17 Command Center Ideas To Organize Your Family Without Any Problem

A family command center is a system to maintain the household. It has become a popular concept over the years. If you don’t have one, then I’m sure your house is as messed up as mine.

The main purpose of a command center is to hold the receipts, bills, shopping list, mails, etc. in such a way that you never miss a deadline or forget an appointment.

Putting all the household members on the same page with one another is a very challenging task. But with a command center, leaving notes for others is way easier while I am in a rush.

17 Command Center Organize Ideas

A family command center lets you enjoy many benefits. So choose a corner of your house and get started with these ideas-

1. Use your wall space

To create your command center, you can choose an open wall space beside your front door or a narrow bit of wall space just beside your kitchen door.

Whichever space you choose, make sure to use it wisely. I’m not saying to overdo it but hang just enough things to manage your papers, keys, and other items.

2. Use a shelf or a small table

You need to sign an important document, and your sign needs to be accurate. At that moment, you don’t want to risk it by keeping the paper on the wall.

Why running to another room to find a desk when you can set a shelf or a small table at your command center, you can use the space for many purposes.

3. Hang a corkboard

Corkboard can be very useful. You can decorate it by pinning pretty postcards and leave notes for other family members before going out. You can pin a long checklist of tasks or pin a shopping list.

4. Have a small white or blackboard

Having a board to write on is convenient. Big letters on a board can catch the eye easily if you want a note to pop. You can make a chart of daily routine or food and change it whenever you want to.

5. Personalize your folder rack

Have a hanging folder organization rack to manage all of your needed documents, bills, or receipts in files. You can give the rack and the folders a personalized look by decorating them in your way.

This will make the command center a fun looking station and not something like a boring old rail station center.

6. Have a magnetic holder or pin some on the wall

You can use a magnetic holder on a whiteboard to keep your markers, pens, or pencils. And if you do not own a whiteboard to hang, then simply pin some cups on the wall to store these.

7. Have In and outbox to keep mails

To sort out your mails which ones just came in and which ones are waiting to be sent, use in and out boxes to separate them.

8. Hang a wall organizer

You can customize and make your own wall organizer if you like to make things of your own. Otherwise, you can buy one from the market.

Utilize the space of your organizer. You can hang a calendar from the organizer, keep some notepads in it, and hang your keys by some hooks underneath.

If you have a little space left in one corner, then squeeze a small flower vase to make the space prettier.

9. Craft your own message board

Buy a simple frame and paint a solid color on the back of the glass, which you’ll put inside the frame. Your message board is ready to be hanged. Use dry erase markers to write on it.

10. Use a theme

Use a theme for your command center that will make the space more engaging. You can go for a rustic old theme with some edgy frames and holders.

You can choose a black and white theme to make the space look elegant. Or you can go for a very colorful theme which will give the station a cheerful look.

11. Contrast your color code

If you have a dark-colored background wall, then you should do a light-colored command center. For example, I used pastel colors in mine.

And if you have a light-colored background, then choose dark colors in making your command center. That will pop all the things up on the wall and make the place look good.

12. Use magnet boards

Use magnet boards with little magnetic chips to manage your kids’ regular tasks. Make a list on the board and let your kids put the magnets beside each task, which is done.

This will encourage your kids to finish their tasks quickly.

13. Maintain alignment while hanging stuff

You can put things randomly or align your stuff while nailing them to the wall. Aligning things will give your space a very neat and clean look.

So, to soothe your eyes maintain alignment while hanging your organizers.

14. Give your command center a lighting solution

At first, I didn’t have any lighting at my command center. For that in the evening, the small letters on the board became very hard for me to see.

That’s why I added a small lamp at my command center to give it a soft light. My evening works have become a lot easier with this solution.

15. Make a food calendar

Plan your meals for the week with the help of your family. Instead of writing the menus print out the dish names that you make and make a food calendar.

You can use clips labeled with days of the week and hang the food names just beside it so that you can flip a card whenever you want to.

16. Write inspirational quotes

Your command center is not just any space; it’s a space for your family to work together and get inspired.

You can write inspirational quotes or draw a love sign on the black or whiteboard every morning to start the day of your family with a smiling face.

17. Hang vertical bins

If you don’t want to mix up all your family members’ papers together and want to make separate sections for each one of them, then hang some vertical bins with their names on it.

This idea will dismiss the chaos and give everyone a separate space that they need.

A command center performs more than just an organization space. It bonds your family well with tiny little details.

Like- pinning old photos on the corkboard, writing lovable little messages or inspirational quotes on the board, etc.

A command center saves you time and energy and make you be right on track. I hope these ideas help you to build a perfect command center for your home.


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