15 Bad Cleaning Habits You Need to Break

Have you ever been in a situation where you keep cleaning your house continuously, but it just doesn’t look clean?

Well, we all have been there. If you cannot understand what exactly is making your house look uncleaned, you have come to the right place.

There are a few bad cleaning habits that you need to break in order to keep your house clean. Without getting rid of these habits, you won’t be able to get a clean home.

If you can break these habits, nothing can stop you. You just need to prevent yourself from making these little bad cleaning habits. Let’s get started.

15 Bad Cleaning Habits You Need to Break

1. Not organizing the mails and papers right away

If you are keeping those mails in your living room, thinking that you will get rid of them later, don’t. It is a bad habit that you need to let go for good.

Whenever you get a mail, put them in a drawer, or organize them somewhere else. Also, the same goes for other papers.

2. Procrastinating to do the dishes

I know that doing dishes can be really annoying. But it is one of those bad habits you need to break.

Never keep the dishes to clean them later. After a long day, there will be a pile of dishes in your kitchen sink.

Do the dishes right away. It will take a few minutes at most.

3. Using too much dish soap than you need

If you use a lot of dish soap to do a few of your dishes, you are wasting your money. Take a drop of dish soap, and it will do all the work.

It is one of those bad cleaning habits that I got rid of by trying hard. I used to use a lot of dish soap for one batch of dishes, which was completely unnecessary.

4. Using harsh cleaning products

You might think that cleaning products with strong chemicals will let you have an effective cleaning.

But it is time to get rid of them. The regular cleaning products and a few natural ingredients like baking soda, vinegar can give you a similar result.

Rather than wasting money, save the environment and your home from these harsh products.

5. Forgetting to read the product directions

Always read the instructions before using any product. I purchased a detergent to wash my clothes, and I used to apply a lot of detergent for my laundry.

I thought it would be more effective. Unfortunately, some of my old clothes worn out fast, and it was the result of me ignoring the instructions.

Each product will come with a manufacturer’s instruction, how much should you use, and how you should use it. Read before you use the product.

6. Cleaning everything with the same cleaning tool

You might have a cleaning brush that you use to clean your kitchen floor and your bathroom floor. Well, that’s disgusting.

You need to have separate cleaning tools to clean different parts of the house. For example, keep one cleaning brush for all the sinks.

A washcloth to clean your bathroom parts only.

7. Using a dirty sponge to do the dishes

After using the sponge for a while, it will become dirty. Because the sponge comes in contact with a lot of dirt, and it can grow bacteria and germ.

You need to clean your sponge once in a while as well. Disinfect your sponge with hydrogen peroxide or baking soda.

You can clean your sponge once every week, which should be good enough.

8. Using too much bleach without thinking about the consequences

Don’t use bleach to clean anything and everything in your house. If you think that there are no effective cleaners like bleach, you are wrong.

You can use other, less harsh products instead of bleach as it is harmful to humans as well. Use bleach only when it is absolutely necessary.

Keep one bottle as it is indeed a great cleaning agent.

9. Forgetting about the refrigerator while cleaning the entire house

Well, if you think your refrigerator will always be cleaned all by itself, that is not going to happen. You need to clean your refrigerator once in a while.

If you have old food in your fridge, it will grow mold and bacteria. So, keeping your fridge clean is as important as keeping your kitchen clean.

10. Vacuuming the house before dusting

It is one of those bad cleaning habits that a lot of people have, unfortunately. Well, if you vacuum the house first and dust later, the dust particle will fly around the house and fall on things again.

Rather than doing that, dust your house at first. Then, move onto vacuuming the house. You will see that your house looks cleaner than ever.

11. Walking with your shoes on after you enter the house

Well, duh! Your house will get dirty if you keep walking with your shoes on after you enter the house. You need to get rid of this habit right now.

Keep a separate pair of shoes for your home and wear it as soon as you enter your house. Keep the shoe on the cupboard once you enter the house.

It will keep your house a lot cleaner.

12. Not making the bed after waking up

No one likes to make the bed after waking up. But it is a thing that you need to do. When you keep an unmade bed, the bedroom doesn’t look clean even if there is no dirt.

That is why I made a habit of making my bed right after I brush my teeth every morning. It is a part of my morning routine.

13. Using the same bedsheet for a long time

Your bedroom will never look clean if you keep using the same bedsheet for a long time. Your bedsheet can easily get dirty when you use it for more than 1 week.

Even if you shower regularly, the natural oil coming out from the body will make the bedsheet dirty. You need to make a habit of changing your bedsheet after one week of use.

14. Keeping a dirty faucet

When you ignore cleaning a dirty faucet, your bathroom will never look clean even after cleaning the whole thing.

You need to get rid of the hard water stain and soap scum from the faucets. Just use vinegar and water to get rid of it.

Your bathroom will start to shine.

15. Keeping an unorganized closet

You need to keep your closet organized. It is a must to get a clean and organized bedroom. Fold your clothes and hang the ones that you can.

Get rid of the clothes and shoes that you don’t wear. If you keep the closet organized, your bedroom will look much cleaner.

These are the 15 bad cleaning habits that you must get rid of in order to have a clean house. These are a few silly habits that a lot of people have.

It is a matter of time only. You can get a nice and clean house if you can get rid of them for good. Let me know if I could help you or not.


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