101 Items to Throw Away and Declutter Right Now

Decluttering can be a tough job. But you will love how it helps to increase space in your house for efficient storage.

I always feel overwhelmed whenever I decide to declutter. There are things which you don’t want to throw away but don’t use as well.

Wouldn’t you feel great to see your closet with a lot of space where you can organize your clothes accurately?

If you want to keep your house organized, decluttering is a must, in my opinion. If you are confused about what to keep and what to throw away, you have come to the right place.

Also, decluttering does not mean you need to throw away everything. You can always donate the things that can be used again or sell a few.

Here are 101 items that you need to throw away and declutter so that you can have an organized home.

101 Items to Throw Away

  1. Expired snacks and foods from your refrigerator
  2. Makeup kits you don’t use anymore
  3. Old lipsticks that are out of fashion
  4. Clothes that do not fit you anymore
  5. Old newspapers
  6. Personal documents (Shred them)
  7. VHS player that you last played 10 years ago
  8. Shoes that have worn out
  9. Birthday cards that do not mean anything to you
  10. Junk mails
  11. Worn out hairbands and rubber bands
  12. Electronic appliances that do not work
  13. Old headphones that are sitting idle in your drawer
  14. Medicines that have been expired
  15. Pieces of wood that are of no use
  16. Kid’s toys that have become old
  17. Video games that you don’t play anymore
  18. Multiplugs that are sitting idle in the drawer for no reason
  19. Extra and duplicate cables
  20. Product packages
  21. Manuals of different appliances that you will never read
  22. Holiday decoration from last Christmas
  23. Extra-large pans that you never use
  24. Pens with no ink
  25. Lids without the bowls
  26. Plastic bags (Recycle them)
  27. Expired and old coupons
  28. Menus from takeout’s
  29. Spices that have been expired
  30. Notebooks that you never use
  31. Extra pots for flowers
  32. Cutting boards that have got stains in them
  33. Pet toys that your pet does not like
  34. Old jewelry you are never going to wear
  35. Halloween costume of the last year’s Halloween
  36. Cookware that has been scratched
  37. Baking sheets that have become warped
  38. Old paper plates and mugs you will never use
  39. Binder clips that have been broken
  40. Broken umbrella
  41. Raincoats you never use
  42. Broken craft supplies
  43. Old paint cans
  44. Paintbrushes that has sticky paint in them
  45. Pet collars that do not fit your pet anymore
  46. Metal bakeware that has become rusty
  47. Old purses that are out of style
  48. Old bags that have become worn out
  49. Office supplies you don’t need
  50. Wedding invitations that you already attended
  51. Sunglasses you don’t wear anymore
  52. Old perfume bottles
  53. Calendars from the previous years
  54. Ugly fridge magnets
  55. Out of style baseball caps
  56. Phone covers that you don’t use
  57. Old watches that do not work anymore
  58. Worn out oven mitts that can cause an accident
  59. Lampshades you never use
  60. Floppy disks that of no use
  61. Extra water bottles for no reason
  62. Old keyboards that have been broken
  63. Pieces of wrapping papers that cannot be used for gift wrapping
  64. Expired sprinkles because you don’t bake that much
  65. Board games that you will never ever play again
  66. Duplicate sets of playing cards
  67. Books that you already read
  68. Books that you are never going to read
  69. Old cookbooks that you are never going to follow
  70. Phonebooks with numbers that you already have in your phone
  71. Socks that have lost one of its pairs
  72. Earrings that have lost one of its pairs
  73. Sunscreen that has been expired
  74. Nail polish that has been dried up
  75. Scissors that do not cut anything anymore
  76. Lotions that have been expired
  77. The toothbrush that you have been using for years
  78. Towels that have become worn out
  79. Magazines that no one read
  80. Old receipts that are of no use
  81. Small shopping bags that are of no use
  82. Body mists that you do not like
  83. Artificial flowers that do not look good anymore
  84. Decorations that you don’t like anymore
  85. Ribbons that you will never use for anything
  86. Bedsheets that have been worn out
  87. Shoelace of a worn-out shoe
  88. Prom dress that you will never wear again
  89. Pillow cover that has been worn out
  90. Old earrings that are out of style
  91. Worn out wallets you will never use
  92. Business cards of people you do not remember
  93. Brochures and leaflets you have no idea where you got them from
  94. Glittery hair accessories you will never use
  95. Bank statements from years ago (shred them)
  96. Hangers that broke
  97. Plates with cartoons your kid never uses to eat
  98. Plastic cutlery that you do not use
  99. Extra bobby pins that you definitely do not need
  100. Extra spray bottles and jars

These are the things that you can throw away right now and make more space for new things in your house. It is a great habit to declutter once a while.

If you can get rid of the things mentioned above, you can save a lot of space in your house. As I said earlier, donate the things you can.

For example, you can donate your prom dress to someone who needs it. Or you can sell the clothes that you purchased in the previous year but do not fit you.

Also, shred all the papers with your personal information. However, decluttering should be fun instead of boring. So, let’s get to work.

Let me know what you think about these ideas.


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