7 Things To Buy That Makes Your Home Feel Nicer Under $30

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Your home means more to you these days because you may be spending extra time indoors.

It’s not only where you relax on nights and weekends. Now, it’s also your Zoom call meeting room, your movie night, and your spa getaway.

You can elevate the mood in your home with these nice things you can buy for under $30. It will create a nice touch in every room.

1. An elegant wine bucket that’ll keep your wine cold and table dry

Keep your wine at the perfect temperature for a relaxing, fun night.
It keeps your tables dry with a sweat-free and ice-free design. And yes, your large wine bottle will fit!

2. A plant wall decor with a modern touch

Nothing lifts your mood and relaxes you like the sight of green plants. You can place hardy plants like English Ivy, small Chinese Evergreen, Kimberly Queen fern, and Basil. These plants also help filter toxins from your air.

nice living room for things to buy to make home feel nicer under 30

3. An ultra-soft throw blanket that is cute and cozy

You’ll love the versatility of this decorative throw blanket. The lightweight raised diamond design comes in two sizes and neutral colors for draping over the couch, bed, or for bringing the cozy feeling outdoors.

4. A Zen waterfall that will transform the ambiance in your room

Plug it in to add a meditative, relaxing atmosphere with the sound of trickling water. It’s made with natural river stones and features 3 spots for tea lights to set the mood. Adds water sounds to your patio oasis or turns bathroom into a spa.

5. A facial spray that’ll make you feel good and look good in a spritz

Give yourself a little self-care with a refreshing and calming boost any time of the day. These botanical facial mists are infused with rose, chamomile, and lavendar. The gift bag also makes it a cute gift.

6. A deck of empowering question cards that uses the power of mindfulness

Discover ways to rid of stress and bring out happy thoughts. These 52 cute cards encourage you to think and gives you prompts for your journal.

7. A set of natural soy wax candles to elevate the scents into your home

Whether you decide to create a candle scape or give one tumbler the starring role on a table, an aromatic candle will add extra ambiance to any room. Experience these uplifting natural fragrance made in the USA.
You can also make your own candles for yourself and your friends as gifts: How to Make Scented Candles – 5 Simple Steps to Follow

These 7 recommended things under $30 will help destress and lift your spirits while you spend time at home.

They’re just perfect for a spa night, a backyard outdoor oasis, or simply to brighten your daily routine.

7 things to buy under $30 for home

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