13 Back to School Organization Ideas for Being A Good Parent

Being a parent is not that easy as I thought it would be. You don’t rest after being a parent.

From the beginning till going to school is one period and the schooling period is another.

You have to give more effort on who your child is growing up to be. You can build up a good character within your child if you yourself is organized.

When your kid is in school, you have to organize a lot more things than ever before. The shopping starts with the school checklist and ends with what your kid wants.

You won’t get frustrated if you follow some regular healthy routine.

13 Back to School Organization Ideas

To help you to manage the routine here are 13 back to school organization ideas to make the schooling period enjoyable and not chaotic-

1. Arrange your kids’ school paperwork into different files

Mount a three-storied magazine rack onto your kids’ rooms’ wall.

Have different colored files and label them according to different subjects. So that in one glance, you and your kid can take out a specific file.

In this way, the school class works and home works won’t get mixed up. Teach your kid to maintain the organizing process and make your life easier.

2. Place hooks down below on the wall to hold bags

Don’t let your kid through down the school bag onto the floor after returning from school.

Also, do not hang the bag onto the upper hooks of the entrance of your home. Your kid won’t be able to reach the bag by himself.

What you should do is put some hooks in the middle or below that onto your kids’ rooms wall so that he can reach it easily and be able to arrange his bag on his own.

3. Keep everyday clothes organized

Kids grow up so fast that sometimes I feel like I’m not able to keep up with the size of clothing. In my mind, the size is of one type, and in reality, it is much different.

Also, when your kids start to go to school, their clothes need to be trendy according to their demand.

Some clothes get shabby, looking very quickly as kids run around and play all day long wearing them.

You need to review their wardrobe every few months and keep the regular wear organized in such a way that your kid can choose and get their everyday wear easily.

4. Keep a snacks corner for your kid

It is not always possible to make yummy snacks for your kid. But your kid needs snacks when he comes home after school, in the middle of playing or whenever he feels hungry.

For an easy solution to meet your kids’ hunger, keep a snack corner in the kitchen, especially for your kid. You can keep oat bars, biscuits, wheat cookies for healthy snacking.

5. Hang a whiteboard in your kids’ room

In the whiteboard, you can make a chart of what to do at what time or write down today’s homework list so that you and your kid can check out all the things to do.

Make your child write down the to-do list sometimes for fun and also to teach him to be organized from a very early stage.

6. Use sticky notes for yourself

You can use sticky notes on the fridge or where ever is convenient for you to keep it close to your eyes so that you can’t ever miss any important task of yours.

As a mother, it’s very natural to forget things quickly. But sticky notes can make you organized in your work.

7. Pack a craft bag

You can keep your kids creatively busy by handing them over a craft bag.

Pack a bag full of color pencils, crayons, markers, colorful papers, glitter pens, etc. to enhance the power of your kids’ imagination.

In this way, your kid won’t lose pencils and pens frequently, as they will put their things in this craft bag.

8. Make a homework station

Make a homework station for your kid so that his concentration don’t get sideways.

You can use a corner of his room and equip his homework table with small boxes of paper clips, cute stationery, colorful folder to keep his paperwork.

In this way, the entire house won’t get messy with your kids’ homework.

9. Get an inspirational frame

Get a simple frame and a marker from a dollar store. Place a plane background in the frame and write inspirational quotes on the glass to inspire your kid in his everyday work.

Keep the frame on his homework station to motivate him. You can use your own words or famous quotes by popular authors to teach them.

10. Keep the laundry separated

If you have a kid in the house, then your laundry basket is surely overflowing with dirty laundry. Don’t take much time to do your laundry; otherwise, clothes will pile up.

You never know when your kid will want back his favorite shirt to wear, which you haven’t washed yet. To solve this problem, keep your child’s laundry basket separated.

Sometimes tell your kid to dump the dirty laundry in his basket to give him a good lesson.

11. Organize the backseat of your car

Driving your kids to the school or returning home back, kids always want to be entertained.

So, you can hang a shoe organizer on the back of your front seat and load them with your kids’ favorite stuff.

This will make the journey happy for them as well as you.

12. Have A behind the door bookshelf

Don’t leave your kids’ room door unutilized. Hang a book organizer from the door and make a hanging bookshelf for your kid.

Reading lots of storybooks can help your child to think creatively.

13. Make food preparations earlier

Make a plan as soon as you can for dinner so that you won’t have to waste time later or order food from outside, which is not good for your kids’ health.

You can also pack your child’s tiffin for tomorrow earlier so that you won’t have to run frantically when you are about to drop your kid at the school.

Make a habit of taking food preparations earlier so that you get to spend more time with your child.

If you are a parent, then trust me, I understand how much effort you try to put into making your kid happy. But also keeping your mind calm is the main challenge.

I hope these back to school organization hacks can make your life a bit easier and calmer.

There’s no shortcut in preparing the next generation. So try to enjoy working for it and love being a parent.


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