Get yourself into the holiday spirit by listening to merry tunes, putting up ornaments on a tree, and getting into a pair of comfy PJs and fuzzy socks.

And let’s not forget to switch it up with a merry look for your nails!

The best thing is that these cute Christmas nail designs come together easily! You’ll have a blast creating cute artistic nails, thanks to nail stickers and stencil kits.

And you can get any length your heart could desire with press-on nails.

You can bring on the holly jolly punch because you won’t need much of a steady hand for this seasonal nail look.

Read on to start this holiday season with a cute set of Christmas themed nails.

There is much inspiration in “the most wonderful time of the year”. From festive nail polish and holiday symbols.

Santa Stilletos

These santa-inspired nails is easy to create. With these press on acrylic nails you’ll have a merry manicure in minutes.
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Snow Bling

Create a total glam look with the neutral nail color as a base. Dress up this holiday french tip with white and gold accents and jewels.
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Festive Wrap For Your Nails

Why wrap only gifts when you can also wrap your nails. There are many red and green patterns to choose from, like Santa and Rudolph-inspired. Or put a winter twist on your Christmas nails with nude snowflakes.
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Christmas in 3D Nails

You can get more space after using press-ons. Then apply any combination of nail art decals as you wish. Sort of like creating your holiday grab bag on your nails.
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Gold All The Way

Add a touch of bright glitter accent that goes well with any of your red and green favorites.
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Don’t forget to glam your toe nails

Get your toes in on the holiday party in berry colors and icy glitter with press on toe nails.
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You really can’t go wrong with any of these cute Christmas nail designs that are easy to DIY at home.

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